Coles: Befriending the enemy but there’s trouble at home

The price of a good roast is astronomical. It’s been a while since my family have had a roast. Check out what else is going on at Coles this week. rivals might be buddy-buddy soon

Competition tsar Rod Sims says he would be concerned about any attempt by Australia’s two biggest supermarkets, Woolworths and Coles, to co-operate in a …The Australian Financial ReviewBusiness News ACCC’s Rod Sims says Woolworths-Coles co-operation would be … – The Sydney Morning Herald

I hope the cold storage workers find a warm deal soon strike by cold storage workers in Victoria is starting to affect the availability of fruit and other items at Coles supermarkets across the state.ABC OnlineThe Sydney Morning Herald Coles shelves bare as Vic strike continues – –

Love lamb but what will we be paying for this luxury? I can’t believe the price of a good old-fashioned roast deal announced today is seen as a major boost to Victoria’s south west region and will see ALC will process lamb to Coles supermarkets throughout eastern Australia. An investment of $30 million in their facilities will also ensure production … ALC signs new Coles contract – Stock & Land

Thank goodness there’s competition’s rapid expansion is eating into the market share of rival supermarket chains Coles and Woolworths and is tipped to grow at an even greater pace as it increases the number of stores across Australia. Moody’s Investors Service says the budget …Starts at 60 Aldi’s aggressive expansion eating into the business of rivals Coles and Woolworths – Daily Mail will surely put you off food and shopping…

Shoppers are putting themselves at risk of food poisoning after tests found faecal matter on supermarket trolleys. A Seven News investigation revealed a trolley and a basket at Aldi and Coles supermarkets in Brisbane tested positive for faecal coliforms. Coles and Aldi’s trolley’s and baskets found to have faecal bacteria in recent tests – Daily Mail