Love to party but hate a hangover? Save your liver with these practical party tips on how to party on, have fun, go crazy but still avoid getting a hangover in the morning by avoiding drinking as much alcohol as you normally would.

How to party hard without getting a hangover. Feel better in the morning!

Avoid salty foods

They make you thirsty. You will drink more.

Watch the clock

Try to drink just one drink per hour. Pace yourself.

Start with a non-alcoholic drink

Let others get ahead of you. Start of slow. Watch the clock and then after about 7.30pm-8.00pm after a little food you can go a little crazy. This way you will drink for less hours.

Organise something to do tomorrow around 9am-10am

If this is in your mind you will probably get yourself to bed a little earlier.

Drink from a can or a bottle

That way you host can’t come and top up your glass with more alcohol. Also if you are trying not to drink at all you can top that beer can up with water!

Keep a bottle of mineral water

If it is in front of you when you are drunk you are likely to take a sip.
Have the odd non-alcoholic drink like a lemon lime bitters between drinks. Have two drinks and then a non-alcoholic drink and so forth.

Keep busy

Hosts always need help. Get in the kitchen. Help the host prep dinner and clean up. This way you will have to put your glass down!

Go into the party with a plan

Write down a plan and what time you will leave the party. E.g I am going to leave the party at 1am. Try it anyway!

Take a selfie

Next time you party hard and wake up with a bad hangover take a photo of yourself and then the next time you go to a party take the picture with you on the phone. It will be a great reminder of why you don’t want to go as hard this time!
Savings Room

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It is easy to save money in the upcoming holidays. Ever been stuck for ideas on things to do tonight, this weekend or during the upcoming school holidays? Well never be stuck again with this huge list of ideas on things to do in the garden, indoors, outdoors, in your community, region and more! Beat boredom from your door and live a more active life. Click on the little green arrow to access tips.
Save money | Garden Activities

Leaf rubbing pictures

Rub crayon over paper on leaves and create some great pictures.

Blow bubbles

For an old-fashioned and cheap activity, blow bubbles with the kids using dishwashing liquid.

Study bugs

Buy some cheap magnifying glasses and study bugs with the kids.

Read magazines

Catch up on reading your favourite novel or magazines.

Clean up the yard

Clean up the yard together or get help with starting your veggie patch.

Learn about the stars

Get a book on stargazing and spend the night finding constellations.

Camp at home

Go camping in your backyard just for fun. Watch the stars.

Enjoy high tea

Make some gorgeous cupcakes and enjoy High Tea in the garden with the girls.

Picnic at home

Have a picnic at home in your back garden.

Garden party

Hold a garden party for one of those boring nights between Christmas and New Year.

Make movies

If you have a video camera make a family video outside.


If you play an instrument learn some cool holiday songs to get everyone singing

Beers in the shed

Invite the boys round for some beers in the shed.

Learn to juggle

Learn to juggle. It gives everyone some light entertainment.

Make a time capsule

Make a family time capsule and set a date to have it reopened.

Fly a kite

Make a kite from scratch and then go and fly it with the kids.

Organise a party

Organise your New Years Eve party. Start calling people.

Paint a picture

Paint a big picture onto canvas over summer. Enjoy iced-tea or champagne in the garden. Wear a big oversized hat and an art smock. Play Opera. Free your creative juices. .

Plant some trees

Plant a tree or a few trees. Use all that free labour at your house.

Recycling system

Set up a complete recycling system in your home if you do not have one.

Create traditions

Talk to family about creating some nice annual family traditions.

Read maps

Teach your child how to read a road map.

Write a letter

Write an old fashioned letter to an old friend. Post it.

Dream big

Write out all your goals and dreams for the new year.


Collect acorns and make something with them.

Afternoon Tea

Grab a teapot, some weak tea and cakes and enjoy afternoon tea in the garden.


Feed birds and animals and watch them appear every day.


Follow an ant trail.


Is cheap, easy and low risk fun.

Balancing Beam

Great fun. Put over grass for a soft landing.

Kick a ball

Kick a ball and get active with the kids. It is also great exercise.


Study nature in your garden.

Bird Bath

Create a birdbath and start bird watching.


Make a birdfeeder and then wait for the birds to come. Name them for some extra fun.

Birds Nests

Look for birds nests and take photos of them.


Learn their calls. Study them online first.

Street party

If you have a big yard, invite people from your block with kids around. Have a BBQ, face painting, music, food and other activities. This is a great summer day occasion and a nice way to meet the neighbours. Organise potluck food. Use this site to network and organise one.

Bocce ball

Learn how to play Bocce ball. Get the whole family involved.


Bubbles are cheap fun. Grab a cheap bubble blowing kit. This one is great for a young baby.

Catch bugs

Invest in a cheap bug catcher or use a jar. Let the bugs go after studying them. Make sure you give them breathing holes in the jar.

Study bugs

The garden is full of wild and wonderful bugs to study. Grab a library book and learn about different bugs in the garden.

Build a fort

Build a fort just like in the army and watch the kids enjoy it.


Chase, catch and then release butterflies using a net.

Camping chairs

Sit on camping chairs as the sun goes down. Enjoy a chat together. Precious moments.

Count cars

Sit behind your front gate and watch cars go by. Play I spy.

Play catch

Catch: Play this simple game of catching and throwing a ball.

Draw with chalk

Draw with chalk on paved areas in the yard. Make sure the area you are chalking up is a car free zone!

Cloud shapes

Find shapes in the clouds together. Lie on the grass and enjoy getting in touch with nature.

Garden collage

Collect items from the garden and glue to a collage.

Play cricket

This is an awesome game to play with the whole family on a summer afternoon.

Play croquet

Enjoy a game of croquet in the backyard.

Cubby House

Build a cubby house as a summer project. The kids will love you and it.

Daisy chains

Remember making these when you were a kid? Pass it on.


Take magnifying glasses and a notebook around the garden. Write down what you find.

Digging and burying

Bury items in the garden and get the kids to dig for them.

Dig a hole

Grab a shovel and teach kids how to dig a hole. Bury something interesting.


Grab some cheap dinosaurs bones in plaster: Kids love digging these out. Make your own too.


Elastics: Remember elastics? This is a very cheap way to stay entertained with three or more kids for hours.

Party it up

Hold a party for kids in the holidays for no reason at all. Make parents bring some potluck food.

Paint a face

Paint each others’ faces. Heaps of fun. See who can paint the best face. Take a lot of photos.

Fairy lights

String up fairy lights and light them up at night for some excitement after all that hard work.

Collect firewood

Collect firewood for a winter fire. Teach kids about reward after hard work.


Learn the names of all the types of flowers in your garden.


Teach a kid how to kick a footy.
Invite friends Featured
Organise play dates regularly so your kids will not get board and you can get some holiday sanity. Aim at one each week for the duration of the holidays.


Play random games you know in the backyard.

Garage sale

Get the kids to help organize it. Price items and teach them how to talk to customers. This is good for a child’s business and money making skills!

Herb garden

Start a herb garden together and then cook meals with the herbs.

Veggie patch

Start a small vegetable patch together and eat the veggies when ready.

Billy Karts

Build a billy-kart. This is a great project for the whole family!


You never know who might be the next Tiger Woods.

Grass fun

Lie on the grass with the kids. Look up and discuss what you see.

Bare feet

Take your shoes off and walk barefoot in the grass with the kids. Just be silly. Become a kid again for an hour.


Play with a tennis ball against a wall.

Hoop targets

Throw hoops onto targets in the garden. Offer a lolly for the winners.


Chalk is cheap. Teach the kids this old favourite.


Grab some wooden rings from craft shops for cheap target fun.


A Hula-hoop is just good to have around! One will always givea a bored kid something to do!


Challenge the kids to make crazy jewellery from stuff in the garden. Add spray paint.


Play kickball and have fun with the kids.

Fun with knots

Kids love to tie knots.

Lawn Darts

Use the soft and sticky kind of dart, rather than the dangerous piercing kind of dart! Is that a word?

Collect leaves

Collect leaves and make artistic pieces out of them.

Raking fun

Rake leaves in the garden. The kids will have great fun rustling in the leaves.

Make lemonade

Make a lemonade stand and sell lemons to passers-by at your front gate. Teach the kids about business.

Listening fun

Learn all the sounds in your garden. For example, what a cricket sounds like.


Remember macramé? Google how it is done if you can’t remember and introduce this craft to your kids.


Make collages out of cool magazine pictures. Frame them for the kids room. For example, make a collage of cars for a boy’s room.

Magnifying glass

Purchase some cheap ones and study the garden, every tiny aspect of it. Use a nature book to learn more about what you find.

Ant farm

Get online and learn how to make an ant farm. Involve the kids in all aspects of the project.

Morning tea

Enjoy morning tea in the garden. How about donuts, coffee for you and some delicious and healthy smoothies for the kids?

Mud pies

Have fun making and throwing mud pies!

Mud bath

Make a mud bath and get dirty together.

Naughts and crosses

Chalk-it-up for outdoor fun that you adults can play too! Enjoy some memories from your own childhood.


Get a book and learn about the stars. Study what you learn.

Moon watching

Spot a full moon and enjoy watching it with the family. Sit outside a while on some camping chairs and simply admire the view. Tell some stories to each other.

Nature notebook

Start a nature notebook with the kids and start recording your finds.

Newcomb ball

Remember playing this in school? This is a great group garden game.

Obstacle Course

Make an outdoor obstacle course with tunnels, jumps and mud pools! Now have a race and enjoy an awesome day of fun together.

Lunch outside

Eat lunch outside and keep it simple. Just enjoy being out in the fresh air.

Painting fun

Sit outside and tell the kids to paint what they see. This is an amazing adventure to see your garden through the eyes of your children.


Make a little parachute and drop it from a ladder. Make 10 of them.


Wash the dog. This is great fun for all the family.


Take photos in the garden of plants, animals and more.

Pine Cones

Pine Cones: Collect pine cones and spray paint them to hang on the Christmas tree.

Planting fun

Grow some flowers from a few packets you pick up at Bunnings.

Four Square

Learn how to play Four Square.

Duck Duck Goose

Learn how to play Duck Duck Goose.

I Spy

Play this old favourite and a great one for the garden.


Make your own Play-Doh in cool colours and then make great creations together.


Create a temporary one out of boxes and bits in the garden.

Red Rover

Learn how to play Red Rover.

Simon Says

Play Simon Says.

Pogo Stick

If you have a pogo stick, go crazy riding it around the garden. See who can master it!


If you do not have one, make an outdoor fishpond as a summer project. Add goldfish and enjoy watching them for the rest of summer! Remember to put a little fence around the pond if there are toddlers and babies around.

Pond play

Throw stones into ponds and watch the ripples together.

Walk in the rain

Go for a walk in the rain in your wellies and raincoats.

Rain play

Stand and laugh together in the rain. You can always get changed afterwards.

Recycled paper

Teach your kids how to make recycled paper.

Make a robot

Make a robot out of cardboard boxes.

Rock collecting

Collect rocks and start a rock garden on a spot on the lawn.

Science experiments

Experiments are total fun using items from around the house. Pick up a science book from the library.


Get the kids out on their scooters. Give them a laugh by letting them watch you on a scooter.


Plan and create a big sculpture together. This is a great way to spend hours of fun over summer.


Get outside and ride a skateboard.


Make a water or mudslide using on old tarp.


Make a snowman, play in a sled, go skiing

Spider webs

Go spider web spotting. Take some pictures of what you find. Make a spider slideshow.

Sprinkler fun

Play under a sprinkler if water restrictions allow.

Swing set

Hunt down a cheap swing set and get swinging.

Make a swing

If you can


T-Ball is an easy and fun game to play as a family.

Play tag

Have a good old fashioned game of tag.

Blindfold tag

Collect items. Blindfold each other. Guess what each item is.

Toy lawn mower

There are lots of toy lawn mowers lying around second hand shops. Pick one up for some garden fun.


Get out on the trampoline if you have one. This is great fun for all including parents.

Treasure hunt

Hold one in the backyard at Easter and Christmas or on special occasions.

Treasure map

Tell the kids you found a treasure map and set up a hunt.


Supervise the kids while they get busy climbing trees.

Outdoor lights

Decorate a tree with hanging candles. Light them when it gets dark.

Tree book

Get online and learn about all the trees in your garden.

Garden discovery

Touch flowers, leaves and the bark on trees in the garden. Discuss what they feel like.


Volleyball is a timeworn holiday favourite that everyone can enjoy. Take up the sport with friends and family on the beach.


Spend the summer working on a Go-Kart project together. Who knows? You might end up entering a competition with your wonderful creation.

Water pistols

These are great fun in summer. Add detergent for some great bubbles.

Shell pools

Fill a container with water or a shell pool and enjoy water play.

Water slide

Create a cheap flat waterslide using a tarp in your backyard.

Water table

Enjoy water play within a table at standing level for kids.

Water tag

Play water tag by chasing each other around the garden with a spray bottle.


Get the kids out to help you weed the garden. Buy them some garden gear for Christmas.

Wind chime

Make a wind chime for your front door. This can be a very creative exercise.


Read a book in the garden this Summer. Read a long one like The Hobbit.

Save money |Indoor activities

Jigsaw puzzle

Work on a puzzle or jigsaw together.


Watch family movies if you have them and reminisce about old times.

Learn about nature

Watch a nature show on TV together and discuss it.

Decorate the tree

Start a family tradition to come together to decorate the tree, wrap gifts and bake treats.

Skype family

Set up your whole family with Skype so you can video call each other all year. Go out and buy PC Cameras if required. Write instructions for non-techy family members on how to set this up. Explain how much fun video calling is and how you can all save money.

Play scrabble

Scrabble is a great group game. Chess is fabulous in the garden with a bevvy on hand.

Rent DVDs

Rent DVDs or tape movies in December leading up to Christmas and watch them over the Christmas period with family or friends.

Make an advent calendar

Recycle window envelopes into an advent calendar. Place lollies inside and write the date on the envelope. Seal and place in a funky wrapped box. Kids can pick out the applicable date each day. .

Make sculptures

Recycle old newspaper and make some paper Mache sculptures.

Make a scrapbook

Put together a family scrapbook or album with the kids.

Play online games

Play some free online games.

Play charades

Play charades.

Play cards

Play cards.

Play board games

Play board games. Buy them at thrift shops or borrow them.

Make a jigsaw puzzle

Make your own personalised jigsaw puzzle for the event.

Make lemonade

Make old fashioned lemonade on an ultra hot day.

Make iced-tea

Make iced-tea in a nice big jug.

Make ice-blocks

Make homemade ice blocks to eat in the hot weather.

Make cards

Make homemade cards for next Christmas using all the leftover cards and wrapping.

Make fresh juices

Make fresh juices for the whole family every morning. This is a nice tradition.

Cook dinner with the kids

Let the kids pick some recipes and make dinner with your supervision of course.

Learn cultural stuff

Learn about a different culture. Pick up some books to browse at the library.

Conduct interviews

Interview family members about family history.

Have a trivia night

Have a trivia night or play Who Wants to be a Millionaire. Go to answerblip.com for questions.

Play Spicks-and-Specks

Have a Spicks-and-Specks night.

Play music

Have a music night and go through all your favourite tunes. Compile a favourites list you can play in your car in the New Year.

Camp indoors

Have a family camping night in the lounge and have some camp style treats.

Give a room a makeover

Give a room in your house a complete makeover.

Look through albums

Get out all your old photos and have a laugh together.

Kids lucky dip

For kids give a lucky dip in a box. Get the child to pick out one card. On the card will be an adventure to a cheap local attraction. Give the gift of your time.

Adults lucky dip

For adults use the lucky dip box also for gifts of your time. E.g. A massage. Holidays are a great time to get to know everyone again after a long and hectic year.

Do pasta art

Do pasta art. Paste pasta to card and have your kids paint it.

Make board games

Design and make your own board game and then play it. This is great, creative fun.

Have a themed dinner

Choose and cook a themed dinner for an interesting cultural night at home. Indian? French? The world is yours to travel.

Bake a cake

Bake a delicious cake or pudding together.

Parent activity co-op

The idea of a co-op involves parents leading an activity based on their particular skill. For example, plan a music day if you happen to know how to sing and play guitar.

Act like animals

Take turns acting like different animals. Play and laugh.

Photo collage

Create a big collage of photos ready to frame.

Frame artwork

From school Frame the best pieces from the year.

Balls in buckets

Roll soft balls into buckets down the hallway.

Beach bathtub

Create a beach in your bathtub on a rainy day. Add beach balls.

Revamp a room

Take the opportunity and totally restyle, revamp your kids rooms.

Bake biscuits

Bake biscuit shapes and ice them. Yum. Deliver some to your neighbours.

Create a board game

Create your own board games.

Buy second-hand board games

There are hundreds of second-hand board games out there. Many can be found in thrift shops unopened! These are great family fun and some of the second-hand ones are fabulous old-fashioned fun!

Make boats

Make tiny boats out of lids, a straw (mast), paper and blue-tack. Sail in the bath.

Tracing fun

Get butchers paper and draw around your body on the floor or wall.

Cultural education

Learn about the world. Designate a topic a week For example, you could learn about the Indian culture this week, cook meals from India and learn about the traditions of the Indian culture. If you have an Indian friend you could invite them over to participate! Understanding different cultures is a vital and vibrant part of any child’s upbringing, and this knowledge creates cultural awareness in adulthood.

Hallway bowling

Set up some recycled plastic bottles in the hallway and play bowling.

Camping inside

Set up a tent inside if you have the room.

Car fun

Make a car out of cardboard boxes. Paint it up.

Card games

Enjoy card games and offer simple prizes for fun.

Make cards

Spend time making great cards with glitter, stickers and glue. Write a few out and send them to someone in a retirement village, hospital or send one to a soldier.

Willpower game

See who has the best willpower. Who can stand on a chair the longest. Time each other.

Play charades

Play animal charades.

Make a Xmas wreath

Make one for this coming Christmas.

Build a city

Build a city on a platform and paint it using matchboxes and small boxes.

Start a collection

Start an interesting collection. E.g. shells or small boxes.

Colour experiments

Do some with flowers and dyes.

Colouring in

Buy some cheap books and enjoy an afternoon colouring in.

Computer games

Find great ones (educational if possible) and participate with the kids.

Computer time

Give the kids time but limit it.

Make movies

Create movies on your computer from your videos.

Make YouTUBE video

Film your kid doing a cooking show and put it on YouTUBE. Get your kid to film you doing a cooking show.

Bake biscuits

Baking biscuits if creating fun. Bake biscuits to take on outings you might have during the week.

Fruity fun

Cut up fruit together and make fruit kebabs. This is a fun way to trick kids into eating fruit.

Make jelly

Kids love jelly. Make it together in the day and eat with ice-cream as dessert at night.

Cooking lessons

Have formal cooking lessons with the kids. They will laugh at you as you give the instructions. Act like Julia Child.

Learn to measure

Teach kids recipes and include educational tips like how to measure ingredients.

Cool competition

Challenge everyone to a Who Can Dress the Coolest competition. Everyone must then go to a café dressed the way they are!

Costume photos

Dress up and take cool photos of yourselves.

Zorro mask

Make a cheap Zorro mask.

Make fairy wings

Use a coat hanger and pretty mesh to make some fairy wings together.

Weird hats

Wear weird hats for the day.

Play dress ups

Dig into your costume box and have a dress ups day.

Cubby house

Make one indoors with chairs or a table.


Make delicious cupcakes. Make some for the kids and also some for grandma or grandpa from the kids! You will make their day!

Start a diary

The reason I became a writer! Buy a lockable diary for a child to record their daily experiences. My mum did this for me when I was five and I wanted to be a writer after I started making daily entries about my life.

Drama fun

Create a short play and act it out.

Dream book

Create a dream book of places to visit, things to do and the like.

Fake tennis

Fake Tennis: Play pretend tennis in the house.

Fashion show

Hold a real fashion show, down your hallway, to music and commentary. This is wonderful for building a child’s confidence.

Flower experiments

Put white flowers in water with food colouring. Watch the flowers change to the colour of the food colouring over time.

Frame a dream

Get kids to frame their dreams, paint their frames and put them on their walls.

Fridge magnets

Make some cool fridge magnets.

Draw the garden

Sit the kids at a window and get them to draw or paint what they see in the garden.

Techy treasure

Visit www.geocaching.com for a techy treasure hunt.

Make gifts

Start making gifts for Christmas, wrapping and homemade cards.


Bake gingerbread and then scoff them down with a nice hot chocolate.

Google Earth

Visit Google Earth and do some armchair travelling. Teach the kids about different parts of the world and different cultures.


Spend time giving each other hilarious hairstyles.


Play hide-and-seek. Even babies of the house can get in on the act! You will love hearing all that laughter coming from the room.

New hobby

Suss out some cheap hobbies and take one up with the kids.

Housework roster

Create a roster together. Create a rewards system with stickers and stars. Let your school-age children act as the ‘housework’ police for the week. This will help them to become conscious of how a house gets dirty and then clean again!

Housework training

Teach kids how to do different housework jobs really well.

Indoor catchy

Play catch with a soft ball or even a cushion.

Make jewellery

Buy beading and supplies and go sick making jewellery for birthdays and special events.


Buy a massive jigsaw and spend the winter or Summer holidays on it.


Make juice and freeze it into ice blocks.


Remember these? Reinvent them for your kids and show them how fun they are.


Learn how to say hello in a bunch of foreign languages.


Tell the kids laundry is heaps of fun. Then get them to help you with it.


Marbles is another simple game that creates hours of fun for kids. Just make sure this game is played away from young babies and toddlers. Always put marbles away, up high and in a secure, sealable container.


Use paper plates to create crazy masks.


Draw up mazes in a little exercise book and then navigate them.

Measure yourselves

Create a wall for measuring how much you


Teach kids about money and real estate with this great game.

Mop a floor

Get the kids to mop a floor. They love it. You get a clean floor.

Write a script

Write the plot, cast the actors, dress up and make a movie.

Movie afternoon

Have a movie afternoon with popcorn and get all rugged up under blankets.

Make muffins

Make muffins for your outings.

Explore music

Play your kids different types of music and explain the genre.


Put on loud music and dance around the room.

Write songs

Write songs, including the lyrics and the melody. Record the song on your computer.

Musical chairs

Play musical chairs and have a laugh.

Make instruments

Make interesting instruments and then play them. Tissue box guitar anyone?

Obstacle course

Use cushions, boxes and soft props to make an obstacle course.

Colouring online

There are lots of colouring-in pages online. Print some off for some instant fun.

Watch YouTUBE

Watch YouTUBE videos for educational purposes or just for fun. My son loves watching trains on YouTUBE.


Get a book out and make origami together.


Cook pancakes for afternoon tea and then devour them with jam and cream.

Paper Clip chains

Make chains out of paper clips.

Paper dolls

Teach your kids how to make paper dolls. Scissors and paper is all you need for this one.

Paper Mache

This is a great way to get rid of newspaper and have fun.

Pet show

Hold an indoor pet show with real pets or just fake stuffed animals.

Call people

Call grandma on the home phone or Skype her.

Photo book

Take photos the whole holidays with the intent of making a photo-book and story about That Summer.

Make pizza

Make a delicious pizza together for lunch.

Pyjamas Day

Have a totally relaxing stay-in-your-pyjamas-all-day day.

Plaster models

Create and paint plaster models of all kinds of things to your hearts content.

Indoor garden

Create a garden inside. Let your imagination run wild.

Play horsey

Pretend to be a horse and take your kid for a ride.

Press flowers

Press a few pretty flowers between the pages of some heavy books.


Put on gumboots and play in puddles together.

Puppet show

Get older kids to make puppet shoes for younger kids.

Make puppets

Make puppets out of old socks.

Create puzzles

Create your own puzzles.

Book series

Read a book series, such as the Roald Dahl series of books for kids.

Rearrange a room

Kids love helping to rearrange furniture. Let them decide on interesting configurations. Teach them about thinking outside the square.


Record all the noises and laughter over the holidays. Add as sound effects to your movies or keep to create an audio for a child’s 21st!


Look up all the ways you can recycle everyday items and get your kids involved.

Repair Session

Grab broken items including toys from around the house and repair them.


Create a menu and let the kids be patrons and waiters.

Rock, paper, scissors

Rock, paper, scissors game: Best out of 20 games wins a small prize.

Rubiks Cube

A Rubiks cube is a simple and cheap way to pass time and is an alternative to tablets and iPods!


Make little sailboats together and sail them in the bath.

Sand Play

Create a big sandpit in the backyard for the summer and spend time every day playing!

Sand Play

Fill a large plastic container with sand and create a little world inside using water, rocks, figurines, matchboxes.


Teach kids new words with this educational game.


Get kids to keep a scrapbook of whatever they want. Let them stick in clippings, leaves and objects they might find on the beach and on walks with you.


Try your hand at scrapbooking if you are so inclined. Get the kids involved with sticking items in.


Teach older kids some simple sewing techniques.


Play pretend-shops. Teach kids about business and money.


Walk around a room with your kids on your shoulders. Watch for lampshades & doorways.

Skipping Games

Grab a long rope and play those old fashioned skipping games.


Skype grandma on the computer and brighten her day!

Slapping Hands Game

Remember that old hand slapping game you used to play as a kid? Each opponent put their hands together and tries to slap this other person’s hand, before that person has the chance to move their hand away.


Host a sleepover for your child’s best friends.


Kick some goals between two marks in the backyard.

Staring Game

Play the staring game. See who can stare the longest without breaking down in fits of laughter.

Story Writing

Use some cheap exercise books to create an illustrated story each.


Stick streamers onto the ends of sticks and chase each other around the garden.

String and Nail Art

Remember this? Nail nails onto a wooden board and then make patterns using string or wool.

Talent Show

Create a stage and plan a talent show for the holidays. Perform your show to relatives and friends. Give away prizes to the best performance or give everyone a prize – just theme each prize differently. For example, you could make a Judges Choice Award and a Best New Talent award for a younger child.

Theme Day Boys

Create theme days such as a pirate day or a colour themed day. Dress up for the day and enjoy getting in character. Take photos and post them to your networks for a bit of fun.

Theme Day Girls

Create a theme day such as butterflies, fairies or a colour. Dress up for the day and enjoy getting in character.

Theme Days

For a colour themed day, everyone could wear red, you could eat only red food, make red art, and sing songs with the word ‘red’ in them.

Time capsule

Start collecting items for a time capsule. For example, collect a watch, an old mobile phone or even the first iPad!

Paint nails

Paint your daughter’s nails and toes and let your daughter paint yours. This is a nice way for mums and daughters to bond and spend some quite time together.

Touch game

Blindfold each other and touch items that are given at a table. Each child must guess what is in front of him or her. You can use touch, smell, taste and all the senses except sight.

Toy Swap

Set up toy swapping with your friends with kids. This will keep kids entertained, as they won’t get bored of their toys and you won’t have to buy more to keep them occupied!

Put toys away game

Play Who Can Put Toys Away the Fastest game. This game is sneaky but effective.

Travel pack

Create a cool drawing travel pack for the car.

Magic tricks

Learn some magic tricks online and practise them.

Indoor tunnel

Create an indoor tunnel and play in it.


Twister is great fun and easy to organise.

Tye-dye dye stuff

Tye-dye some old t-shirts for some creative fun. (Laundry or patio.) Visit stores like Spotlight or Lincraft to find the dye.


Get the kids to fire up the vacuum cleaner and have your house cleaned for free! This will also tire them out if you need a restful afternoon!

Build an indoor village

Build a village with blocks, roads and toy cars.

Indoor volleyball

Use a soft beach ball and your couch as the net.

Water play

Baths are a great place for kids to play. Make sure they are supervised at all time.


Dress up as wizards and pretend to cast spells on each other.

Write a letter

Write a letter to Grandma. Walk down the Post Office and post it! She will enjoy the effort you put into it and you will make her day!

Save money | Out in the World

Check out events

Check out events on local visitor information websites and book them into your calendar.

Browse a mall

Check out what is happening at your local mall.

Take up bowling

Go bowling at your local bowling alley.

Go camping

Go camping in your region.

Go fishing

Go fishing off a pier alone or take the kids.

Go hiking

Go hiking in the mountains.

Catch a train

Go on a train trip with the family.

Drive around

Go on the all-scenic drives in your area or a neighbouring region.

Go on a photo shoot

Go out on a photo shoot with the family and take great snaps at quirky scenic locations.

Carols by candlelight

Go to free Carols by Candlelight nights in your region.

Try mini golf

Go to miniature golf if you have one nearby.

Take free lessons

Go to some free lessons at a hardware or craft store.

Watch fish

Go to the aquarium and watch the cute penguins.

Laugh at the circus

Go to the circus if there is one in your region.

Visit local markets

Go to the local markets and sample food and wine.

Get theatrical

Go to the local theatre and watch a play.

Go on a group bike ride

If you have bikes go on a fun bike ride together. Drive to a location with great tracks.

Go regional

If you live in the city, visit the country

Go city

If you live in the country, visit the city.

Get out on the water

If you live near the lake, hire a canoe or kayak and get out on the water.

Local attractions

Research the opening hours of local attractions and visit them with family.

BBQ in the park

Take a day trip and have a BBQ at your location of choice.

Unplanned adventure

Take an unplanned adventure by driving in one direction for three hours. Stay there for the night if your budget allows.

Watch more movies

Take in a few great movies over the holidays.

Amuse yourself

Visit an amusement park if you live near one.

Go on a day trip

Visit friends and relatives who live a day trip away. Stay the night.

Go wine tasting

Visit local wineries and go wine tasting.

Relax at the beach

Visit the beach for the day if you live near one.

Smell the roses

Visit the local rose gardens if your region has them. Take a flask of tea and biscuits.

Watch animals

Visit the zoo. Buy an annual zoo pass. You can revisit all year round.

Get inspired

Visit your local art gallery or museum.

Clean the car

It feels great to get into a perfectly clean car. A trip to the carwash is also great fun for the kids. Get them involved.

Walk the dog

It is so nice to see a dog enjoying his or her daily walk. It is good for you too, even if this means just ‘popping up the shops’ for 15 minutes. This gets the kids out of the house and you will get a little fresh air!

Go for a run

Running rocks. Enjoy the wind in your hair while listening to some fast, fantastic tunes. This pleasure is euphoric and can’t be beaten if you want to feel fantastic, everyday for the rest of your life! Take it slow at first and then build up to a run that really makes you sweat! Join a social network like Map My Run for motivation and find other runners in your area. A little friendly competition is good for the waistline!


Volunteer over the holiday period if you are alone.

Community garden

Visit your community garden, meet the locals and check out the quirky gardens.

Dream car

Take your dream car for a test drive.

Play cafe

Take younger kids to a play cafe.


Take a trip to watch the sunset and enjoy fish and chips together.

Surprise a friend

Surprise old friends with a drop-in visit.

Enjoy singing

Sing! Seek out music. Watch choirs sing their carols or bands play their hard rock music. Seek out free music festivals and events in your area, as well as locals playing in venues in your town, such as in cafes.

Play basketball

Shoot some hoops down at the local school.

Teach a child

Set up a little lemonade stand with a young child. Sit out on the curb and sell lemonade to the neighbours. Teach a child about business and money. Enjoy chatting.

Rescue a pet

Rescue a pet from the RSPCA and invite in your new family member.

Play in the park

Play with a Frisbee at the park.

Play soccer

Play soccer at the park.

Meet the neighbours

Meet the neighbours. Take them over some yummy home baking.

Have a picnic

Have a picnic together at a local park.

Dream home

Go to display villages and look inside your dream home.

Feed the ducks

Go to a park with a lake and feed the ducks.

Whizzy dizzy

Go the park and play on the Whizzy Dizzy with the kids.

Go swimming

Go swimming at your local recreation centre.

Catch bargains

Go shopping and get organised for next Christmas. Catch bargains.

Go out for a meal

Go out for takeaway food or to a cheap local restaurant.

Eat free

Go out for dinner on a kids-eat-for-free night.

Family outing

Go out for breakfast, brunch, lunch, coffee or dinner as a family.

Long walks

Go for long walks to through local parks and down your main street.

Christmas lights

Go for a drive in your town and nearby town to see the Christmas lights.

Sports match

Go and watch the locals playing sport down at the oval.


Get up early and watch the sunrise. Take a flask of tea and picnic breakfast.

Walk alone

Get some space. Go for a long walk everyday alone to stay refreshed and happy.

Christmas books

Get out Christmas books and DVDs from the library.

Enjoy a night out

Get a babysitter and enjoy a night out on the town with friends.

Donate presents

Donate some tins of food or presents to a good cause.

Free entertainment

Churches hold free Christmas entertainment over the Christmas period. Free.

Give blood

It is nice to remember at Christmas that others need help. Your blood is precious, especially to someone in need. Give generously. Call your local Red Cross for information.

Be a tourist

Visit an interesting town nearby and be tourists.

Visit a town

Visit one you have never visited before and break out of your comfort zone.

ABC store

Visit an ABC store for some wonderful educational items or even  just for a browse. These stores are full of interesting finds.


Visit an aquarium and show your baby or toddler the fish.

Aquatic Park

Visit an aquatic park a fun day out. If you have an only child, take your child’s best friend so they can play together.


Visit boutique shops in arcades.

Art supply store

Visit and buy a canvas and paints. Start painting your masterpieces!

Baby market

Baby markets are great for picking up cheap gear and a day out with bubs.

Baby shops

Visit baby shops and see what new products are around.

Coffee and cake

Go out for coffee and vanilla slice.

Walk to a bakery

Walk to a bakery and buy some fresh bread.


Head to the bank and open a savings account.

Beach and bubbles

Blow bubbles at the beach.

Fish and chips

Have fish and chips at the beach for lunch.

Beach visit

Pack up bubs, a beach tent and head to a beach. This will give the family unlimited fun, all day! Why stay home with bored kids? The beach is a great place for parents to enjoy a break and some sunshine! Just remember to slip-slop-slap yourself and the kids.

Bike ride

Go riding with bubs in a bike-trailer.

Bike with handle

Invest in a bike with a handle and go on walking adventures together.


Browse the inspiration section of a bookstore.

Browse kids books

Browse the kid’s section of a bookstore.

Botanical Gardens

Enjoy a visit and a walk to your nearest Botanical Gardens.


Visit a hot house and check out the flowers and plants.


Organise to go bowling with other mums.

Bridge walk

Walk to a big bridge near you and take a scenic walk with the pram.


Go to Bunnings and enjoy a coffee while the kids play. Grab a few items for holiday projects.

Bus ride

Take a bus ride to another town.

Bush walk

Go for a short bush walk together on a good bush track.

Hot chocolate

Go out for hot chocolate

Morning tea

Go out for morning tea to a kid friendly café.

Breakfast out

Head out to a kid friendly café.

Live music

Investigate cafes near you that have regular live music. There is nothing better to live the spirits and introduce baby to music.

Go for a drive

Go for a drive with your favourite CD. Baby loves to bop. (Not so loud you can


Drive to a car wash and wash the car. Babies love suds!


Is there a castle near you? Visit it!


Enjoy the peace in a beautiful cathedral.


Place flowers on a grave and appreciate your own mortality. This will help you feel more in the moment and more grateful for everything you have in life.

Children’s farm

Visit a children’s farm for a great day out.


Go to a church event or fair.


Go to the circus and meet a clown.

City street walk

Take a walk through some interesting and well known city streets.

Classes for baby

Enrol baby in a class. E.g. Swimming.

Yoga class

Enrol in a mum-and-bubs Yoga class.

Health clinic

Book an appointment relating to a health issue.

Community House

Attend a free class and make friends.


Go to a concert especially for kids.


Go to a matinee family-friendly concert.


Visit a conservatory and take in a free concert.

Costume Shop

Costumes shops are free to visit and great fun.


Is there an historic cottage near you? Visit it.


Visit the council and grab information about your town.


Go for a drive to the country. Enjoy some cheap op shopping.


Visit a deli and sample their gourmet cheese.

Discount store

Buy a new lip gloss for two dollars.

Display Homes

Walk through your dream home and start writing your wish list.


If you have a dog take the dog for a walk around the block.


Drive somewhere nice to get hot chocolate and a Babycino.

DVD Shop

Rent some educational or entertaining DVDs geared to the age of your baby.


Visit an elderly person and brighten their day.


Check out what is happening in your town and the neighbouring town.


Visit expos to learn new stuff and meet interesting new people.

Family Fun Days

Check out when they are coming up.


Visit a farm. These are great learning experiences for children.


Enjoy a day trip on a ferry and back.


Look up festivals near you and go! Enjoy a great day out, where there are usually lots of free activities and giveaways!

Fireworks Displays

If you know of a festival coming up let baby or your children watch the fireworks from a secure vantage point.


Drive to a forest and enjoy a walk along a path or bike ride in nature. Never trek alone. Always take a friend or friends with you and make it a group activity.

Visit a friend

Visit a friend who lives nearby. Walk there to get some exercise.

Invite a friend

Invite a friend over to your house for a cup of tea and cake.

Mothers group

Join a mothers group or start one!

Photographic exhibition

Go to a photographic exhibition. If you have a baby, he or she will love looking at the faces of all the people.

Art gallery

Gallery: Visit one near you and get inspired. Have a coffee.

Gift store

Browse a discount gift store with your little one a buy them a cheap toy.

Gift Store

Visit one and buy a thoughtful gift for a friend.


Visit grandparents with an unexpected gift from baby and brighten their day.


Join a gym that has a cr

Historic Building

Visit an historic building for some great photos.

Historic Towns

Make great day