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Save money on your next party | Cheap and stylish party ideas

by Penina

If you love to party but like to do it on a budget you can start with our growing list of party tricks and tips. Don’t spend money entertaining friends all year, when there are more important priorities. Use the tips on this page to hold a stylish party for friends but on the cheap!

Parties & Entertaining

Party tricks

A great party trick is to clean as you go. As you are partying, if you can remember, pick up beer bottles, wipe down benches and put dishes in the dishwasher while you are busy talking. Alternatively, get up from your seat every so often and a little clean. This way when you wake up in the morning with a sore head you will not have to deal with the extra load of cleaning up all that mess. You will notice that as you clean during your party, other nice people will pitch in and help you. Be sure to be just as helpful when you are at someone else’s house.

Make your own dips

It is really nice to make your own dips. I always make my own dips for a party and always get comments on them. Not only are they much cheaper to make but you get triple the amount of dip for your money. The three money-saving dips I usually make are Hummus, Salsa for Corn Chips, Tzatziki and also a simple French Onion dip. Alternatively, while at the supermarket, I will look on the packet of a dip, find out what is in the dip, and then buy those ingredients for baking a bulk and tasty version of this dip myself.

Hold pot luck events

When I have a party friends usually arrive with their partners and all their kids. If I have three families over this can get really expensive. We have started getting organised and now everyone brings something. Usually meat for a BBQ, a salad and some snacks. I cook up a big Spag Bol in my crockpot for the kids and keep it heating on the bench. I also do cheese, dips and crackers as well. This way we all get to relax and we do not break the bank just to spend some well needed social time with our friends.

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