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4 careers that can make you rich

by Penina

There are several documented ways to get rich. One of them is to work hard at a well-paying occupation, live beneath your means, save your money and invest it well. 

What career path is the best one to take if you want to get rich? As it turns out, you can do almost any lucrative job and get rich at it if you are careful to save and invest. But, having said that, some career paths do tend to produce more wealth than others. Here are 4 of the top choices:

1. Salesperson

As calculated using current currency conversion rates, American entrepreneur Mark Cuban has a net worth of well over 5 billion Australian dollars; his total wealth is estimated at about 4.1 billion US dollars altogether. An interviewer once asked him what he would do if he lost all his wealth. His response: He would work as a salesperson during the day and seek out a bartending job at night. His answer ought to give you an idea of how important it is to master the art of selling if you hope to become wealthy.

Sales are the key to business — and good salespeople are the key to making sales. Outstanding salespeople are indispensable, and they can accumulate significant wealth if they are careful to negotiate lucrative deals for themselves. 

2. Entrepreneur

Many of the world’s wealthiest individuals grew their fortunes by starting successful businesses. This does not tend to be a quick or easy path to good fortune. Many entrepreneurs fail multiple times and endure considerable financial hardships before they finally find a truly lucrative business idea to pursue. Some entrepreneurs never become wealthy. 

If you decide to start a  business, it need not be a glamourous one. There are smart tradies who become rich through their business efforts. 

3. Surgeon

If you have an aptitude for human biology and a desire to help others, becoming a surgeon might be a career worth your consideration. It also helps if you have a calm disposition and aren’t inclined to be squeamish.

Surgeons in Australia earn variable salaries depending on several factors including specialisation and level of experience. A surgeon with significant experience can earn as much as $393,467 annually in Australia. 

Meanwhile, the median annual wage in Australia is only $65,577 a year, according to News.com.au. Imagine how much money you could save and invest if you were to earn as much as a surgeon but live on the amount that the average Australian earns. If you were to make sound and profitable investments with the difference, you’d be likely to become wealthy fairly quickly.

4. Anaesthetist

An anaesthetist is a healthcare professional whose primary specialty is administering anaesthesia to patients. This is one of the riskiest jobs in the entire medical profession, as even a tiny mistake with a patient’s anaesthesia is likely to result in tragedy. This is a job that’s only suited for individuals who can handle a high level of responsibility – but with that responsibility comes an attractive paycheck. Anaesthetists in Australia can earn salaries upwards of $300,000 per year.

No matter which career path you decide to pursue, the most typical path to wealth involves seeking out knowledge and training; building a professional network of successful contacts in your industry; becoming well-known for your expertise; maximising your earnings; and living below your means.

If any of these career paths appeal to you, one of the first steps to getting started is to pursue the training that will empower you to be successful. You can easily find a course that will get you started at Training.com.au, an academic portal specialising in connecting Australians with the training they need to thrive in their careers. Whichever path you decide to pursue, getting the right training will be a crucial factor for your success.

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