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10 crazy ways to find love stupidly fast

by Penina

We live in a fast paced world and due to technology finding love has really gone to a whole new level in terms of speed and efficiency. There are many schools of thought about how to find love these days. There are people who cut straight to the chase and find love using Tinder and then there are the security phobes who prefer to find love the old-fashioned way. Whichever type you are, here are my 10 crazy ways to find love stupidly fast if you happen to be in need this Valentine’s Day.

Do it the old fashioned way – at a bar or party

You could always consider an old-fashioned way of finding love. Be open-minded when going to parties and bars with friends. You might find an unlikely partner standing near you at the chips and dips or telling a wild story to a friend of yours. Be open to every opportunity that could possibly come your way. You might just be talking to your future husband or wife! Think about that for a moment.

Find love online

Of course, there is the modern way of finding love, which is via websites such as eHarmony.com, RSVP.com or the Tinder App. Just be very careful as such sites do attract predators and unscrupulous types too. Never meet someone you’ve met online privately before spending time with them in public places and getting to know their history through family and friends.

Take a course

If you have a hobby it is a good idea to consider joining a club or taking a course. This way you are likely to meet someone with a similar interests to you. For example, you might join a running club and meet a partner who will also love to go on runs with you. Having a mutual interest is always a win-win in a relationship. Oh, unless you are highly competitive types and you end up arguing because someone keeps winning over the other. This kind of unhealthy competition may not be good for either of you in the long run.

Go to a library – you’ll meet smart people

If you have a great intellect and enjoy reading perhaps you could try to meet a partner in the library. The library is full of people who love to read and so it just makes sense that you will find someone with similar interests as you at such a venue.

Get friends to set you up

I met my husband through mutual friends. It’s always nice being introduced through friends because often they have your best interests at heart, know you very well and so know who you might suit. Just be careful of those serial setter-upperers! While they might be overly passionate about finding you a partner, they can overdo it and end up embarrassing and humiliating you.

Join Meet Up groups in your area

Also consider Meet Up groups in your area (http:meetup.com). Go to and search by location to find interesting groups. It is always nice to live close to the person you fall in love with. This just makes like that little bit easier.

Head to the beach

During summer hit the beach. People are at their happiest at the beach and frolicking in the sand and you are likely to meet someone who is in an extremely good mood! There is nothing better than love that starts on a beach.
Nice one – if this happens to you!
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