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We deserve the best from our homes. Most of us want to transform our houses into havens. We all want a great place to hang out in and that we can be proud of when visitors drop in. Unfortunately, few of us can afford extensive renovations. But there are ways to give your home a lick of love, without having to spend up large.


A common problem new owners find in a home is space. There’s just not enough of it to feel comfortable in. There are other options apart from using up attic space or building extensions. Grab these tips and you’ll get a better idea of what options are available to you.
Get smarter about storage space. Good storage will give you more space in a room, because you can remove clutter. There are storage options for just about every room – so there’s no excuse really.
Try hooks on doors and in cupboards in the kitchen and bathroom. Or fit drawers beneath sinks. Choose multi-purpose furniture in the bedroom that doubles as storage. Yes, beds and chairs that open up to storage beneath them.


Light fixtures come in a lot of varieties, but they aren’t the only way to maximise light in a room. If you’re adding lights, you’re also increasing your electricity bill. Consider getting more natural light in. This doesn’t mean you have to open up a new window or a sunroof in the home. Window film tinting lets more light in by adding privacy without window treatments. Also consider changing the colour of the rooms to allow light to fill the space better. Darker colours absorb light, while lighter colours reflect light.


If you care about your budget and the planet, then you care about using resources efficiently. People in homes waste much water and energy daily. However, you needn’t start scrimping for solar energy panels just yet. Instead, think about smaller changes to appliances to get more efficient slowly.
For instance, you can replace the taps in your bathroom with water-saving devices. Replace light switches with dimmer switches to reduce the cost of lighting your home. There are low-cost long-term options like planting trees in the garden. These up your property values but keep homes cooler in the summer. They also reduce air-conditioning costs.
Invest in your home to get the most out of it. Get smart about how you invest. Avoid a full renovation with these simple steps.
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If you are trying to save money and spend less, doing up a room might seem low on your list of priorities. But there’s good news. You can do it anyway. You can makeover a room for a song these days, if you are super clever about it. Read on to find out how.

Love Paint

Paint isn’t too expensive, so it’s a good place to start on your budget makeover. Of course, doing something as simple as changing the colour of the walls can make a huge difference to the look and feel of any room.
To get a light and airy room, go for light and white paint tones. Or to create a cosy paradise go for warmer earthy shades. At the moment gunmetal grey is bang on trend too, and don’t be afraid of making a feature out of it by painting furniture and fireplaces in the same colour, for an ultra modern effect.

Work with light

However, if it’s too much hassle or money to repaint the entire room, then you may want to consider painting with light instead. This is when you use the natural and artificial light that you have in a room to create a different mood.
For example, it is surprising, the effect, removing a pair of heavy curtains can have. Especially if you install a blind like the ones available from Carpet Court instead. This can make a smaller room look bigger, and opens up the wall space to allow more light in.
Consider smart lights to create certain scenes in your room. You can change the look and feel of a room with the touch of a button. All this – without the hassle and cost of any redecorating!

Change the soft furnishings

Another excellent tip for redecorating on a budget is to change the soft furnishings in a room. This can have a huge effect on the way the room looks, without having to replace anything of too-high value.
Keep your carpets, sofa, as well as your furniture. Just get new cushions, bedspreads, and pillows.
Pick a colour or pattern that goes well with the original colour scheme. But try and make it different enough so that it feels changed from how you had the room before.
Bold geometric patterns are the best way of doing this, because they make such an impact. Everyone will notice a big improvement.
Picture here

Clean It

Finally, if your home is crying out for a makeover, but you just don’t have the budget for it, try deep cleaning rooms instead. While this isn’t as much fun as going to the store and picking out new cushions and throws, you’ll enjoy this cleanse.
This makes an amazing difference to how a room looks. Pull out all the furniture and clean underneath. Pack away all clutter and get a nice air freshener too. You may be surprised at how much you actually do like this room when it’s clean. So maybe you don’t need that makeover as urgently as you thought.

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Minimalist style has grown in popularity over the years. Crisp, white space creates a feeling of instant clarity in a home. In terms of feng-shui, minimalism is a go-er. But, have you thought about the awesome money-saving benefits? This is a win-win!
Here’s my thinking:

  • Basic minimalist rooms have barely anything in them
  • You’ll save big on furniture in every room of the house
  • People will think you are super clean and organised
  • You’ll feel a sense of sanity and calm all year round
  • You’ll save money if you keep this style longterm

Tip: Minimalism involves taking one or two statement pieces and making them work.
If you want to make your home look beautiful on a budget, minimalism might be the way forward.
Read on to discover how to really get this style right and pull off the perfect minimalist home. 

How to save sanity & money by creating the perfect minimalist home

Declutter: Sell what you don’t need

Minimalism has many money saving benefits, but here’s the even better news!
You can also make money as a minimalist!

  1. Clean out every room in the house and remove unwanted items
  2. Be brutal when deciding what you’re going to get rid of
  3. Remove trinkets and clunky old items that have no place in a modern minimalist space
  4. Keep one or two ornaments at most.
  5. Sell the rest online and make money while you declutter

Tip: Decluttering is not only good for your wallet. You’ll feel a total sense of calm, relaxation and clarity afterwards. Celebrate! By popping that money into savings. 

Re-Use Or Remodel Old Furniture

To keep your minimalist transition cheap, reuse old furniture instead of buying new pieces. There’s plenty you can do to enhance the style of your faithful old couch.
Remember: Less is more. Give it a good clean, remove old cushions and give the ole’ darling a revamp. 

Pexels / Pixabay


Look at Decor

Once you have the furniture under control, look at decor. Remember that you need to neutralise the look of the room. Floral wall designs or bright colours are not what minimalist spaces are all about. Whites and greys are popular and they look amazing.

Pexels / Pixabay


Think about flooring too. Wooden floors are great for creating the spacious feel minimalist rooms require. Beware though. Wooden flooring can by pricey. Look at cheaper options, like quality discount timber. There will still be a cost, but you’ll save big this way.
Tip: Consider saving up the money you made decluttering and selling your stuff! This way, the decoration will pay for itself.
And don’t we all love a win-win?

midascode / Pixabay

Keep It Clean

Remember that minimalist spaces need to stay and look clean.  Make sure you have enough storage in the room to store items away. Clean daily and put everything back in its spot. Keep the clutter at bay and you’ll enjoy the whole point of your new minimalist home. 
Happy decluttering!

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AUSSIES are suckers for a great BBQ, beer & the perfect steak. More people than ever are heading outside to grill their goods. And why not? A BBQ is a great way to feed the family, socialise and relax at the same time. These days, having a BBQ might even get the kids off digital and barefoot on the grass. Most parents would agree, this is a wonderful thing.
Today I’m exposing six super fast outdoor kitchen secrets. 

Secret 1: Gas is good

WerbeFabrik / Pixabay

Most outdoor kitchens have a grill and a working counter area. Among households that have grills, most use gas. Then there’s charcoal, with electric versions coming in third in the popularity stakes.
For example, outdoor kitchens in Perth are often hybrid grills. These offer the option of cooking with either gas or charcoal.
Basic kitchen include a sink and small fridge. Fancy upmarket versions offer features such as a pizza ovens, BBQ smokers and bar fridges. Cube cabinets and outside heaters are also on the list.

Secret 2: Put a roof on it

Sheltered kitchens are on the rise. They’re popular for cooking in all seasons. There’s no need to go overboard either. Well designed outdoor kitchens look like a home extension or addition to the house.

Secret 3: Check spacing

One mistake people make in outdoor kitchens is too-little counter space. Free up space on both sides of the grill and the sink. Aim for about 900 cm each side. For example, go for 600 cm on one side, and 300 cm on the other.
Tip: Don’t put the sink next to a grill, and don’t put either at the end of a counter.

Secret 4: Don’t forget lighting

A common outdoor-kitchen oversight is a lack of lighting. Avoid finding yourself cooking with a torch. Fairy lights can also look pretty.
Note: Make sure you get advice on whether they’re suitable for outdoor conditions. Always prioritise safety first, especially when dealing with weather and electricity. Ask an expert.

Secret 5: Consider a rangehood

Most backyards have a wind flow direction. Get to know yours. Avoid your BBQ blowing smoke into your home. Also, place seating areas well away from smoke. If this isn’t possible, manage smoke by installing a rangehood.

Secret 6: Get the floor right

Outdoor cooking can be messy and hard on floor surfaces. Also, the mix of oil, grease and rain can be risky. Keep your outdoor kitchen safe and clean by selecting flooring that is grease, fire and stain resistant.

Looking to create your very own alfresco dining area?

Check out outdoor kitchens in Perth for a great quality range of affordable products, and with a professional service to match.


There’s no reason to make your Aussie outdoor cooking experience any less than well, perfect!
Enjoy your time off. You’ve earned it!
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Home renovation costs can put a dent in your dreams. The hidden costs are insane if you don’t know what you’re doing.

First there’s demolition. There’s a cost of ripping out old materials and fittings before you even get started. Add to that the price of new materials and labour for the rebuild and those costs add up fast.

Unsplash / Pixabay

Then there’s the hidden time in researching, planning and buying stuff. I’m talking months of reworking plans and hunting for bargains. If you’re working full-time, this part of renovating is time-consuming.

377053 / Pixabay

Further, there’s the cost of making mistakes. All the above costs pale in comparison to how much money you’ll be forking out if you get anything wrong.
Oops – got those tiles wrong in the bathroom or the waterproofing was woeful!
Too late.
There’s overcapitalising too. This a fine balancing act. You need to save big and add enough sparkle to your home without eating into resale profits.
If you make mistakes (e.g choosing the wrong builder on a new build) – you could be waiting years to move in.
Think: Current Affair New Home Build Horror Story.

Try these renovation hacks

If you want to avoid an annoying and costly re-do, here are some home renovation tips to consider.

Know your skill set

Taking on DIY in the home can save money and deliver great satisfaction beware. When things go wrong, this can be disastrous. Reno jobs aren’t for the faint-hearted. They need a broad skill set. These range from building, to plastering to plumbing to painting. These are some of the many aspects of your renovation.

Grieslightnin / Pixabay

Learn DIY

Learning DIY in the home will help. You’ll understand, which projects are realistic and those that are not. Know the space that you are working with. Always stay within the budget and get professional help required.

Know your trades

When sourcing professional help, it is vital to choose well. Get recommendations. This is key. You’ll also need to know who does what. For example, if renovating a bathroom, you’ll need a plumber for the pipe work. But you’ll need a builder or project manager to oversee the entire project. Google ‘checklist’ for the room in your home you are renovating. There are plenty of ways to get this information fast.

stevepb / Pixabay

Use reputable professionals

Better yet, a renovation specialist like Smart Style Bathrooms (http://smartstylebathrooms.com.au/) will be able to help right from the design stage. They’ll manage any problems that crop up along the way. Home renovation hassles will disappear. By choosing a professional renovator to suit your home’s requirements, will reduce the likelihood of any mistakes or redo’s.