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If you have a teenager who is going through ‘a stage right now’ and that teenager has an aversion to people, you might like these gift ideas. They’ll ensure your teenager will has plenty to do, while hanging in their bedroom or will help your teenager to get out more and learn some social skills.

For the teenager who loves to go on bike rides alone

Image Source: Handpickedcollection.com


Nothing beats a great set of headphones

Source: Esquire.Co.Uk

Sunglasses give them somewhere to hide

Image Source:http://iampointblankperiod.files.wordpress.com

If you don’t mind them looking like Martians (Virtual Reality Headset)

Image Source: d.ibtimes.co.uk

They could always take the dog for a walk – dogs aren’t people

Image Source:http://i01.i.aliimg.com/

Ammunition for nosey mums (Keep out signs)


The sleep mask that basically says it all


For the teenager who loves to nap

Image Source: Wanelo.com

Because silence is golden when you’re a teenager

Image Source:http://tru-designz.co.uk/


For the teenager who loves to spy – but not in person

Image Source: BBC.co.uk

For the teenager planning their escape from the house

Image Source: Aliexpress

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