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Cheap makeup | 50 secret tips for sparkling eyes

by Penina

Cheap makeup ideas are handy if you are a girl on a budget! They say that eyes are the window to the soul. Well! Beautiful eyes are also windows to many of life’s adventures and successes than just the soul! You can use your eyes to seal a deal, land that dream life as a TV Star or get the attention of that man or woman at the gym who makes your heart sing a little ditty.
You can also have fun with your eyes and glam them up on a night out with the girls. Go on. I dare you to go out tonight with your eyes a-blazing with aqua blue glitter eyeshadow. Life is short!
If tired treat your eyes with cold teabags. Such tricks and couch time will leave you (and particularly tired mums) feeling totally revitalised!
Who would have thought that one of the smaller features on one’s body could achieve so much? Mmmmm…..
Keep this list on hand next time you are applying makeup, when your eyes are stinging from all that digital time, or simply use the list on a day you want to feel well, pretty! Pamper yourself and live a better day!

Cheap makeup is easy if you get savvy with it!

Anti-ageing cream

Rosehip Oil is an effective anti-ageing eye cream.

Applying eyeliner trick

Draw three short lines and connect them up.

Arched eyebrows

If you want your face to look thinner arch eyebrows more while shaping.

Baby powder as primer

If you run out of eye shadow primer you can try baby powder as a base.

Bigger eyes trick

Put a double coat of mascara on upper lashes.

Blend makeup well

When having your photo taken blend makeup well around the eyes.

Blush as eye shadow

Use blush for eye shadow. It will last a long time on you.

Buy cheap makeup in bulk

Buy saline in bulk

It is much cheaper to buy saline solution in bulk.

Castor oil trick

For extra length apply Caster Oil to your lashes.

Cheap eye cream

Invest in some Jojoba Oil. It is a cheap anti-ageing eye cream.

Computer time

Limit computer time for less tired eyes.

Cotton buds

Dip a cotton bud in moisturiser to remove eye makeup.

Eye shadow primer

Use baby powder or a light eye shadow as primer.

Cheap eyebrow brush

Style eyebrows using an old child’s toothbrush with gel on it.

Cheap makeup can even be a free spoon!

Cheap facials

Visit beauty schools for a cheap eyebrow wax and facials.

Cheap lash tint

Check out pamper packages at beauty schools that include lash tints.

Chill your spoons

Chilled spoons give great relief to tired and puffy eyes.

Creamy eye gloss

Combine eye shadow and lip balm for a creamy eye gloss.

Cure for puffy eyes

Save tea bags, freeze them and then place them on tired eyes.

Curling your lashes

Warm your eyelash curler with a hair dryer first for better results.

Do it yourself

Learn to do your own eyebrows and save stacks of money.

Emergency cream

For emergency eye cream apply a little extra face moisturiser under the eyes.

Eye drops

Dab eye drops on blemishes and spots.

Eye shadow colour

Avoid putting colour over your brow bone.  Make sure the shade is light.

Eye shadow primer

Use foundation, liquid concealer, or face powder as primer.

Eyeliner brush trick

Dab a wet eyeliner brush in eye shadow for less dramatic eyeliner.

Eyes are beautiful

Reveal them. Do not hide your beautiful eyes under too much makeup.

Eyes to close together

Put more eye shadow on the outer edges of your eyes to make eyes appear wider.

Face powder

Face powder can be used as an eye shadow primer.

Find a school

Use local beauty schools for cheap eye tinting and treatments.

Fix tired eyes

When working on a computer close your eyes for a minute or two during breaks.

Follow what is natural

Follow the natural shape of your eyebrows with eyeliner.

Use tricks to achieve results

For a thinner face

Arch your eyebrows more when shaping them for a thinner face.

For bigger eyes

Put more eye shadow on the inside corners of your eyes.

Foundation trick

You can use foundation as an effective eye shadow primer.

Go olive oil

Use a small amount of olive oil on a cotton ball to remove eye makeup.

Green tea for puffy eyes

Chill extra green tea in the fridge and apply to puffy eyes with cotton pads.

If you are prone to tears

Wear waterproof mascara if you are going to a sad event.

If you want bigger eyes

Apply white eyeliner to lower your eye line.

Invest in saline

Reduce redness and tired eyes with eye drops or saline solution.

Keep eyes simple

If you accentuate your lips, keep your eyes simple.

Keep lips simple

If you accentuate your eyes, keep your lips simple.

Kiwifruit trick

Apply slices of kiwifruit to tired eyes to cure dark rings and puffiness.

Liquid concealer

Liquid concealer works well as an eye shadow primer.

Cheap makeup is in the jar of Vaseline

Luscious lashes

Apply good quality mascara and Vaseline to eyelashes for length and thickness.

Lush blush

Blush doubles well as an eye shadow.

Mascara safety

Discard mascara after three months. It can hold bacteria.

Nice way to wake up

Use eye drops to reduce redness in the eyes after computer work or reading.

Olive oil

Use Extra Virgin Olive Oil to give your eyes a soft look.

Vaseline trick

Use Vaseline as eye makeup remover.

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