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10 helpful ways to spend Valentine's day alone

by Penina

You don’t have to have a partner in life. We’ve all been sold this concept but it’s not necessarily for everybody. Valentine’s Day can be a real bitch to people who like to “do it alone” and quite annoying. There are plenty of people who will quite happily sit alone on Valentine’s Day without even blinking an eye, because their lives as solo agents are fully OK. There’s nothing wrong with single-dom. I love it when people don’t give in to societal pressures. Plenty of divorces are the result of people feeling pressured to get married prematurely and to keep up with the Joneses.
If you do want a partner (or are missing an old flame) and you do feel a little alone on Valentine’s Day, here are a few helpful ways you can spend the 14th of February alone without getting falling into a false depression.

Go to the movies

Plan a great movie for Valentine’s night. You could take a friend or relative with you or simply go alone. I absolutely love going to the movies alone for the simple fact but I can buy a whole lot of space for a fairly reasonable fee. (Especially if I use my discount RACV card – ha!)

Go out bowling with a few friends

Try to plan Valentine’s Day ahead of time and invite other single friends out with you. Go bowling. You never know who else might be out bowling with their friends. The night could become much more interesting than you think. You might meet someone new unexpectedly there.

Invite yourself over to someone’s house for dinner

Perhaps you could invite yourself over to your mum’s house or visit a nice family you know on Valentine’s night. They’re probably not doing much else than sitting around and eating dinner. I’m sure they wouldn’t mind that you joined them at the table. People are nice like that.


You could always do what I do when I’m feeling a little lost and that’s work! I must admit that I do love my work, which is writing fun blog posts like this. Working is productive and really does get my mind off everything. It’s always great to turn adversity into something productive. This has got me very far in life.

Stay home and wallow in it (watch sad movies)

Sometimes it’s good to simply wallow in it. So pop up the shops and buy yourself some treats and enjoy a ‘night at the movies’ at home. The good thing about wallowing in your aloneness is that when you get a partner (if you want one) you will fully appreciate them in all their glory. Actually, once that happens, you’ll probably miss the days of watching movies alone! So enjoy this experience while it lasts.

Do something practical

You could always spend Valentine’s Day doing something really practical like buffing the house. While this might seem very boring, at least you won’t have to do those chores on your more important weekend. Clean out the pantry or rearrange furniture. Get busy and Valentine’s Day will be over before you can even speak of it.

Start a business

If you want to do something really productive, think about a new business you might like to start. Think of the name, the domain name and what your website might look like. Business is fun and you could start a whole new journey just because you were lonely on Valentine’s Day! This would make a great story when you are interviewed about your highly successful business one day.
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