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Life can really take its toll on us mums. If you really want to have a stress-free day, take advantage of my top personal relaxation tips.

How to reduce stress daily

1. Don’t get out of bed – yet!

Before getting out of bed in the morning, consider staying in bed for half an hour. In the mornings I get up and go to the loo, turn on the heating and then return to bed with a cup of coffee, my mobile phone, a notepad and a pen. Then I spend a good half hour in bed, while drinking my coffee, planning my day and relaxing a little. I’m finding my days to be more relaxing since I started doing this.
The app I use to plan my day is Cozi. (Note: Not being paid to plug these guys!)
I use Cozi because it is perfect for mums and families. The app includes a calendar, shopping list, to-do list, journal area, spot for listing birthdays and more. I like Cozi because, in the to-do section, I can break my tasks up into the following:

  1. Morning Checklist
  2. Out and about
  3. Calls
  4. Desk
  5. Online / Computer
  6. Evening Checklist
  7. Projects
  8. Weekend

I also like Cozi because I can add items to my calendar based on the person in my family and also color code everyone!
For example, I’ve set my family up like this:

  1. Richard – Purple
  2. Saxon – Yellow
  3. Coco – Green
  4. Penina (Moi) – Blue
  5. Everyone – Orange

The color-coding is fab, because at any instant I can see where all our time lies – without having to read much! Also I can switch the calendar to only one person (e.g. Me) to see just what I want to do.
I find if I plan my day from my bed, I am much more relaxed upon waking up. I feel much less anxious about the day, because I know what I’m about to do. Also I am much more focused because I’ve actually woken up before I get up! If I get up straight away after waking up (without the coffee in bed) – I find I walk around like a zombie for a half hour or so and don’t achieve as much.

2. Take a walk in nature

OK. My next tip for mums is to take a little ‘me time’ in the day after dropping the kids off. A great idea is to take a walk, or go for a run, straight after dropping the kids off to school. This means getting up in the morning and putting on your exercise gear straight away. Once you have your gear on, you will kind of feel obligated to do something – even if you don’t feel like it. Once the kids have been dropped off, drive yourself to a location that is ideal. Spend 20 to 30 minutes out in nature. Take a breath and reconnect. Clear your head and sort out any problems in your head while out on your walk or run. I always think when I’m running that ‘running fixes everything.’ Well, it may not fix everything, but exercise really does help put things in perspective – and fast!
Similarly, on the weekend, spend some time with an animal. Animals are a fantastic way to relax. Cuddle up with your favourite furry friend, or take the dog out for a walk in nature. You will feel much more relaxed afterwards. The tail-wagging, lip-licking antics of a dog or the purr of a cat, will calm and relax you.
Finally, if you can’t get out in nature, bring nature inside. Find a YouTube Yoga video set outdoors in nature and do some outdoor-indoor Yoga. Well, you get my drift.

3. How to reduce stress during the day

There are numerous ways you can feel more relaxed during the day by doing some very simple things. Firstly organise one area of your life that feels disorganised. For example:

  1. Is your work desk disorganised?
  2. Is your kitchen pantry disorganised?

Literally – take matters into your own hands. Pick one area to organise each day and you will enjoy greater clarity throughout the week.
Also take small ‘me time’ breaks in the day. For example, take a long bath or do some DIY beauty and pamper treatments. Motherhood is a 24/7 job – so don’t feel guilty about taking these little minutes each day, when you need them

4. Out and about during the day

If you’re out and about at a mall, seek out one of those $2-a-go massage chairs. While out grab a $2 facemask from somewhere like the Reject Shop or consider making your own when you get home. These simple acts of self-love go a long way and they’re cheap!

5. Take a little time at lunchtime

Every time you have lunch go outside and place your face in the sun! If the sun does come out in winter, take advantage! Plus, it is important to keep those vitamin D levels up 🙂

6. Time on the couch

The most obvious time to relax is late in the afternoon or the evening when energy levels fall. Here are a few couch tips to ponder:

  1. Listen to some relaxation music on YouTube on your phone or headphones while on the couch
  2. Enjoy a nanna nap on the couch. Grab a pillow and blanket and make yourself comfortable. Note: Keep your Nanna nap between 10 and 20 minutes. This way you won’t feel groggy after waking up
  3. There’s no better remedy for stress than a chick flick. Pick a good one and indulge!
  4. Consider painting your nails while on the couch watching your favourite show
  5. Do little relaxing things such as doing a crossword
  6. Take up knitting while you watch your favourite TV show
  7. Journal your day
  8. Play with your kids. Chess anyone?

Note: Playing with kids brings back the child in you. Remember: Kids don’t have to worry about mortgages or bills. And while you’re playing you won’t have to either!

7. Create a relaxation zone at home

A nice idea is to create a relaxation room in your home. Consider using the guest room, if you have one. The guest room is the least used room in the house. Fill your relaxation room with beautiful and relaxing items, such as candles, plants, music, aromatherapy oils and ambient surroundings. Add any item that you know will induce a calm and relaxed mood. Make this room your own special room for relaxation. Finding a separate area for relaxation is important, because any other room will distract you and make you think of things you have to do or get done. Plus! Your guests will love the ambience!

8. Take a mental holiday

Take a ‘mental holiday’ for a week. Though you know you’re not physically on holiday, this act will reduce the pressure you put on yourself in life and will make you feel great fast.
As well as this, consider taking a digital diet. Take the entire day off digital on a Sunday once each month. You’ll realise how much digital is making you feel anxious and ‘information filled.’ Take a digital cleanse and do some nice anti-digital jobs – like setting up a kitchen herb garden or decluttering a closet.

9. Laundry time

Ironically, I find the laundry a very relaxing place to hangout in. This is because nobody in my family things to look for me in the laundry. There is also no television, computer, or anything else going on in that laundry that will distract me. I do find folding clothes up perfectly to be quite relaxing. Check out my other blog posts on ways to fold clothes perfectly. The laundry is a little bit of ‘Zen’ for me and feels a little like raking sand! Also, I get pleasure out of seeing the clothes of my loved ones perfectly folded. I think the smell of freshly cleaned clothes is also calming. Note: I am adding my digital radio in there – to add to the relaxation factor. I will be tuning into a relaxing channel of course!

10. Avoid cooking dinner

A really great way to relax is to not cook dinner at all. You may already be enjoying this pleasure, if you have purchased my Freezer Meals book. Freezer Meals gives you 28 days off cooking, because you only have one grocery list and one cooking session each month over a weekend. I experience a great sense of calm knowing that my dinners are cooked, there’s $400 more money in the bank and that I don’t have to cook pots and pans each night. I highly recommend not cooking each night. If you’ve been short on methods on how to reduce stress, this easy cooking system is a great way to start!

11. Heading to bed

If you don’t have to cook dinner, you will have plenty more time to do other relaxing things in the evening. Consider taking a bath in the evening. Dip your ears under the water, so you can’t hear a thing. This is very relaxing and you will emerge from your bath feeling amazing. Get into your pyjamas, enjoy a nice Chamomile tea and get yourself to bed at a reasonable hour. You will find that the simple act of going to bed early, is one of the best ways to feel more relaxed and energised for tomorrow.

12. In bed

There are plenty of ways you can relax a bit before going to bed. You could plan tomorrow. You could listen to relaxation videos, podcasts or hypnosis videos on your phone. (Note: I said ‘listen’ not watch. Watching will only stimulate your mind.)
Also, spend time in bed before going to sleep with a great book.
Using these methods, you will drift off to sleep quickly after winding down. Make sure your room is dark, and closed off to other noises in the house.

13. Weekend tips

Some simple ways to relax on the weekend include drinking a relaxing tea like green tea or a Chai tea. You could also calmly bake or relax in the kitchen cooking your favourite meal. Pick a meal out of a gourmet recipe magazine and enjoy the pleasure and relaxation of cooking in a slow manner. Alternatively, sit on the couch and flip through some cookbooks. I find this very relaxing, as reading a cookbook is not something you have to think about. You don’t have to take in any information. You can simply look at the pictures and find some inspiration for your next cooking adventure.

14. Music

Consider learning or playing an instrument. Music is by far one of the most relaxing things you can do during the week or weekends. I know that if I sing my children to bed with the guitar, they are asleep within minutes! Children, (the most active beings I know) are a great test for such theories. And this one works like a treat!

If you have any wonderful ways to relax or tips on how to reduce stress using practical methods, please leave them in comments below.
Happy relaxation!

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Life is full of pressure and it is easy to get tired, complacent and grumpy in the whole scheme of things. People are put in our path to test and try us everyday of the year. Whether a stranger has yelled out their car window at you or a rude in-law has chucked a hissy fit or ignored you completely in your own house – there are ways of rising above unkind behaviour and to stay happy and focused on the positive in 2015.

Ramblings from a life lived

Be tolerant

There are a lot of people in the world who will try to put you down and make you feel small. This may happen numerous times during the course of a year and many times in your lifetime. Rather than bark up at people who make you feel this way – understand that really, what these people are projecting and making you feel – is actually the bitterness and sadness they feel inside.
Rather than get angry with such people – feel sympathetic. Be grateful that you don’t wake up each morning this bitter or even as them.
Instead, show them what nice actually is. Whether this person has never been shown kindness or they’ve allowed life to make them bitter – you needn’t be affected by their emotions and actions. As a minimum be super happy in front of such people – even if you feel you are faking this happiness.
Happiness is infectious and if nothing else – your happiness will drive them crazy! Perhaps they’ll get so annoyed they might even laugh at you. At least a laugh is better than a sour face right?
Job done. Walk away.

Source: My Wonder List

Do something nice for someone

We live in a cold hard world. Bad things happen to good people and bad people have good stuff happen to them. Life can be and is unfair – but that’s life.
If you do something kind you are putting kindness into the world – like sweetener into a cup of tea or a cake.
If you don’t do something kind today – the day will simply be – less sweet and enjoyable.
Note: Not saying you should fill your day with a heap of sugar – just speaking metaphorically.
Get my drift?

Source: 2 BP Blogspot

Be less materialistic

Consider who and what you are without your material possessions. Have you spent time developing a personality? Are you funny? Are you kind? Do you help others out?
Ask yourself this:
If all your material possessions were taken away from you today – what and who would you be without the things you have and the veil of materialism and stuff that is part of your daily life.

Source: Inspiration Feed

See the beauty in little things

In the summer of 2004 my hubby and I removed ‘us’ from the world we knew so well (a life in the inner city) and went and lived in the Australian outback. We had nothing and no one but each other. What we discovered were more enhanced and amazing conversations, the stars, the kindness of our neighbours, the beauty of nature and pleasure in small things like watching a person walk by or the joy in a bunch of silly jokes.
Oh and Emus…they were fantastic to watch instead of traffic lights!

Source: 40 Media Tumblr

Find your awakening

This was a true awakening that lives with us to this day. If you look at life less its material stuff and in the little things and moments that matter – you will also be less judgmental and have a fairer opinion of others who don’t ‘have as much.’
At the end of the day, if you are trying to live up to ‘the Joneses’ – the only person you are competing with is yourself. What will happen is that you will only attract people in your life who are also competitive ‘live-up-to-the-Joneses’ types. Such friends are actually far too busy and self-interested to care about what car you drive or mansion you live in anyway – because they’re busy running on the same self-defeating materialistic treadmill.
To put this differently: If you base your life on material wealth and you lost it all today – what would you have left? Would your family or relationships still be intact? Would your friends still want to know you? Who would want to know you? If everything else is still in tact – you are the definition of true success and you have it all. Congrats!

Source: Love This Pic

Good people still value people

Underneath the rush of all the commercialism and materialism out there – good people (the one’s you should seek out and get to know) still value the intrinsic beauty of people. There’s nothing nicer than a wink, a cheeky smile, a joke that makes a room of people laugh, or a tear that evokes emotion in a friend. Though it’s still great to have nice things – there are a lot of amazing, interesting, creative and kind people out there who’ve got more to offer you than the shallow existence of the pure race for material wealth.

Source: Etsystatic

People are put in your path for a reason

After my father passed away my mother relayed a nice thought to me, which has stuck over the years. I had gone through a bad experience and my mother said to me ‘Sometimes people are put in your path to help you change direction.’ I love this thought – because many times the people in our lives who give us the most grief become what feels like a test. We learn from these people – about ourselves and what we like or dislike about our lives and ourselves even. They make us question who we are and what we’re doing. Next time you have an experience that is not ideal with a person you don’t like consider the positives. This person probably has much to teach you about life and how you personally deal with situations. If you can overcome the emotion evoked by the person in question – you will have learnt some valuable life lessons in facing your emotions front on. The challenge presented by this person could change your life path forever and in a very positive way.

Source: 40 Media Tumblr

120+ ways to be a nicer person in 2015

Here’s a gorgeous collection of ways to be nicer and to show more compassion and kindness in 2015.
Follow Savings Room’s board Budget Breakfasts – Kale Smoothies on Pinterest.

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One of the best days I spent travelling involved a visit alone, before I had children or a hubby, to a large perfume shop in Paris. I can’t remember the name of it now but if you do visit Paris the best perfume shops are clustered in the first arrondissement (near the Palais Royal and Opera) and also on Rue des Frances-Bourgeous in trendy Marais. Actually I spent so long sniffing and spraying myself in this amazing haven for a girl (I think I was in sniffville for at least three hours) that the security guards actually started following me around. By the end of my time in this store my nose for perfume was both ‘expert’ and confused. Note: I’m pretty sure that people who passed me on the street in Paris afterwards were pretty confused too. I smelled amazing to me anyway!
The experience in Paris was delicious, delightful and very memorable. I was particularly taken by the men’s cologne section. Yuuummmeee. It just showed how much humans are driven by scent.

Here’s a little attraction trivia

I did hear once that the two biggest male / female attractions are:

  1. Scent
  2. Sense of humour

So if you are standing at a bar sporting a delicious scent and telling a joke – your chances of securing a mate for life are higher. Yes, they are…

Source: Beer Sign on eBay

Source: Beer Sign on eBay

While I’m on the topic, and since it is Christmas soon (hint hint blokes) I thought it only fitting to share this list by Stylecraze.com of the Top 10 French perfumes for women.
Drum roll…

Top 10 French perfumes for women

  1. Nina Ricci
  2. Givenchy
  3. Yves Saint Laurent Parisienne
  4. PacoRabanne Lady Million
  5. Guerlainldylle
  6. Theirry Mugiler Alien
  7. Chantal ThomassOsez-Moi
  8. Lancome Tresor
  9. Lolita Lemicka Si Lolita
  10. Chanel coco Mademoiselle

Of course there is an incredibly large array of perfumes on the market now and enough to put your nose into overdrive if you happen to do what I did and venture into a large perfume store.

Stick to my one rule when it comes to perfume!

In Australia there are some great ways to save on perfume especially if you stick my mantra, which is this:

Never pay full price – ever!

See below for some of the best ways to save on your favourite perfume or cologne, or on a gift for a loved one.

7 delightful and delicious ways to save on perfume

1. Shop online at clearance sites

Shopping online has many benefits, in terms of saving cash. This method is great if you already know which perfume you prefer. As you would already know, you can score great deals online. Clearance sites, such as Perfume Clearance Centre, deliver up these savings without you having to physically search through shops and boutiques to find the bargains. The scouting is done for you.

2. Watch for specials

When buying online always keep an eye out for specials. Savings between 35-70% can be made. Greater savings can be made by purchasing overstocked items and even tester bottles and samples. Fragrances are often include top name brands offered at discount prices. Many designer brands often have online stores where the prices are heavily discounted.

3. Sign up to mailing lists

Sign up to mailing lists of your favorite perfume stores and brands. This way you can get all the latest can specials and coupon offers as they come out. Make-up departments in larger stores will also often send updates and notices to customers. Check online and at designer perfume counters to sign up for email notifications.

4. Watch out for imitations

Be aware that many so-called “discount” stores sell imitations of the real thing. Look for stores selling the real thing – not fakes. Check the details of your purchase before buying. Read reviews online. Buying imitation and discounted perfumes can be unpredictable. While some imitation fragrances can be OK, others are just wrong – in the smelling sense!

5. Buy perfume on Boxing Day and give gift cards

Buy fragances after holiday periods to grab further savings. Malls and designer stores many may prices that are reduced after Christmas, such as at Boxing Day sales. Kiosks also sell discounted perfumes although, generally, you’ll find off-brand and discontinued items. It is also possible to find great deals before Christmas, as many fragrance manufacturers are looking to profit during the pre-Christmas rush. Note: Buy gift cards so your recipients can benefit from Boxing day sales too!

6. Use miniature bottles

Miniature bottles that fit into your handbag, as well as perfume oils are also a great way to save. Perfume oils are available in small pot-shaped containers that are easy to carry, so you needn’t worry about carrying larger bottles that could break in transit. Miniature bottles are also a great way to ‘walk around’ with your new fragrance before investing in the larger bottle.

7. Read reviews and get primed for bargains

Use forums, social networks and shopping review sites to learn more about your purchases. Use the power of all those savvy minds out there in cyberspace! Get the scoop on the latest and greatest by keeping your eyes and ears primed for bargains!

Do you know of ways to save on perfume? Be sure to leave your ideas in comments below.

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If you love to reinvent yourself there are plenty of ways to achieve this goal and on the cheap. One way to reinvent yourself is to invest in a set of beautiful contact lenses to add some pizazz to your day, open up new opportunities with a great first impression or to simply add an element of fun to an upcoming social event.
Here’s a review of my recent experience buying dazzling new contact lenses at Mr Lens, a one-stop shop for all things lenses online.

But beware:

Contact lenses are a little addictive and you might find yourself coming back for more!
Mr Lens is a fun place to shop, as the possibilities (in terms of personal transformation) are endless.
Shopping at Mr Lens was an online experience well worth my time and money in terms of service and value for money.

What’s on offer?

Mr Lens offers very affordable lenses, glasses and shades online via a simple search and checkout process.

Why invest in colored contact lenses?

There are various reasons why a person might want to invest in contact lenses.
Here are a few interesting reasons to invest in contacts:

  • They are a very affordable way to achieve a new look
  • Beautiful eyes will give you an instant boost in confidence
  • They are fun to wear to a special event
  • They are comfortable and easy to take care of
  • They give you a brand new look instantly
  • You can get the look celebrities are wearing the world over
  • First impressions count and your eyes are key
  • You can impress friends and strangers alike
  • You can add some color and an element of fun to your day or night out

When shopping for contact lenses at Mr Lens you will find a world of wonderful colors to improve your beauty and confidence.

What’s on offer at Mr Lens in terms of lenses and solutions?

Here’s a quick list of what’s on offer at Mr Lens:

  • Daily Disposable
  • 2-Week Disposable
  • Monthly Disposable
  • Toric Lenses
  • Multifocal Lenses
  • Colored Lenses
  • Long-Term Lenses
  • Fun Lenses
  • Eye Care Products
  • Lens Accessories
  • Lens Cases

What’s of offer in terms of dazzling and inspiring eye colours?

Natural / Enhanced Color Lenses

If you want to enhance the natural look of your eyes or grab a new eye color that is more natural there are plenty of colors available including, but not limited to:
Green, Grey, Black, Blue, Baby Blue Party Green, Sweet Honey, Pretty Hazel, Sexy Brown, Elegant Blue, Natural Ring, Elegant Brown.
Natural Eyes

Party / Fun Lenses

I loved their fun lenses range, which is perfect for a special event or occasion.
Check these out!
Colors such as Blackout, Cat Eye, Solar Blue, Viper, White Zombie, Glamour Blue, Green or Grey, Eclipse, Emerald, Green Dragon, Werewolf, Hulck Green, Mad Frog,  Red Devil, Sautons Eye, Sky Blue, Space Blue, Glow Blue – will certainly make a statement!
Party Eyes

Astigmatism & Strength

There is also a wide range of solutions available for those people who have an astigmatism. These lenses have a special curve if you happen to have an odd-shaped eyeball – like me! You can also purchase lenses with or without magnification. Further, you can choose a lens specific to your eye type including choosing diameter, your base curve and lens power.


Mr Lens offer a wide variety of brands including:
Acuvue, Air Optix, Soflens, Freshlook, Biomedics, Freshkon, Blincon, Maxim, Focus, Igel and Proclear. 

Checkout Process

The online shopping process at Mr Lens was simple and easy and my lenses arrived promptly – roughly within a week of purchase (note I live in Australia). There were clear instructions for the lenses and I found them very comfortable to apply and wear.
I highly recommend Mr Lens if you are purchasing contact lenses and associated products. They offer a fabulous range of contact lenses and eyewear and are a fast and trustworthy service.

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If you’ve ever smeared lip gloss across your lips you may have had a purpose or no purpose at all for it. Lip gloss is great for stopping those lips cracking. This nifty little  product gives the illusion of a bigger pout or gives lips an enticing shine or gloss.
Alternatively, you may have applied the stuff for no reason at all. A woman doesn’t need a reason to apply lip gloss other than to enjoy the good, glossy goo that gives the day some goodness.

The history of lip gloss

Lip gloss has been around since the thirties. Max Factor, who made products for the movie industry, needed a product for making movie star’s lips shine on film. Max Factor made the stuff commercially available for women across the world in 1932 and us gals haven’t looked back since.
We love lip gloss because it is convenient and makes us feel lovable. We can apply lip gloss anywhere. We can smack it on while sitting in the car at traffic lights. We pat it on our pouts while on a bus. We can smear it on at a parties and dab it on in nightclub toilets between dancing to Doof Doof and drinking a Daiquiri. We place it on pedantically during fascinating conversations with friends over dinner. There doesn’t seem to be a form of etiquette for lip gloss. We are free to gloss where and when we want.

What’s not to love about lip gloss?

What’s not to love? This socially acceptable goo comes in flavours like Pink Lemonade and Double Bubble Gum. You can get lip gloss in clear, translucent, frosted, glittery, glossy, metallic and much more! It’s good for looking good, moisturising your lips, and even as a sunscreen! It’s even good for bad breath! People will smell your gloss before they smell your breath.
The smart people who invented flavoured lip gloss were Bonne Bell who created Lip Smackers. Lip gloss now comes in tubes, gadgets, on rope, keyrings and more. Lip gloss is big business across the globe.
In terms of saving money lip gloss isn’t exactly an expensive purchase. But it is fun to make up homemade versions of lip gloss.

Learn how to make lip gloss

The following cheat sheet is full of ideas on how to make your own delicious versions of lip gloss. It also supplies tips on how to accentuate your lips using some little tricks. Keep the list handy if you have lots of leftover product or you are getting ready to go.

Fuller lips

Add nude lip liner to bottom of lower lip and highlighter to the bow of your upper lip.

Lipstick leftovers

Mix together old lipsticks in the microwave for a quick new colour.

Big eyes, small lips

If you accentuate your eyes keep your lips simple.

Big lips, small eyes

If you accentuate your lips keep your eyes simple.

Brush your lips

When brushing your teeth also brush your lips to get rid of the dead skin.

Carry it with you

Constantly take lip balm with you and apply on the run.

Chapstick trick

Dip Chapstick in your blush for a great pink colour.

Cheap collagen

Apply cinnamon oil on your lips instead of collagen-filled injections.

Honey lip gloss

Mix Vaseline with honey and melt in the microwave.

Cheap lip gloss

Mix lipstick ends with Vaseline for cheap lip-gloss.

Citrus lip gloss

Mix Vaseline with lemon essential oil for a nice lip-gloss. Microwave to mix.

Cocoa Butter lips

Use Cocoa Butter on your lips as lip-gloss and experience a delicious smell and taste.

Cold sore help

Dab a little organic coconut oil on a cold sore to help cure it.

Distract attention

Wear a warm pink glossy lip colour so people will look at your lips not your skin.

Do things in order

Apply lip balm before applying lipstick.

For fuller lips

Apply lip liner to your entire lip. This gives gloss something to stick to.

Foundation on lips

Apply a little foundation over your lips before applying lipstick or gloss.

Free blush

Dip your finger in lipstick and smudge onto your skin.

Fuller pout

Put clear lip-gloss in the middle of your lip to make your lips look fuller.

Fuller lips for free

Apply lip-gloss downward in strips rather than across to make your lips look more 3D.

Get a great pout

Use a hydrating eye cream on your lips for a cheap and bigger pout.

Cheap pout

Add gloss to middle of your bottom lip and shimmer to the top lip.

Chill lipsticks

Keeping lipsticks in the fridge. They will last longer.

Let Avon in

Avon is still a great resource for cheap cosmetics. Investigate their prices.

Lip balm

Coconut oil makes a great lip balm.

Lip liner trick

For fuller looking lips extend your lip liner slightly over your lip line.

Lip treatment

Apply lip balm before bed.

Love Vaseline

Do not buy lip-gloss. Add flavours, like Vanilla Extract, to Vaseline.

Mint lip gloss

Mix petroleum jelly with mint essential oil for a nice lip-gloss. Microwave to mix.

New lip colour

Add eye shadow to Chapstick to create a new lip colour.

Nice lip scrub

Mix honey with sugar for a nice lip scrub.

Olive oil as balm

Use extra virgin olive oil as a quick lip balm.

Poison free lips

Shorter stay lipsticks do not contain arsenic.

Salty lip scrub

Combine and put on a toothbrush and brush your lips to get rid of flaky skin.

Sheer lipstick

Add red lipstick to a clear gloss for a nice sheer lipstick.

Storage for gloss

Mix lipstick ends to create new shades. Store in an old lip-gloss pot.

Tub for foundation

Keep a little foundation in an old lip-gloss container for applying on lips.

Use a brush

Use a lipstick brush to apply lipstick. It helps to limit how much you use.

Vanilla lip gloss

Mix Vaseline, Aloe Vera gel, coconut oil and vanilla together for a great lip-gloss.

Vaseline your lips

Put a little bit of Vaseline on an old toothbrush and then brush your lips.

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