30 fast and fabulous food hacks I bet you never knew

Food hacks are fun and I’m sharing a stack of them today. You may not take to all of these, but I’m sure you’ll find a great takeaway in this great collection.

So far, my favourite is making boiled eggs in bulk in the oven. Wow. Never thought of that!

  1. Use dental floss to cut perfectly through a cake, cheese or bread (if you don’t mind a slight ‘minty’ twist)
  2. Cut a cupcake in the middle and stick the bottom on top so you can get enough icing for both sides
  3. Use the lip of a glass to separate a mango from its skin
  4. Place a piece of bread over food items (e.g cookies) to keep them fresh
  5. Put two slices of bread into one side of a toaster to make perfect sandwiches (Toasted on the outside and soft in the middle.)
  6. Flip a muffin tray upside down and make interesting shaped baked goods
  7. Open a banana the opposite way – it’s easier and how Monkey’s do it!
  8. Put an onion in the freezer before cutting it to stop those tears
  9. Wrap a warm beer bottle in a wet paper towel and pop in the freezer – it will get cold super fast
  10. Grate cold butter if it’s too hard to spread on bread or toast
  11. Fry eggs in an onion ring for flavour and a gourmet breakfast
  12. Fold pizza over and cut away the crust to make pockets, place in a toasted sandwich maker and you’ll get toasted pizza pockets. Yum!
  13. Cut an onion under a switched-on range hood to stop tears
  14. Line a muffin tin with bacon rashers, egg, milk and cheese and bake for a delicious quick brunch
  15. To seal packets, cut the top off a plastic bottle and pull the top of the bag through the opening – put the lid on to seal
  16. Place a lemon between the bottom of tongs and squeeze to get more juice out of a lemon
  17. Mix double cream up and whisk to make butter – drain off milk and add salt
  18. Add baking soda to eggs in boiling water to easily peel them after
  19. Combine cereal and marshmallows to make muesli bars – microwave and cool to set
  20. Put bananas in a plastic bag to make them last four days longer
  21. Dip your ice-cream scoop in hot water to soften hard ice-cream as you scoop it out
  22. When heating pasta in the microwave make a circle in the middle so the pasta heats through evenly
  23. Use metal cookie cutters to make cool shaped eggs and pancakes
  24. To open a stubborn jar bang the metal edge on the counter to loosen it (Just lightly – you don’t want to break the glass and cut yourself!)
  25. Poke holes in the lid of a milk bottle for a quick watering can
  26. Poke holes in the bottom of a can to help stubborn food out
  27. Use a banana peel to shine your shoes
  28. Reheat pizza in a non-stick frying pan – it will become crispy again
  29. Make boiled eggs in an oven in bulk for 30 mins – dunk in cold water and peel
  30. Flip a loaf of bread over the make cutting easier than trying to cut the crustier top

Got great food hacks? Leave them in comments below.

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