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Entertainment Planner | Live large in your budget party shirt

by Penina

It is no secret that my hubby and I love a great party. I even dedicated an entire page in my book Table Tucker to it. If you have it, you will have the inside info into my slant on the topic. I love the bubbles, the giggles, my friends in party shirts and the people at the party who fit all kinds of descriptions. Well there is no better party than a well planned one and the best parties I’ve planned that were ‘all about me’ were my 30th, 40th and my little wedding day.

My 30th

130 people in three main rooms including a karaoke room, a doof doof room and an outdoor room including a bonfire that resulted in three fire engines at my house and a bunch of very nice firemen. They ‘wrote it up’ as a BBQ. They were very nice indeed. (Note: No it wasn’t total fire ban season – thanks for asking.)

My wedding day

Canceled my wedding day and decided to elope. Organised dinner on Valentine’s day at a restaurant in Glenelg Adelaide. (We get forgetful when we’re busy and never wanted to forget our wedding anniversary.) At 9.30pm we stepped out onto the beach where hubby and I tied the knot with 30 onlookers chanting us on.  I cried during my speech reading my Dad’s poem but got through it with the help of a heckler at the back. She was great! After signing a bunch of papers, a gorgeous cake was delivered to our table. My mother-in-law had discovered our ‘dirty little elopement’ a few hours prior and managed to organise cake and champagne in an amazing time-frame. A trip to a nightclub and drinks with new friends at someone else’s 40th and we were married! Yey! Champagne for everyone!

My 40th

60 people in three main rooms. One room filled with marshmallows on skewers and a massive lit up Doctor-Suess-style centre piece. Caterers buzzing around (another nice pressy from my mother-in-law), an outdoor dancefloor and another bonfire. This bonfire was smaller this time and there were no visits from the CFA. Does this mean I’ve grown up? I’ll let you decide..
So if you love to party but also like to budget like me – throw one! Life is short and there’s so much help at hand – like this little calcultor.
Ain’t life grand?

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