Guest Post: Children are curious little critters. But too much curiosity around the average home can pose a risk to our vulnerable little people. Thankfully, there are easy ways to make sure your home is a safe and fun environment for your children as they explore and grow. Here are five common health hazards for children in the home and some simple ways to safeguard against them.  

  1. Drowning

The risk of drowning in the home goes beyond the swimming pool. Any type of standing water, even just a few inches deep, can pose a drowning risk for your child. This can include the bath, toilet, water buckets and even a melted ice box in those hot summer months. Luckily, there are easy ways to child proof your home to protect against a drowning risk

  • Introduce a closed-door policy when the bathroom is not in use.
  • Always put the toilet lid down and consider a toilet-lid lock to stop those curious little fingers.  
  • Empty the bath as soon as bath time is finished.
  • If you have a pool, ensure that your pool fence is childproof and your children know how to swim.

Resuscitation saves millions of lives every year worldwide, so consider getting a CPR card in the home in case of catastrophe.

  1. Mould

Older homes can be prone to mould damage as moisture gets trapped in enclosed areas like cupboards, showers, basements and even inside old carpets. Children who live in mouldy environments face a higher risk of developing allergies and asthma later in life. There are some easy ways to reduce the risk of mould growing in the home.

  • Make sure your shower recess is given a deep clean to control mould growth.
  • Keep track of the age of mattresses to ensure your kids aren’t laying their head to rest on a secret mould infestation.
  • Always make use of exhaust fans in the kitchen and bathroom to keep the air dry.
  • Consider investing in a portable dehumidifier for mould-prone rooms like basements.  

And remember to keep your home well-ventilated with nature’s air-conditioner – the open window.

tookapic / Pixabay

  1. Poisoning

There’s a rainbow of products of all colours and designs on our shelves these days, from beauty products and toiletries to cleaning products. Unfortunately, to little eyes, these products can look more like lollies and sweets than toxic substances. Here are some simple ways to protect against a poison risk in the home.

  • Make sure household products like perfume, hair products, nail polish and nail polish remover are stored in a high bathroom cabinet.
  • Make sure detergent and bleach are stored well out of reach, rather than on top of your laundry bench or on the washing machine.
  • Ensure all medication is stored in childproof containers and stored well out of sight, like on top of your fridge.

Your first aid kit is essential in a catastrophe. Make sure your home has an up-to-date first aid kit and make sure you are familiar with the contents.

congerdesign / Pixabay

  1. Choking

Meal times can be messy business, but things can get really serious when it comes to choking, whether it be on edible substances or not. Small toys, jewellery and buttons as well as undigested food can all pose a serious choking risk for your child.

  • Make sure all jewellery and any other sort of smaller item like rubbers, buttons or decorative soaps are stored away out of reach.
  • Make sure kids are seated and still when eating, rather than playing, running around or lying down.
  • Pay close attention when children are eating small food that can block their airway, like grapes, nuts and chips.
  • Make sure meal times are accompanied by plenty of water to help aid digestion.

In times of catastrophe, abdominal thrusts (also known as the Heimlich Maneuver) can save a child’s life. Take a couple of minutes to familiarise yourself with the technique.


Sara is the marketing strategist of Survival Emergency Solutions, Australia’s leading provider of first aid products for the home, workplace, vehicle and outdoors. Their Emergency First Aid Handbook is the only book to win the Australian Design Award and has sold over 2 million copies.

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Like most mums, newborn babies take my breath away. The sight of a new baby at the supermarket just puts a spring in my step and a smile on my face. I love meeting new mums with their newborns and this always makes me want another one, until I remember the work involved! If you are the mum of a newborn you might like some quick and nifty tips for making those first few years memorable, instead of workload full. Learn tips on baby accessories, bedroom decor tips, ideas for play and more. Whatever you need, this list will help you to enjoy all those precious moments more by giving you more time and sanity.


1. How to make baby wraps

Watch YouTUBE on creating your own baby wraps.

2. Watch out for buttons

Be careful putting a sleeping baby to bed in clothes in the day with large buttons. Always check buttons are secure on outfits.

3. Go retro  

There are many cute retro outfits in second hand stores. You can match them with new items to make for cool baby outfits.

4. Accept hand-me-downs  

Do not be too proud to accept second hand clothes. Babies grow so quickly that buying new becomes very expensive.

5. Buy bigger sizes  

Get into the habit of buying the bigger size so that your baby will get more wear out of the purchase.

6. Stuff to buy new  

A good rule of thumb is to buy singlets, socks and sleep suits new. To save money purchase tops, pants, shoes, skirts, dresses and jackets either secondhand and accept hand-me-downs. Buy a few special new items for your baby that you can put in a memorabilia box to hand down to your grandchildren.

7. Do not buy new  

As a rule of thumb buy mainly second-hand clothes.

8, Go to market  

Baby markets are full of mothers selling all their baby gear in one stall. They are really cheap as mothers generally just want to make room in their homes rather than make big money on their items. Look into which markets are held in your area and sign up to their newsletter which will tell you when the next market will be held.

9. Go to garage sales  

You can pick up big boxes of baby clothes at garage sales for really cheap prices. Check out our classifieds too and find bargains in your area or on your street.

10. eBay for cheap gear  

Try eBay for baby clothes going cheap. Always know the market price and have a budget when shopping at an auction site. Often, if many people are after the same item, the price will go higher than you would want to pay for it. Also factor in your time when buying on auction sites. They can be time consuming and a waste of time if you keep bidding and do not win the bid.

11. Get items for free  

Check out www.freecycle.com for FREE items in your area. You can also check out our FREE section in classified as well to grab items you can pick up close to home.

12. Buy white clothes  

Buy white clothes such as cheap Wondersuits and then dye them the pretty colours you like.

13. How to keep socks matched  

Invest in a mesh laundry bag for little items like socks. Make sure they go straight into the bag when they are taken off.

14. Easy laundry system  

Keep a different basket in each bedroom for laundry. Do a load of washing from one basket per room each day. Hang that load out and then bring it in. This way you will never have to sort washing. Items like socks will also come back together and will not get lost.

15. Labeling stuff to help your helpers  

Label drawers or clothes containers so babysitters and partners can easily find items when you are not there or when you are taking a well deserved break.

16. Dresses for girls  

Girls dresses are easy and pretty to make. Buy material on sale and make a bunch of dresses at once. Check out YouTUBE for some simple ideas.

17. Sew your own  

If you have the time you can sew your own simple items like a breastfeeding pillow, cushions and curtains.

18. Savers for cheap clothes

Savers have an amazing amount of clothes at great prices and they are all colour coded.

19. Can you get it cheaper new?

Weigh up secondhand prices versus the cost of buying new. Lately I have been noticing that K-Mart is cheaper than buying items at the Salvation Army. Be weary of secondhand shops inflating their prices. Some secondhand shops are now franchises.

20. Organising hand-me-downs

When friends and family give you boxes of clothes go through them and create a box for each size. E.g. I have a box of size two and a box of size three waiting to be worn. Also have a box for your local op shop. That way it is easy to see what you need.

21. Buy generic gear

Try not to get sucked into buying branded items. Bonds is nice but expensive. Buy generic brands for items like Wondersults.

22. If you do not like pink for girls

When I had Coco I had trouble finding clothes in colours other than pink. If you have the time buy plain colours and dye outfits green or yellow or red. This can prove very cost effective and you will end up with a cute range of clothes.

23. How to make girls dresses quickly

Cut four pieces to make a dress shape. Sew the lining and patterned pieces together. Then sew those pieces together. You will have a gorgeous lined dress for minimal effort. Make sure there are no loose pieces of cotton that can come off your masterpiece.

24. Shop regionally

Op shopping is a lot cheaper in country towns. Next time you pass through a country town definitely stop for some op-shopping.

25. Get friendly with a mum behind you

Find a mum or friend with a baby smaller than yours and designate that mum for your hand-me-downs. Do not have one? Network on this website and find someone near you.

26. Get friendly with a mum ahead of you

Find a mum or friend with a baby a size bigger than yours and ask that mum for her hand-me-downs. Do not have one? Network on this website and find someone near you.

27. Express your needs

Tell people what you need and watch it appear. You will be amazed what comes through the door. Use this website to express your needs in our savings network.

28. Buy gear at school fairs

School fairs are full of mums selling their stuff for practically nothing. Investigate buying some gear at a school fair.

29. People are generous  

Buy plain gear rather than colours. People will gift you the pretty and flamboyant outfits.

30. Longer baby wraps

When Coco was a baby the summer cotton wraps just did not seem long enough for my growing baby. So I jumped on my sewing machine and sewed two together. This wrap was so much better with more than enough room to keep Coco from coming out of the wrap because it just wasn’t quite long enough.

31. Cheap and good quality baby wraps

I bought two summer sarongs at Cotton On for $5 which were really stretchy and long. Great for wrapping baby and much better than a normal wrap you would buy in a baby store.

32. Baby dribbles  

If baby dribbles on their clothes while out you can sprinkle a little baking soda on the garment to remove some other odour.

33. Buy plain coloured socks, all one colour

Only buy plain coloured socks for kids that are all the same colour. Boring yes? No. Matching socks is boring. I have better things to do. This way, you will never have to match your kids socks. Also if you lose one you will always have a match for the lost one. So cool. Win-win. Love it. Now I can watch Home and Away in peace.

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Like most mums, newborn babies take my breath away. The sight of a new baby at the supermarket just puts a spring in my step and a smile on my face. I love meeting new mums with their newborns and this always makes me want another one, until I remember the work involved! If you are the mum of a newborn you might like some quick and nifty tips for making those first few years memorable, instead of workload full. Learn tips on baby accessories, bedroom decor tips, ideas for play and more. Whatever you need, this list will help you to enjoy all those precious moments more by giving you more time and sanity.

Feeding Baby

Cheap Baby Food at Aldi

These are a great buy from Aldi. They are just a few bucks and are excellent for a quick and healthy snack for baby.

Picky babies  

Do not make feeding stressful for babies. Put food on the plate and let baby pick off the plate. Make sure the food is in nice easy to digest pieces. Also checkout our Turbo Tip list on how to hide fruit and veggies in food.

Apple for baby

Aldi sell great pureed apple for baby.

Leftovers tip

Freeze bulk baby food using leftovers from family meals. E.g. Lasagne or pumpkin soup.

Save on baby food

Give baby what the family eats. Invest in an electric hand blender.

Make your own

Make your own. It is healthier and cheaper.

Trick for sparkling bottles  

Shake bottles well with vinegar and rice to make them sparkle and also to take the milk odour out. Rinse well. This makes them look new and shiny.

Cups as bowls  

Cups or mugs make perfect little feeding dishes for baby.

Cheaper than formula

Breastfeed for longer: It is cheaper than buying formula.

Freezing breast milk

Zip lock bags work fine for freezing breast milk. Use a permanent marker to label the date on each packet of milk.

See how baby goes

Be careful forking out big money on breast pumps. See how baby goes first before investing. You can always hand express the first few times until you know you are going to need or use a breast pump.

Hand pumps suffice

Often the old fashioned hand pumps are more effective and comfortable. Try first before making this big investment. Check out secondhand breast pumps on sale. Often they have never been used and are still new in the pack.

Be careful in the car

Never let baby nibble on food in his or her car seat while driving. Be especially vigilant with having music cranked up loud. Always have music soft enough so that you hear any small whimper from your baby. Mirrors for seeing baby are a great investment.

Extra rug on carpet

Protect your carpet by bringing a second hand rug into your living room. That way if you are feeding baby it will go on the rug and not on your gorgeous carpet. Splat mats are great but are not always practical if you are in a hurry.

Healthy food while out  

A plate of soft veggies at Asian eateries at food halls offer great nutritious value.

Bakery food is easy  

Bakeries generally have good choices for bubs to nibble on.

My baby loves Mexican  

Mexican food outlets in food halls will make up a little tup of beans, mince, avocado and sour cream for baby. Coco loves this Mexican medley while we are out at the mall.

Go the humble muffin  

Muffins are a great choice while eating out at a Caf

A sandwich is simple  

When eating out order a simple sandwich at a sandwich shop or bakery. E.g. Egg and mayo.

Fruit shop quick stop  

For quick healthy food on the run stop at a fruit shop and grab some strawberries or bananas.

Cheap splat mat  

Buy a cheap old style vinyl tablecloth from your local op shop for a cheap splat mat.

When to buy formula  

Buy formula when it is on special only. Keep at least two so that when you run low you will not run out and you will never be caught out.

Generic formula at chemists  

Chemists stock their own generic brand formula and can offer advice on their products. Their prices are good and they can also offer excellent advise on which product is best for your baby.

Repurpose your body pillow  

There is no need to invest in expensive feeding pillows. If you bought a full body pillow for pregnancy repurpose it as your breastfeeding pillow. It wraps around tummy and baby nicely.

Cheap sanity  

For older babies keep a packet of arrowroot or shortbread biscuits in a plastic container in the car to give to a hungry toddler while travelling. There is nothing harder or more dangerous than a screaming baby to distract you while driving. This also prevents stopping at a Service Station and buying expensive snacks.

Research formula early  

From the outset check out the cheapest and best place to buy the type of formula you need. Consult a chemist for advice. Try not to get sucked into branding. Check ingredients on the packets.

Feeding cushion

Grab a video on YouTUBE and make your own feeding cushion or see my post on reusing your preggie body cushion if you have one.

Feeding quantities

Put just the right amount of food on the plate. It is best to put little amounts on a plate which means that baby is not overwhelmed by the choices. Add to the plate as baby eats. This way you will also not be continually wasting food and precious money.

Use easy grip utensils

Use baby spoons and forks with easy grips. Baby will get the hang of feeding quicker. I picked some really cheap ones at Ikea for a few dollars.

Keep gear nice for resale

Wipe down your highchair after every meal thoroughly and keep it nice for resale.

Quick snack for toddler

A quick snack for a growing toddler is penne pasta with melted grated cheese on top. Keep some cooked pasta in the fridge for a quick meal. Add some grated carrot and peas for a veggie fix.

Sipper cup fun

As soon as baby can hold one introduce a sipper cup. Toddlers love to carry them around and sip on them so in summer you can be sure your baby is well hydrated.

Be patient when feeding

If baby loves to feed themselves be patient. Sit with baby and help them to help themselves. You will have baby trained up in no-time.

Puree your own fruit

Buy the larger tins of fruit and puree yourself using an electric hand blender.

Try your toddler on couscous

Couscous is a cheap and quick-to-make option as a base for baby food.

Big cook-ups  

Definitely have big cook-ups and stashes of freezer food for baby. They always get hungry earlier so get their meal out of the way first. Prop self-feeding babies up in the highchair while you are cooking for the rest of the family. Sometimes I will put Coco in her safe little bath bucket while I am cooking which is a great win-win. She has fun while I get dinner on the table.

Relaxing with baby  

Try not to get caught up in rigid routines. Rather, try to have loose routines. Babies and kids have a way of changing any routine you manage to set anyway. You will be a happier mum if you have a flexible and adaptable attitude.

New food tip  

Eat new food in front of baby and make it look exciting.

Hiding veggies  

Grate veggies and hide them in meals. Be sure to check out my QUICK LIST on HIDING VEGGIES IN FOOD too. There are many easy and likeable suggestions on this list.

Feeding help  

Help your toddler by helping them to put the food on the fork or spoon.

Fritter tricks  

Hide veggies in fritters for babies who only want to feed themselves or when they get to that stage.

Sticky hands are OK  

Just for fun let baby play with leftovers on the plate after finishing. They will make Weetbix mud pies and then rub through their hair but gosh this makes for such great photo opportunities and fun.

Repackage baby food  

Keep shop bought baby food jars to repackage your own homemade baby food. The measures are perfect.

Encourage independence  

Let baby try to feed themselves. Even if they make a huge mess. The sooner they learn the better, especially if they are showing interest in being independent.

Dinner sanity  

Make evenings pleasant by organising dinner during the day ready to be reheated or in the crock pot.

Save time and money on baby food  

Mince up what you are having for dinner. Save time and money. It will also make the family eat healthier generally. If it cannot be minced improvise.

Use normal oats  

Oats also make a great brekky for baby. Just use the normal kind for babies older than 10 months.

Babies love to pick  

For older babies place pieces of potato and soft carrot on the plate. They love to feed themselves.

Hide fruit in muffins  

Buy the large cans of fruit, puree up and then hide the fruit in a good batch of muffins.

Hide veggies in fritters  

Buy cans of soft veggies, puree up the veggies and then hide the veggies in batches of fritters or rissoles.

Cheap kids bowls and cups  

Second hand shops always have plastic picnic ware. These are great for kids bowls and cups.

Trick for freezing baby food  

Silicon muffin trays make great baby food freezer compartments. Pop out the food once frozen and place into large zip lock bags for easy access.

Go Weetbix

Weetbix is the easiest brekky I have found for feeding Coco. I simply wet the weetbix with boiling water to make it mushy and then add cold milk to cool it down. Add sugar and test. Breakfast is done.

How to get bulk discounts

Start a group on this website and then contact manufacturers. See if you can get bulk discounts for big spend items like nappies.

Cheaper formula

Do not underestimate the power of Kmart, BigW and Target for cheap formula prices.

Leftover formula

Feed leftover formula to plants or pets. Try not to waste it.

Make half bottles and save

Make up half a bottle and feed it to baby. If baby wants more you can make more. If not, you haven

Save formula when travelling

Take warm water out in the bottle and add the formula when you need to feed baby. This saves much money because you will never have to throw out full bottles of milk that went to waste.

Start a baby food co-op

Do a food co-op with other mums for baby food. Each mum makes one kind and you all swap. Start a group on this site.

Leftovers as baby food  

After eating dinner every night mince up the leftovers such as a pasta you made. You can even roast meat and veggies and place this meal into portions in the freezer. This way you will always have meals on hand for a hungry baby. I use my ever faithful electric hand blender for the job. These are a great investment especially when travelling or staying overnight as a guest. You can always mince up what dinner is on hand.

Help baby eat meat  

Grate meat and put it in mash for an easy to digest dinner for an older baby.

Feeding baby solids

Feed solids to baby when you think your baby is ready for solids. Not all babies are at the same stage books dictate them to be.

Steaming food

I purchased a plastic microwave steamer from my op shop which I have used more so often. It cost me $1.00

Easy water when feeding

Use a thermos for boiled water throughout the day and night for water for bottles. It saves continually boiling the kettle.

Keep your lid on

This is a great tip from my mother-in-law. Invest in Tupperware where the lids have hinges (lids attached). Many $2 shops have these. I picked up a great set at Ikea where the lids attach but they can also detach. No more losing lids.

Can you make it yourself?  

Make your own: Always ask can I make that out of something? Your own wrap. Can I make that into something? Draw divider.

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Oh I remember those pregnant days. I remember those nights trying to sleep on my back. I recall licking away at triple chocolate ice-creams at my work desk and loving the fact that I could eat whatever I wanted while also being a complete motionless slob. Life was a mix of hard work and never-to-be-forgotten cravings and moments! Those hormones sure made life one random adventure!
For many new mothers-to-be, and like myself back in the day, the thought of exercising during pregnancy was daunting. I was filled with many questions and concerns. Then of course, I just wanted to sleep and slob around, which I knew wasn’t the best course of action for myself or baby.
Most health care professionals told me that as long as my pregnancy was free from complications, exercising would be one of the best ways to help me stay happy and healthy while my beautiful bub was growing.
Here are some great reasons to get that baby body moving!

Four major benefits of staying fit during pregnancy

1. Feel happier and less stressed

Ever heard of the pregnancy blues? All those hormones surging around your body can do a real number on your mood and leave you feeling down and stressed. Not to mention the pressure and anxiety that comes with having a child! Fortunately, the endorphins released within your brain when you exercise can be enough to give you the extra boost you need to maintain a positive outlook. Dancing to upbeat music is a great way to have fun whilst exercising and both music and physical activity have been linked to increased serotonin in the brain (the neurotransmitter linked to happiness). If you need a bit of motivation and encouragement to get you over the first little hump, a pregnancy exercise class is a great place to start and you may even make some new friends!

2. Sleep better and be more energised

Nothing will make you feel quite as fatigued as growing a tiny human being inside of you! However regular exercise throughout your pregnancy will strengthen your cardiovascular system, which will allow your body to cope more easily when your energy is low. There’s no need to go for a 10km run or start lifting weights, but beginning with something easy like a light walk or a yoga DVD will give you that little push you need to get through the day. Plus, as long as you’re not exercising right before bedtime, a small workout during the day will help you fall asleep faster at night and improve your sleep quality.

3. Be more comfortable and prepared for childbirth

Pregnancy can come with all kinds of little aches and pains, but exercise has been proven to help your body cope better with these discomforts. Regular stretching can ease back pain and ward off cramps and muscle soreness, regular walking can improve circulation and combat constipation, and swimming strengthens abdominal muscles, helping your body to support your growing belly. Being fit and healthy will also help your body cope with the physical stress of labour and delivery, with pregnant women who exercise tending to have shorter labours and a lower risk of complications like pre-eclampsia.

4. Have a healthier baby and a faster recovery

Women who exercise regularly throughout their pregnancy usually give birth to babies who are a healthy weight and are less stressed by labour and delivery. Furthermore, fit and healthy mums will recover far more quickly from childbirth than those who didn’t exercise whilst pregnant and most will find it much easier to get their pre-baby figure back.
So there you have it! As long as you are following a safe and lightweight routine, there is no reason why you can’t stay active while pregnant. Head over to  http://www.maternitysale.com.au/ for more pregnancy advice and be sure to consult your doctor before undertaking any new exercise regime.

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Love cheap and free baby stuff? You will love this extensive list of baby tips for saving everything on baby. Learn tips about how to shop for baby, little tricks for getting baby stuff cheap, baby food ideas and much more!

300+ smart and savvy baby tips

Make friends with other parents & save!

A mum ahead

Find a mum or friend with a baby a size bigger than yours for hand-me-downs.

A mum behind

Find a mum or friend with a baby smaller than yours to hand-down to.

A sandwich is simple

When eating out order a simple sandwich at a sandwich shop or bakery.

Accept hand-downs

Do not be too proud to accept second hand clothes.

Aldi for gear

Look out for baby gear at Aldi. They have great basics, like singlets.

Apple for baby

Aldi sell great pureed apple for baby.

Ask a handy friend

Spend a day or afternoon baby proofng your home. Enlist a tradie friend.

Ask baby questions

Ask questions they can answer you with body language, their eyes and grunts.

Sometimes less is more

Assess your needs

Create a safe place to change baby. You can do without a change table.

Avoid shampoo

You do not have to shampoo baby hair much.

Babies love to pick

For older babies give pieces of potato and soft carrot on a plate.

Babies R Us

Babies R Us often give away free samples and coupons if you sign up.

Baby food

Mince up what you are having for dinner. Save time and money.

Baby markets

Picked up my last jogger (great brand) at a baby fair for $40. Big score.

Baby puzzles

Get your toddler started with a large-piece jigsaw puzzle.

Baby talk

Talk to babies as you would talk to adults.

Baby wipes

Consider keeping wipes just for going out. Use $annels at home.

Modify a backpack for baby gear

Backpack for baby

A picnic backpack is perfect for baby gear. It has a lot of different compartments.

Bakery food is easy

Bakeries generally have good choices for bubs to nibble on.

Bath time tip

Bath baby during the day.

Be careful in the car

Never let baby nibble on food in his or her car seat while driving.

Be patient feeding

If baby loves to feed themselves be patient.

Be the best mum

Enjoy precious days together. Be con#dent in your actions. Trust your instincts.

Be coupon happy

Keep scissors handy and start cutting out coupons for baby stu%.

Be a nappy guru

Know your stuff, like the unit price of a nappy. Save money.

Become a word nut

Use every opportunity to teach words to your child. E.g. Point at cars.

Bed Routine

Open curtains and welcome day in. Close curtains and say goodbye to the day.

Get ahead of your dinners

Big cook-ups

Definitely have big cook-ups and stashes of freezer food for baby.

Blowing bubbles

Try blowing bubbles so baby might be distracted and walk accidentally.

Boiled water

Use a thermos for boiled water throughout the day and night.

Bowls and cups

Second hand shops have plastic picnic ware. Great for kids bowls and cups.


At Boxed Up you can create a wish list and then share the list with friends.

Boxes are fun

Keep small and large boxes. Baby loves to open and close the lids for play.

Breast pads trick

Soft flannels do the trick for free breast pads at home.


Breastfeed for longer. It is cheaper.

Budgeting app

There are heaps of great baby budget apps out there for free.

Bulk buy nappies

Network on this site and discuss the cheapest and best places to buy nappies.

Bulk discounts

Start a group with other parents and then contact manufacturers.

Buy a cheap pram

Buy in the U.S using bongo.us for a US shipping address if it is cheaper.

Buy bigger sizes

Get into the habit of buying the bigger size.

Buy gear at fairs

School fairs are full of mums selling their stu% for practically nothing.

Pick plain colours

Buy generic gear

Try not to get sucked into buying branded items.

Buy large sizes

Buy large sizes of normal clothes rather than maternity branded items.

Buy on eBay

Try eBay for baby clothes going cheap. Know the market price before purchasing.

Buy white clothes

Buy plain white clothes and dye them the colours you desire.

Cakes are fun

Make your own cake.

Car emergency box

Organise an emergency baby box in the boot of your car.

Centrelink tip

Fill out welfare forms before you have your baby.
Chairs as gates Modular couches that can detach into pieces make for great baby gates and pens.

Change of attitude

Start a thrifty new attitude toward your baby.

Changing nappies

Do not change a clean nappy.

Cheap wraps

Consider buying sarongs instead of wraps. !ey are longer.

Cheap art

You can buy cheap wall stickers for the nursery at the Reject Shop.

Cheap baby gate

A wooden baby pen can be placed at a door as a baby gate.

Cheap baby pen

Use modular couch pieces to create a pen for baby to play in.

Cheap safety gates

I bought two safety gates for the price of one at Target toy sale.

Get clip happy!

Clips for prams

Shower curtain rings make great clips for prams.

Cloth nappies

Get online or use our classifeds to buy cloth nappies second-hand.
You can use cloth nappies as bibs, towels, wipes and as a cover on a change table.

Consignment shops

Sell your baby gear at consignment shops. Get it out of the house.

Cook with baby

Get baby involved with cooking. Give an older baby a bowl and some pasta.

Cool Savings website

There are stacks of free coupons sites like www.coolsavings.com

Costco for nappies

Costco have a huge range of nappies on sale.

Cosy ugg boots

Invest in a great pair of black Ugg boots early on that you ca