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Car Affordability | How to drive yourself into debt

by Penina

Speedy carCars are such guzzlers of money, money and yep…money. There’s petrol, maintenance, insurance, parts, traffic fines… the list goes on. So why the hell would you go out and buy a car on a finance plan? Sure. You may have ten kids and life without a car would be misery. But if not, please consider buying a car for cash. Unless of course you are in business and you can deduct the hell out of the thing. Anyway, if you do need to work it out here’s a calculator for it! But all I can say is: If you can’t afford to buy it outright, you probably won’t be able to afford the gas it is guzzling. Take the bus. You will never fall asleep at the wheel because you spent all day working to pay for the luxury of driving this modern day money-sucking contraption…

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