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Allowance Comparison | Wiggles rides and paper clips

by Penina

1st_birthdayI have a two-year old who asks me for money to indulge in high pleasures such as a ride in a Wiggles car, a Maccas ice-cream or to simply own ‘some money.’ She’s not silly. She’s figured out (and fast) that the stuff is worth more than a paper clip or a piece of wool in today’s marketplace. (That’s Coco in the pic before she knew the value of money. So innocent…)
So as those little treasures of yours get older, you might like to consider trading ‘some money’ for something more substantial – like your child feeding the dog or that really ‘fun’ job of taking out the garbage. So punch a few numbers into this calc, do the math and work out how you have it all; More money in your pocket, a few less chores and a happy cashed-up kid, all in the one sweet day! Nice one mum. You are so smart…

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