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What happens when good people lose love & how to fix things

by Penina

Losing love is never pretty. Whether you are the breaker-upperer or the one broken up with, it never feels good ending love. If you’re wondering what happens to the people who lose love and how to fix them (or yourself), read on to discover ways I’m saving love today.

When people lose love:

They cry all the time

People cry when they lose love and there’s nothing wrong with this. I believe that depression and sadness is a natural part of life. If we didn’t get sad we would never be able to enjoy being so happy. Life would be pretty bland.
The FIX:
I think when you breakup with someone you should continue to cry and cry until you stop, seriously. This is your body’s way of dealing with sadness. I say – run with it. Listen to the sad songs and let the tears out. After a while, the tears will stop and you’ll be able to get on with life, get out of the house and find new love again.
Note: If you are still crying after too many days have passed you need to talk to others and get some help.

They think it’s all over

It is sad to lose love and that is a given. When good people lose love they think it’s all over. They think they’re never going to find someone that good again. They think about all the wonderful things that their ex-partner had and that all those wonderful times are now gone.
The FIX:
It’s never all over. There are many good people in the world, all with amazing wit, humour and fantastic personality traits. There are plenty more people that will suit you. Yes the saying is true ‘There are plenty more fish in the sea.’ In time, you will find someone again and usually someone even better, because you’ve learnt from past mistakes. You also know what you don’t want anymore. Practice really does make perfect. Until your new partner comes along enjoy the knowledge that your relationship ended for a reason and take solace in the fact this is usually for the best.

Any song is heartbreaking

Songs become the most heartbreaking thing in the world. The saddest songs bring those tears on like torrential rain. Any song can turn a happy mood into the worst mood ever. Music is very powerful that way. It doesn’t help that most of the world’s artists sing about breakups too. This makes things even worse for the brokenhearted. But take comfort in the fact those words can only be written by someone who’s been there. Yes, even millionaire artists get broken hearted. You are not alone.
The FIX:
It stands to reason that if music is so powerful that it can make you cry, it can also do the exact opposite and make you laugh. So switch off the sad stuff and turn on some happy, uplifting, super awesome tunes and start enjoying your new life without all that old baggage. Find a song that represents the ‘new you’ and play it over and over.

Memories are everywhere

The hardest part about a breakup is that everywhere you go there are memories. There are memories of the local McDonald’s. There memories down at the beach, at the local movies and down streets you both used to take long walks on.
The FIX:
Avoid all the places you used to go for a while. Once you’re over the breakup you will be able to return to those places without crying. In the meantime, make it better by visiting new and interesting places you never went with your old partner. If you do this it is likely you will also not run into them, which is never good! Also consider taking a short break altogether (holiday) to snap you out of the old life and rejuvenate ready for a new one.
P.S If none of the above works consider a short rebound relationship. This is a fairly quick, tried-and-tested path (by many brokenhearted people) to getting over a breakup. I must say, my husband was a rebound and I’ve never looked back. He really took my mind off my horrible previous partner.
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