Beef recipes | 100 easy dinner ideas using minced beef

Looking for easy beef recipes? Minced beef is a great choice for the family on a budget.  The humble 1kg tray of minced beef has been used as a staple in Australia and abroad for its versatility and the volume of meals that can be created. Mince can be turned into a large variety of dishes including Spaghetti Bolognese, rissoles, meatloaf, crepes, pies and more.

Perfecting the perfect meat sauce

I’m a sucker for a great Spaghetti Bolognese. I’ve been working on the perfect sauce for years. Every Spag Bol I make gets a nod of approval from the hungry mouths at my table. Some of the special ingredients that go into my meat sauce include white vinegar, red wine, soy sauce, brown sugar, stock, sweet chilli sauce, pepper and salt – just to name a few.

I will stand at my pot of Spag Bol most Sunday afternoons with my wooden spoon in hand and apron on. I’ll burn the tips of my lips sampling and resampling the sauce until I get it right. I’ll get second opinions from people in my kitchen trying to get early dibs on the food. These people include my hubby, the neighbours kids, my own kids, friends who might be visiting and of course, the dog! Between opinions I’ll take a sip of wine while waiting for the dish to simmer further. Eventually, sometime in the afternoon, I’ll announce to anyone who is listening that the dish is ready!

Time at the dinner table

By 6pm we’ll be sitting at the table, trading stories about camping trips, life in the old days and how my three-turning-thirty has a new boyfriend at daycare called ‘Scott.’ My eight-almost-nine will wipe the sauce from his chin as he tries to keep his gentlemanly manners in check.

It is amazing that a tray of mince can achieve so much in a family. We make all kinds of dishes with our weekly tray of mince. We’ll whip up beefy-beetroot-filled bacon burgers on Wednesday nights and lovely Lasagna’s on long weekends.

I’ve put this list of 100 ideas for beef mince as a quick reference for my grocery shops and Sunday cook-ups. I pick dishes off the list and make them into freezer meals or quick meals when the kids are sitting at my kitchen counter on their stools asking for food! The list is useful if you want to save on groceries by cooking meals in bulk each week. Buying beef mince in bulk is a cheap way to feed the family. These meal suggestions will help you use up a big tray of bulk-buy beef mince. If possible cook up extra batches of each meal.

Hot tip for saving on groceries

Put extra portions in the fridge for tomorrow night’s dinner or freeze for a later date (if freezing the meal is practical). Also keep this handy when planning meals for the month.

100 easy dinner ideas using minced beef

  1. Bacon burger
  2. Baked spaghetti Bolognese
  3. Beef and barley soup
  4. Beef and polenta bake
  5. Beef and potato soup
  6. Beef and ricotta lasagne
  7. Beef burgers
  8. Beef calzone
  9. Beef cannelloni
  10. Beef Chow Mein
  11. Beef crepes
  12. Beef crumble
  13. Beef filo’s
  14. Beef lasagne
  15. Beef minestrone
  16. Beef pasta baby food
  17. Beef pasta bakes
  18. Beef patties
  19. Beef ravioli bake
  20. Beef rissoles
  21. Beef spring rolls
  22. Beef with vermicelli noodles
  23. Beef, cheese and potato bake
  24. Burritos
  25. Calzone
  26. Cheese and mince toasties
  27. Cheeseburgers
  28. Chilli beef and bean soup
  29. Chilli con carne
  30. Cottage pie
  31. French bread subs
  32. Hamburger patties
  33. Hummus and mince pitas
  34. Lasagne
  35. Meat pie
  36. Meat sauce variations
  37. Meat sauce with rice
  38. Meatball sub sandwiches
  39. Meatballs
  40. Meatloaf
  41. Meaty soup
  42. Meaty spring rolls
  43. Mince in rice paper rolls
  44. Mince and cheese pie
  45. Mince and cheese subs
  46. Mince and cheese wraps
  47. Mince and peas on noodles
  48. Mince and potato bake
  49. Mince and vegetable soup
  50. Mince and veggie couscous
  51. Mince and veggie fritters
  52. Mince and veggies on rice
  53. Mince cabbage parcels
  54. Mince croquettes
  55. Mince Dolmas
  56. Mince filo recipes
  57. Mince frittata
  58. Mince goulash
  59. Mince lettuce cups
  60. Mince macaroni cheese
  61. Mince omelette
  62. Mince on polenta
  63. Mince on toast
  64. Mince pasta cheese bake
  65. Mince pasties
  66. Mince polenta bake
  67. Mince with instant noodles
  68. Minced beef curry
  69. Minced beef pizza
  70. Mini meat pies
  71. Moussaka
  72. Nachos
  73. Paprika mince
  74. Pasties
  75. Pizza variations
  76. Potato top pie
  77. Rice casserole
  78. Rissoles
  79. Samosas
  80. Sausage rolls
  81. Sloppy Joes
  82. Slow cooker mince stew
  83. Spaghetti Bolognese
  84. Spicy beef and cheese crepes
  85. Spicy beef soup
  86. Spicy tortillas
  87. Stuffed capsicums
  88. Stuffed crepes
  89. Stuffed eggplant
  90. Stuffed potatoes with melted cheese
  91. Stuffed tomatoes
  92. Stuffed zucchinis with melted cheese
  93. Sweet and sour meatballs
  94. Taco beef on rice
  95. Taco salad
  96. Tacos
  97. Toasted cheese open mince burgers
  98. Toasted mince and cheese bagels
  99. Toasted quesadillas
  100. Toasted taco mince sandwiches

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