Make money | Turn five dollars into thousands

make moneyYou can make money starting with just five dollars! Yes you can!

Five dollars is an amazing piece of paper if you get it working for you in terms of making money.

Could this be your make money story?

Wouldn’t it be great to tell the story one day? I can picture you at a party. You are leaning against your dream car (an Audi perhaps?) with a wine in your hand.

‘Well. Would you believe I started to make money with a simple five dollar note!” you say with a chuckle and a sip of your drink.

Suddenly, out of nowhere, other people at the party hear your amazing statement and huddle in to learn more. Every ear at the party wants to know exactly how you did it.

It seemed a ridiculously simple idea at the time. One you read about on a little website called the Savings Room! 

The advice was very simple to act on too. All you did was start up a regular savings plan putting $5 away each week via direct deposit.

But it wasn’t the fact that a number of five-dollar notes were going to add up to much. It was more the fact that after about one year of doing this the banks started to like you and you started to make money.

They liked you because you were a regular and consistent saver.

You proved to them that you and your five-dollar notes could stick it out through car registrations and health insurance payments. You were someone who knew how to persevere with a plan.

Then they started offering you money. Firstly, they offered you your first home mortgage. After that you borrowed money on your first home and within five years you owned more than a few homes and you were a millionaire!

All because of a silly idea and a silly five-dollar note.

Suddenly, people at parties started buying you drinks so they could hear more of your amazing ideas. Not that you couldn’t afford to buy your own drinks!

It is just that knowledge is power and so knowledge is worth a free drink, don’t you think?

So drink up, but not until you’ve put your automatic savings plan in place!

Now let it all happen, make money and don’t look at it for at least a year.

And you can add one more friend to your list now:

Your bank!

Not a bad friend to have when in need!

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Penina Petersen

Published Author, blogger, mumpreneur and eco-warrier.

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