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How to get motivated using your mobile phone

by Penina

Mobile phones are a massive part of our lives now and I must say most people are addicted. Everywhere I go I see people tapping on mobile phones just for the hell of it. Therefore it makes sense, if we are all on our mobile phones, to use them to our best advantage. If you are trying to get motivated again after the holidays, here are some ways to usual mobile phone to do just that.

Use personal trainer apps to get you up in the morning

There are many incredible apps out there for helping you to get motivated. Really with this list of apps there is no excuse not to get up earlier in the morning, hit the gym or get to work on time everyday. Check this out: The most sadistic apps that force you to get stuff done and you’ll see what I mean.

Goal setting apps to plan life & set reminders

You can use your mobile phone to plan life and set reminders. Go for goal setting apps that allow you to visualise your life dreams and then break them down into actionable tasks and habits.

Visualisation apps to visualize your dreams.

Set your biggest goal as a picture on the front of your mobile. Once you have achieved this goal, do the same with the next goal you want to achieve. Since people are on their mobile phones constantly, this visualisation will become part of your subconscious and you will eventually achieve your goal. You can do the same on your computer monitor. I have all my goals setup as a scrolling screensaver and the pictures change each minute. This really works for me.

Use running or exercise apps to keep track

It’s a revolution out there in terms of what running apps you can get. I’ve been using MapMyRun for years now and love it. It tracks all the runs I do, helps me create running routes, posts my runs on Facebook and into a calendar so I can track my progress. I am sure there are plenty more amazing apps out there so if you are a fitness freak be sure to take advantage of technology to keep you motivated and on track.

Here are six more awesome ways to stay motivated using your mobile phone:

1. Use habit trackers to track simple daily habits and tasks
2. Put fast music on your mobile and do housework
3. Listen to motivating podcasts on your mobile
4. Turn your mobile phone off and have a goal setting day
5. Call motivated people and organise to have coffee
6. Join motivational Facebook groups and enjoy the conversation

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