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How much will uni cost ? | Heaps. Beg or get waitressing…

by Penina

calculators_lifestyle (12)If you have read most of my blog posts you will have read about my days at uni. Though these days were amazing fun they were also filled with many nights and weekends working three jobs. I worked some days during the week at a market, most evenings working customer service or waitressing at functions and my weekends working at more market stalls. It cost a lot to not only pay all those school fees but also to fund a life of fashion, food, music and shopping! Ahhh, the life of the student….
You can use this calc to suss out all the costs associated with uni. Don’t forget to factor in the cost of the loss of a full-time salary while studying. Most of your part-time earnings will go to school fees.
In hingsight, I would have taken a year after school and worked full-time to get some money together. If you are really lucky your parents might pay for it. Beg your parents for money and if that fails get calculating and gathering some skills like bartending, typing or freelancing online! You will need every penny you can lay your hands on.

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