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Cheap groceries! Learn how to pick your packets

by Penina

Busy mums, dads, students (well everyone!) on a budget constantly seek out ways to find cheap groceries. Who wouldn’t want a two-for-one cinnamon jam donut or a packet of Wagon Wheels at half price? Show me the sugar I say!
Well, if you’re not into delicious sugary treats, most consumers will certainly seek out cheaper beef mince or a home brand version of a nappy. I will get in my car and drive a little further for those beefy baby bargains. If you want cheap groceries, which means more notes jammed into that piggy, think again before venturing into the dazzling light of a modern supermarket! Literally, think outside the supermarket square and its parking lot! There are plenty of ways to find cheap groceries and here’s how!

Reduce your grocery spend by taking action before leaving!

Avoid excess

Anything that is over-packaged or individually wrapped is costing you money.

Go recycled

Choose packaging that can be recycled as long as prices are right for your budget.

Compare packet sizes

For example, weight up buying the large versus the smaller version of a product. Learn to shop using unit prices rather than packet sizes.

Hide the evidence

Avoid package marketing. No-one at your next party can tell it is a generic brand on a nice platter.

Beware of tricks

Beware of packaging tricks. For example, the larger holes in sauce and condiment bottles will make you use more product and buy more product in the long term. Or those nasty mayonnaise bottles with nozzles that make it nearly impossible to squeeze the last of the mayonnaise out. Expensive and annoying! Why bother when you can get it cheaper in a jar, extract the contents and then recycle the jar too!

Compare packet types

Compare items in different types of packaging. For example, compare the prices of buying an item in a plastic versus a glass bottle. Compare buying an item in a jar as opposed to buying it at the deli.

Ditch fancy

Do not be fooled by fancy packaging. For example, generic dog food can be much healthier than the more expensive brands. Again, read the labels.

Repurpose it

If you are going to buy packaged items always choose packaging that you can reuse.

Need more great grocery tips?

If you need more ways to find cheap groceries download money saving cheat sheets and printables! Use up leftovers, create quick and easy meals, find healthy budget lunch and dinner ideas!

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