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Baby stuff | 300+ smart and savvy baby tips

by Penina
Love cheap and free baby stuff? You will love this extensive list of baby tips for saving everything on baby. Learn tips about how to shop for baby, little tricks for getting baby stuff cheap, baby food ideas and much more!

300+ smart and savvy baby tips

Make friends with other parents & save!

A mum ahead

Find a mum or friend with a baby a size bigger than yours for hand-me-downs.

A mum behind

Find a mum or friend with a baby smaller than yours to hand-down to.

A sandwich is simple

When eating out order a simple sandwich at a sandwich shop or bakery.

Accept hand-downs

Do not be too proud to accept second hand clothes.

Aldi for gear

Look out for baby gear at Aldi. They have great basics, like singlets.

Apple for baby

Aldi sell great pureed apple for baby.

Ask a handy friend

Spend a day or afternoon baby proofng your home. Enlist a tradie friend.

Ask baby questions

Ask questions they can answer you with body language, their eyes and grunts.

Sometimes less is more

Assess your needs

Create a safe place to change baby. You can do without a change table.

Avoid shampoo

You do not have to shampoo baby hair much.

Babies love to pick

For older babies give pieces of potato and soft carrot on a plate.

Babies R Us

Babies R Us often give away free samples and coupons if you sign up.

Baby food

Mince up what you are having for dinner. Save time and money.

Baby markets

Picked up my last jogger (great brand) at a baby fair for $40. Big score.

Baby puzzles

Get your toddler started with a large-piece jigsaw puzzle.

Baby talk

Talk to babies as you would talk to adults.

Baby wipes

Consider keeping wipes just for going out. Use $annels at home.

Modify a backpack for baby gear

Backpack for baby

A picnic backpack is perfect for baby gear. It has a lot of different compartments.

Bakery food is easy

Bakeries generally have good choices for bubs to nibble on.

Bath time tip

Bath baby during the day.

Be careful in the car

Never let baby nibble on food in his or her car seat while driving.

Be patient feeding

If baby loves to feed themselves be patient.

Be the best mum

Enjoy precious days together. Be con#dent in your actions. Trust your instincts.

Be coupon happy

Keep scissors handy and start cutting out coupons for baby stu%.

Be a nappy guru

Know your stuff, like the unit price of a nappy. Save money.

Become a word nut

Use every opportunity to teach words to your child. E.g. Point at cars.

Bed Routine

Open curtains and welcome day in. Close curtains and say goodbye to the day.

Get ahead of your dinners

Big cook-ups

Definitely have big cook-ups and stashes of freezer food for baby.

Blowing bubbles

Try blowing bubbles so baby might be distracted and walk accidentally.

Boiled water

Use a thermos for boiled water throughout the day and night.

Bowls and cups

Second hand shops have plastic picnic ware. Great for kids bowls and cups.


At Boxed Up you can create a wish list and then share the list with friends.

Boxes are fun

Keep small and large boxes. Baby loves to open and close the lids for play.

Breast pads trick

Soft flannels do the trick for free breast pads at home.


Breastfeed for longer. It is cheaper.

Budgeting app

There are heaps of great baby budget apps out there for free.

Bulk buy nappies

Network on this site and discuss the cheapest and best places to buy nappies.

Bulk discounts

Start a group with other parents and then contact manufacturers.

Buy a cheap pram

Buy in the U.S using bongo.us for a US shipping address if it is cheaper.

Buy bigger sizes

Get into the habit of buying the bigger size.

Buy gear at fairs

School fairs are full of mums selling their stu% for practically nothing.

Pick plain colours

Buy generic gear

Try not to get sucked into buying branded items.

Buy large sizes

Buy large sizes of normal clothes rather than maternity branded items.

Buy on eBay

Try eBay for baby clothes going cheap. Know the market price before purchasing.

Buy white clothes

Buy plain white clothes and dye them the colours you desire.

Cakes are fun

Make your own cake.

Car emergency box

Organise an emergency baby box in the boot of your car.

Centrelink tip

Fill out welfare forms before you have your baby.
Chairs as gates Modular couches that can detach into pieces make for great baby gates and pens.

Change of attitude

Start a thrifty new attitude toward your baby.

Changing nappies

Do not change a clean nappy.

Cheap wraps

Consider buying sarongs instead of wraps. !ey are longer.

Cheap art

You can buy cheap wall stickers for the nursery at the Reject Shop.

Cheap baby gate

A wooden baby pen can be placed at a door as a baby gate.

Cheap baby pen

Use modular couch pieces to create a pen for baby to play in.

Cheap safety gates

I bought two safety gates for the price of one at Target toy sale.

Get clip happy!

Clips for prams

Shower curtain rings make great clips for prams.

Cloth nappies

Get online or use our classifeds to buy cloth nappies second-hand.
You can use cloth nappies as bibs, towels, wipes and as a cover on a change table.

Consignment shops

Sell your baby gear at consignment shops. Get it out of the house.

Cook with baby

Get baby involved with cooking. Give an older baby a bowl and some pasta.

Cool Savings website

There are stacks of free coupons sites like www.coolsavings.com

Costco for nappies

Costco have a huge range of nappies on sale.

Cosy ugg boots

Invest in a great pair of black Ugg boots early on that you can wear out in winter.

Couch safety

Show a curious crawling baby how to safely get o# the couch.

Cous cous

Cous cous is a cheap and quick-to-make option as a base for toddler food.

Crawling babies

Designate half a day on a weekend to baby proof your home.

Creams and lotions

Visit www.ozepharmacy.com.au for cheaper lotions.

Cups as bowls

Cups or mugs make perfect little feeding dishes for baby.

Cure for nappy rash

Put baking soda in a bath to help nappy rash.

Cut costs

Make an assertive decision to cut costs. !e right attitude is half the battle.

Cute bedroom

Pick a cute bedroom out of a magazine and then copy it using second hand items.
Cute canvas Wrap cute material or even an old stretchy dress around a large frame.

Daytime nappies

Use cheap nappies in the day and better quality ones at night.

Cheap room makeover

Digital prints

Get an entire wall applied with a digital print.

Dinner sanity

Make evenings pleasant by organising dinner during the day. Use a crock pot.

Discount nappies

Try www.aussienappies.com.au for cheap nappies.

Do not buy new

As a rule of thumb buy mainly second-hand clothes.

Drawer dividers

Cut the bottoms of cereal and food boxes for drawer dividers.

Dresses for girls

Girls dresses are easy and pretty to make.

Eating out

A plate of soft veggies at Asian eateries at food halls offer great nutritious value.

Emergency baby seat

Use a wooden or cardboard box to sit baby in.

Encourage music

Play it at home, in the car and out in the garden. Babies love music.

Explain toys

Explain a toy to baby when you give it.

Express your needs

Tell people what you need and watch it appear.

Extra rug on carpet

Protect your carpet by bringing a second hand rug into your living room.

Extra washing line

Repurpose a wooden baby pen on its end to hang out washing.

Fabric nappies

Buy one nappy first and test it out for the week.

Factor in quality

When comparison shopping always factor in quality.

Feeding baby solids

Feed solids to baby when you think your baby is ready for solids.

Feeding cushion

Grab a video on YouTube and make your own feeding cushion.

Feeding help

Help your toddler by helping them to put the food on the fork or spoon.

Feeding quantities

Put just the right amount of food on the plate.


Cut up old towels and t-shirts for cheap extra flannels.

Flight backpack

Modify a picnic backpack to help sort baby bottles, nappies and gear.

Foot care

Check out our beauty pages for tips on how to look after your feet during pregnancy.


Do not underestimate the power of Kmart, BigW and Target for formula.

Formula if traveling

Take warm water out in the bottle and add the formula when you need to feed.

Frame paper

Frame scrap booking paper for nursery art.

Free or cheap prams

Network in the Savings Room. Get a pram for free, advertise in wanted or search classifieds.

Free bib

Tea towels make for a great and free emergency bib.

Free fitness

Babies make great weight training. Be careful. Not too high now.

Free maternity wear

Ask sisters, friends and family for maternity gear.

Who doesn’t love a free sample?

Free samples

Definitely use up all the little samples they give you in your hospital bag.

Free toys

Join a toy library at your earliest convenience.

Freezing breast milk

Zip lock bags work fine for freezing breast milk.

Fritter tricks

Hide veggies in fritters for babies who only want to feed themselves.

Fruit shop quick stop

For quick healthy food on the run stop at a fruit shop and grab strawberries.

Generic formula

Chemists stock their own generic brand formula and can o”er advice.

Generic nappies

Go for good quality generic brands. #ey do the same job.

Get items for free

Check out www.freecycle.com for FREE items in your area and talk to others in the Savings Room by making comments!

Get repetitive

Repeat the same words over and over, all the time.

Glory box

Grab an old chest and start putting these items in it.

Make it yourself and save big

Go homemade

Always ask can I make that out of something? A baby wrap using an old sarong.

Go muffins

Muffins are a great choice while eating out at a Café.

Go retro

There are many cute retro out!ts in second hand stores.

Go Sorbolene

Is a good cheap nappy rash and general lotion for baby.

Go to garage sales

You can pick up big boxes of baby clothes at garage sales for really cheap prices.

Go to market

Baby markets are full of mothers selling all their baby gear in one stall.

Go Weetbix

Weetbix is the easiest brekkie I have found for feeding Coco.

Go wholesale

For all products always investigate if you can buy direct from the supplier.

Go with instincts

Try not to be too much of a textbook mum.

Grab nappy coupons

Ask baby-free friends to look out for nappy coupons for you.

Hand pumps

Suss out the old fashioned hand pumps. These can be more effective and comfortable for new mums starting out breastfeeding.


When given clothes create labelled boxes for sizes ahead.

Handbag helper

Buy a handbag insert. You can lift it out and put it in whatever bag you are using.

Hearing skills

Teach baby hearing skills. Make a noise and look surprised.

Help baby eat meat

Grate meat and put it in mash for an easy to digest dinner for an older baby.

Help with walking

Try holding a ring or hula hoop in front of a baby trying to walk.

Hide fruit in muffins

Buy the large cans of fruit, puree up and then hide the fruit in muffins.

Hide veg in fritters

Buy cans of soft veggies, puree up the veggies. Hide veggies in fritters or rissoles for older babies.

Hire a capsule

There are plenty of places to hire capsules. Otherwise buy a capsule second hand.

How to buy nappies

Buy the smallest nappy that !ts in the biggest box.

Huggies samples

Sign up to Huggies online for samples and coupons.


Let baby try to feed his or herself. Even if they make a huge mess. Encourage baby to play alone. Be sure to leave baby in a safe place. Keep an eye on baby at all times.

Instant maternity top

Wear a boob-tube or belly band under a normal v-neck top.
Instant party tip Invite one family who have lots of kids for an instant party.

Joey brand nappies

I often pick up the Joey brand of nappies at my local baby store.

Keep a book

Keep a book for baby info and routines for your working partner or baby-sitter.

Keep cards handy

Keep cash cards nearby and show them to baby whenever you have a minute.

Keep gear nice

Wipe down your highchair a%er every meal thoroughly. Keep it nice for resale.

Keep it simple

On baby’s !rst birthday a cake and present will do.

Keep your lid on

Buy Tupperware with lids that stay attached.

Know unit prices

Know the unit price for each nappy.

Label baby stuff

Label drawers or clothes containers so baby-sitters and partners can find stuff.

Laundry helper

Involve baby in folding the washing. Baby will make a mess but they love it.

Learning colours

Teach baby colours from an early age. Use the same object in different colours.

Learning to talk

Exaggerate words for maximum learning effect.

Learning toys

Give babies lots of stimulation in the form of learning toys.

Learning posters

Stick some ABC posters up on the wall and say letters frequently to baby.

Leftover formula

Feed le!over formula to plants or pets. Try not to waste it.

Leftovers for baby

After eating dinner every night mince up the le!overs such as a pasta you made.

Use up leftovers

Leftovers tip

Freeze bulk baby food using le!overs from family meals.

Less pink for girls

If you have the time buy plain colours and dye outfits green or yellow or red.

Little flatmates

We have always referred to our kids as our little flatmates. Treat them as friends.

Locks for cupboards

Use old hair ties or stockings to secure cupboard doors together. Secure tightly.

Longer baby wraps

Sew two cotton wrap together for a longer wrap.

Make a dress

Cut four pieces to make a dress shape. Sew pieces together. Turn out. Done.

Make baby shampoo

Make baby shampoo using everyday products from home. Watch YouTube.

Make baby wraps

Watch YouTube on creating your own baby wraps.

Make belly bands

Make your own belly bands by buying tubing material.

Make books fun

Make books the most exciting experience on Earth.

Make flash cards

Making your own flash cards is fun.

Make half bottles

Make up half a bottle and feed it to baby. If baby wants more you can make more.

Make lotion

Make your own baby lotions. Watch YouTube for ideas.

Make room

Lend out large items and toys to friends or family members to create extra room.

Make sheets

Make cot sheets out of large sheet sets.

Make your own food

Make your own baby food when possible using fresh veggies and fruit.

Make your own wipes

You can make wipes out of paper towels, water and olive oil.

Massage for baby

Use olive oil for a gentle massage before a bath.

Match socks

Invest in a mesh laundry bag for little items like socks.

Meet mums

Make friends with new mums who might give stu$ away. Use our site to network!

Memorabilia box

Keep a little box up in the cupboard in for those cute newborn keepsakes.

Mexican food

Food hall stalls will make up beans, mince, avocado and sour cream for baby.

Mind your manners

Make sure adults are also saying thank you (ta) and please if teaching baby.

Mirror play

Sit baby in front of a mirror with some toys.

Mirroring actions

Point to your own nose and teach baby nose, eyes, mouth, ears and lips.

Moving furniture

Don’t be afraid to do it. It can save big money on big ticket items.

Nappies at Big W

Big W often have great specials on nappies.

Nappy bags

Do not buy nappy bags for disposing of nappies. Use supermarket discards.

Nappy bucket

Buy a cheaper one from a hardware store or a discount shop. Apply cute stickers.

Nappy coupons

Newspapers o!en have nappy coupons.
You could also try www.couponsnapshot.com for coupons.

Nappy rash remedy

Apply baking soda to help with nappy rash.

Nappy sizes

Be sure to buy the right size so you do not end up with a box you do not use.

Nappy stocks

Buy nappies ahead of time and in bulk to avoid random supermarket visits.

Navigating stairs

Show babies, early on, how to get down stairs. Put safety gates in front of stairs.

New baby budget

Keep a spreadsheet or up with your budget in it.

New food tip

Eat new food in front of baby and make it look exciting.

Night time nappies

Larger fitting nappies are quite good for night-time as they hold more.

Olive oil for bath

Use olive oil for cleaning baby before a bath.

Outdoor time

Babies love it outside. In the summer grab an old rug. Place it under a playpen.

Pampers online

Sign up to Pampers Online for samples and coupons.

Pea Pod brand

Pea Pods are great. Just make sure you do a test and get the right size.


Babies love the game Peek-a-Boo.

People are generous

Buy plain gear rather than colours. People will gi! you pretty or bright clothes.

Picky babies

Don’t force feed a baby. Understand they will be picky.

Picnic backpack

Modify a picnic backpack to suit your purposes. No more rummaging.

Plain gear at K-Mart

Kmart has a superb range of plain gear for babies. Singlets etc.

Plastic bins

You can pick up cheap plastic bins at O!ceworks for around $7.00.


Join a local playgroup. This is free entertainment and a chance to socialise.

Playing with toys

Have regular play dates with other mums and encourage baby to share toys.

Practising talking

Repeat back to a baby what they just said. !en they know you have heard them.

DIY preggy gear

Preggie jeans

Make some wide belly bands from tubing and make your own preggie jeans.

Preggie pants

A pair of black stretch track pants are a must for the pregnant woman.

Purchasing a pram

Buy second hand unless your parents are forking out the cash.

Puree your own fruit

Buy the larger tins of fruit and puree yourself using an electric hand blender.

Pushing frames

Invest in a pushing frame for a crawling baby.

Quick toddler snack

A quick snack for a growing toddler is penne pasta topped with melted cheese.

Quirky décor trick

Pick up quirky and interesting pieces from second hand shops.

Read to baby

Read to babies from birth if you can.

Relax and enjoy

Try not to get caught up in rigid routines. Rather, try to have loose routines.

Repackage baby food

Keep shop bought baby food jars to repackage your own homemade baby food.

Repurpose a rack

Turn a fabric hanging shoe rack on its edge. Perfect dividers for deep drawers!

Repurpose it

Always ask – can I make that myself or repurpose something.

Repurposed pillow

Repurpose your full body pillow from pregnancy for a feeding pillow.

Repurposed basket

A low plastic laundry basket makes a good temporary seat for a sitting baby.

Research formula

Early on find the cheapest and place to buy the type of formula you need.

Research well

Research prams really well before forking out any money.

Reusable baby wipes

Chux wipes make great reusable wipes.

Room makeover

Buy fabric and string it up in panels across whole walls for an instant makeover.

Rubbish bin liners

Line a normal rubbish bin with a garbage bag. No need for nappy systems.

Safety is paramount

Safe standing

Encourage baby to stand up against so# furniture.

Safe walking

Always stand within arms reach when encouraging your baby to walk.

Safe walking and play

Hold a toy a distance from baby where they will be encourage to walk to get it.

Safety with nappies

Be careful of super cheap nappies. Check for straying pieces that fall off.

Saline solution

Buy a large bulk bottle of saline solution rather than smaller bottles.

Save baby choking

Crawl around the %oor following baby. You will “nd any small chokables.

Save on baby food

Give baby what the family eats.

Save on bibs

Invest in one good quality plastic bib.

Save on brand items

Brand items yourself using little stickers from discount stores.

Save on breast pads

Keep disposable breast pads for going out and use homemade ones at home.

Save on nappies

Give baby heaps of nudie time in summer and save on nappies.
Use cloth nappies at home and then use disposables while out.

Savers for gear

Savers have a large range of second-hand maternity gear. All colour coded!

Saving for the future

A great first birthday present for baby is a savings account.

Saying thank you

Take food when baby offers it to you. Teach them to say thank you (ta).

School yard mums

School yard mums will give you free baby gear. See what you get before buying.

Score nappies

Score nappies from friends who have le#over sizes.

Second-hand toys

Buy toys second hand and disinfect thoroughly when you get home.

See how baby goes

Be careful forking out big money on breast pumps. See how baby goes first.

Sell your nappy bag

You can lose the nappy bag when you are totally comfortable travelling with baby.

Set budget challenges

Challenge yourself. Do a budget on a spreadsheet before you do anything.

Sew your own

Sew your own simple items like a breast-feeding pillow, cushions and curtains.

Share baby with others

Motherhood is heartbreaking in terms of letting go of your child. Practise.

Share your meal

Offer baby something from your meal and teach them sharing skills.

Shoe gel inserts

Buy some therapeutic gel inserts for shoes when pregnant.

Shop in rich areas

Op shops in elite areas often have quality designer gear at ridiculous low prices.

Shop regionally

Op shopping is a lot cheaper in country towns.

Shopping for nappies

Compare prices at stores: Specials at Safeway, Aldi, Big W, Kmart and Target.

Short trips

When you get home repack the nappy bag straight away.

Sign up on websites

Become a website subscriptions freak and reap the rewards of free bargains.

Sipper cup fun

As soon as baby can hold one introduce a sipper cup.

Sling advice

Be careful when buying slings. Not all babies like them.

Smelling senses

Teach baby smell. Go outside and smell a rose.

Cheap baby pen

Use modular couch pieces to create a big so! pen for you to relax with baby in.

Splat mat

Buy a retro vinyl tablecloth from your local op shop for a cheap splat mat.

Start a food co-op

Start a baby food co-op with other mums for baby food.

Start a dinner co-op

Get 7 mums together. Cook batches of food and deliver to each other.

Start them early

Enrol the kids in music classes early to get them interested.

Stay confident

Don’t listen to negative people or to competitive mothers.

Steaming food

Purchase a plastic microwave steamer.

Sticky hands are OK

Just for fun let baby play with le!overs on the plate a!er “nishing.

Stretch dresses

Stretchy dresses are super comfortable and look great.

Stuff to buy new

Buy singlets, socks and sleep suits new. Buy the rest second hand.

Summer comfort

Wear a stretchy dress with thongs in the summer if you are pregnant.

Swimming lessons

Enrol baby in swimming lessons at an early age.

Talk normally

Talk to babies like adults. $ey will learn to understand your language.

Target coupons

Sign up to Target to get coupons.

Target sales

Catch Target sales when they are for baby.

Taste sensations

Teach baby the sense of taste. Words such as yummy and yucky.

Teach baby yourself

If you cannot a#ord swimming lessons teach baby yourself.

Teaching walking

Hold arms out and ask baby to walk to you.

Teaching manners

Teach the words ta and please from an early age for a super polite child.

Test expensive gear

If your friend has the item go over for a play date and test out baby in the item.

Test on baby first

Always test baby out in the item in the store before leaving.

The knees do bend!

Show your baby that their knees actually bend!

The pot cupboard

Pots, pans and wooden spoons. Always works for me for play gear.

Thinking ahead

Birth is a good time to put baby on a primary school waiting list.

Thongs (Flip Flops)

Invest in good quality therapeutic walking thongs if you are pregnant in summer.

Time purchases well

Try not buy anything until you have had the baby shower.

Touching textures

Teach baby touch. Touch a so! pillow say so!.

Travel bag clips

Shower curtain rings make great clips for travel bags.

Travel bag dividers

When travelling place a fabric kids shoe hanger in babies suitcase to divide items.

Travel bikkies

For older babies keep a packet of bikkies in a container for snacking on when out.

Travel trick

Pack full outfits for baby and then zip lock them.

Travel with bottles

Have two sets of bottles. One set for the nappy bag and one set for use at home.

Trick for baby food

Silicon muffin trays make great baby food freezer compartments.

Trick for bottles

Shake bottles well with vinegar and rice to make them sparkle.

Tummy time

Use tummy time to encourage head control development.

Tupperware time

Let baby play with old Tupperware.

Use easy grip gear

Use baby spoons and forks with easy grips.

Use normal oats

Oats also make a great brekkie for baby. Just use the normal kind for older babies.

Using praise

Praise is so important. Always praise a great action.

Vacuum more

Vacuum more o!en so you will have peace of mind once baby is crawling.

Visit thrift shops

Visit them regularly, daily even to grab baby bargains .

Walk barefoot

Choose good shoes when baby is first learning to walk. Bare feet are best!

Walking practise

Hold baby by the arms. Take baby on some short walks around the living room.Wash hands Practise good hygiene. Also teach baby to wash their hands too.

Watch for buttons

Always check buttons are secure on out!ts.

Water play

Get a shell pool to get baby thoroughly comfortable in water. Supervise always.

Weigh up costs

Weigh up second hand prices versus the cost of buying new.

Wet mattress

Baking soda will absorb wetness in a mattress.

When to buy

Buy formula when it is on special only.

Wholesale nappies

Research nappy wholesalers online and find suppliers. Share what you find here and celebrate it!

Winter comfort

Wear a stretchy dress with long sleeve t-shirts, leggings and boots if pregnant. You will thank yourself!

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