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3 practical steps for planning frugal school holiday breaks

by Penina

There are many reasons why a busy mum or dad might want to save money and find cheap things to do with kids these school holidays. The number one reason I can think of is sanity!
Perhaps you have already found some ways to save money in terms of cheap things to do with kids in past school holiday periods but these holidays you may be a little stumped for ideas. I am sure you already know the great advantages of being organised ahead of time and that there are many ways to tackle the school holidays head on and with gusto.
There is no perfect and complete school holiday itinerary. Let’s face it. Many of us have to work; some of us have to put our little ones in care, while others rely on the gorgeous offerings of time and love from grandparents.
Whatever your situation help is at hand. It is a wise decision to survey your pending school holiday scenario and arm yourself with the right tools to make the occasion a success for all people, big and small, in the picture. Understanding the merits and drawbacks associated with different activities will help you choose wisely while keeping your budget in mind.

Here are 3 ways to find cheap things to do with the kids in the school holidays

  1. Google ‘free things to do’ in your region and ‘cheap things to do.’ Make a list of those activities that look the most appealing.
  2. Now set a budget for the school holidays and make a plan to stick to it, no matter what.
  3. Write out a plan for the school holidays in hard copy on a calendar or on a digital planner.

Make a plan using these simple practical steps and you will soon curb the boredom.
Indeed if you are a mum, dad or even devoted Aunty with great ideas be sure to become a FREE member of our community and share your ideas with others! You can even make friends near you using our FREE mobile app.
Perhaps you will make a friend who knows all the FREE things to do for toddlers in your area! Now that would be a win!
All parents have some great tactics and I am sure they are currently in good and productive use! Just pick the one or ones you prefer to use and get started on some new adventures! Enjoy that precious time with your little ones!

Short on time to research things to do?

We have good news! Access hundreds of tips and ideas for the school holidays! Read on to reap the benefits of the Savings Room cheat sheets including:

  1. 150 indoor activities for kids
  2. 130 little adventures in the garden for kids
  3. 200+ random school holiday outings for kids
See you in the room!


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