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My bonus after taxes | Do fat bonus cheques still exist?

by Penina

Whether your boss is a viper, sponge or all round Mr Nice Guy it is quite rare these days to be handed a big fat bonus cheque for going the extra mile. Business bottom lines might be tight but employers are going to spend a hell of lot of money on fun stuff, like lunches by the river, before they fork out a bonus because you just wrote a business plan better than the CEO could.
If you happen to do something amazing at work, and if someone happens to notice without trying to steal your bright ideas and flog them as their own, they might give you a nice fat bonus. Keep in mind that if you are this good you should probably be the CEO of your own company rather than working for someone else. If you happen to be using your workplace as a place of learning and base wage, and you do get a big fat bonus for your efforts, work out what the cheque is worth in real dollars using this little calc.
If the cheque is less than $100 it’s a slap in the face. Consider new options! There are plenty more jobs around.

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