Month: September 2016

Why Brick Fences Are A Win-Win

Don’t underestimate the power of a brick fence for your home. If you are building or renovating, listen in to this secret: A brick fence is one of the fastest ways to achieve security, privacy and add value all at once.  Brick fences are not just more durable than cane or bamboo, for example. They’re also cost effective in the long term. For internal fences around …

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Beauty | 20 simple tips for a more beautiful you

Common cosmetic and plastic surgery techniques

Choosing to have cosmetic or plastic surgery is a life-changing step for many people. People who choose to have cosmetic surgery do so to improve both appearance and confidence. Read this guide on common cosmetic and plastic surgery techniques. Ear Pinning Ear pinning (otoplasty) is a straightforward procedure for people whose ears protrude. In most cases …

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