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5 simple garden makeover ideas

by Penina

Are you constantly seeing backyard makeover shows on TV and wishing yours looked like that? Would you like to change up your backyard and make it more presentable for parties and entertaining? The good news is, it’s actually really easy and affordable to accomplish this lofty ambition. Here’s a few really simple ideas to get you started.

1. Grass and turf

A lot of back yards have really scrubby, unmanageable grass and it’s a big contributor to an unappealing backyard. You’d be surprised how much the vibe of a yard changes when the lawn is well maintained. If your grass situation is patchy or especially scrubby, then consider laying down turf instead. Turf is easy to maintain, it’ll get you the coverage you need and it’ll look extremely neat and tidy. It’s not super complicated to install either, but if you aren’t confident enough to do it yourself, get a professional like Hancey’s Turf to lay it for you. That’ll keep you from making any costly mistakes.

2. Vegetable garden

Veggie patches and herb gardens are a great way to spruce up your yard. One especially economical way to build a herb garden is to get yourself some seeds and some cinder blocks. Make sure the spot you want to put the garden in gets a decent of amount of sun throughout the day. Place the cinder blocks with their holes pointed upwards. Fill each cinder block with fertiliser or potting mix, and plant your herb seeds. Water twice a day. Before you know it, you’ll have bunches of fragrant, delicious herbs growing quickly.

3. Re-tile Patio

How’s your patio area doing? Are the tiles cracked or buckling from roots or swelling underneath? Retiling your patio area is a great way to make your backyard look really tidy and modern. Make it your own! Instead of tiles, use pebbles or stones. Consider redoing any backyard paths you might have to match. Don’t have a backyard path? Now would be the perfect time to build one!

4. Fence decoration

There’s plenty of ways you can decorate your yard to bring some real individuality to it, and an area that’s ripe for customisation are your fences. Drill small holes in the fence and fill them with coloured marbles. When the sunlight strikes the fence, the whole place will be covered in lovely spots of tinted light. For something a bit less intrusive, you can also try hanging outdoor mirrors from the fence. This has the effect of making your yard seem much bigger than it really is. Obviously, check with your neighbours before you go tearing up the fence in a fit of creativity.

5. Yard lighting

Yard lighting is so important, especially if you plan to be entertaining in your backyard. It can, however, be costly to run power into the yard for lights. A much cheaper alternative is to hit your local op shop and track down an old electric chandelier. It doesn’t have to be flash, it just needs to fit regular light bulbs. Then head to the hardware store and get yourself some solar-powered globes. Hang the chandelier in your yard and let the sun power the light bulbs. They’re reasonably bright and hold a surprisingly long charge.
There’s so many ways you can whip your backyard into shape. It’s the sort of job that seems difficult on paper but all it really takes is some creativity and a willingness to follow through. What simple improvements have given your backyard a makeover? Let us know in the comments below!

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