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Insider tips: Unparalleled reasons this trampoline is the safest

by Penina

I’ve always worried about my kids on trampolines. I’ve heard some pretty nasty horror stories about these bouncing springs of fun, so I’ve always been ‘the paranoid mum’ standing by the thing anticipating an accident.
In fact, in the summer of 2014 we had an even stranger event occur. After a day at work, hubby and I were staring out the backyard wondering what was missing. After a little reflection we realised our entire trampoline (it was a big one) was gone! At first we though it had been stolen – but then thought, surely not? What thief would have the energy, guts, stamina or team to walk off with something that big? Eventually we checked the park next door only to find it in pieces. It turned out (on this particularly windy day )our entire trampoline had blown over the fence. Luckily, we were very thankful no passersby were injured.

So here’s my big bouncy trampoline tip:

Definitely tie your trampoline down. These things have wings in the wind!

Great. Now that we’ve kept your neighbours safe, read on to discover how to keep the kids totally safe on a trampoline.

Trampolines have been creating endless fun and excitement for Australian children for generations. It’s easy to see why. Not only do they give kids an opportunity to burn off excess energy, but kids also develop athletic and acrobatic skills. An active childhood spent on a trampoline leads to an active adolescence. Choosing the proper trampoline for your family is essential and you want to ensure that it’s safe and reliable. When looking for a trampoline, you should do put the time in and do you research.

The not so great news

Unfortunately the trampoline industry has refused to update its standards despite an influx of reports from Australian health organisations. Reports say that most trampoline designs are unsafe and require a complete overhaul. Current designs that use springs and a metal frame on a horizontal plane flush with the bouncing surface cause unnecessary injuries.

The good news

One New Zealand father and mechanical engineer, Dr. Keith Alexander, redesigned the way trampolines are manufactured from the ground up, and Springfree Trampoline was born.

Eliminating injuries by up to 90%

No other company has been bold enough to bypass the industry standards in trampoline design and develop a model that eliminates 90% of product related injuries.
Here’s what Springfree Trampoline can do:

  • Flexible composite rods in the place of traditional spring coils
  • The rods and frame are under the jumping surface out of the way of bouncing kids
  • The composite rods are three times stronger than steel
  • Are tested to endure millions of bounce cycles
  • Prevents injuries and stops children from being pinched when jumping

Look for trampolines that have been fully tested

If you want a trampoline you can trust, look for one that manufactures all parts in one facility. Make sure the manufacturer tests their trampoline models rigorously for safety and quality assurance. The best manufacturers also are represented by industry awards such as the Parent Tested Parent Approved Award and the International Design Award.

What’s good about a Springfree Trampoline

  • A Springfree trampoline has been rigorously tested for quality assurance and safety.
  • They utilise the highest quality components available on the market.
  • FlexiNet™ technology delivers a net that absorbs much of the jumper’s shock and has a longer lifespan than traditional netting.
  • The mat (with soft edges) redistributes energy evenly, making it 30 times more shock absorbent than traditional trampoline pads.
  • The frame, springs, and netting of a Springfree trampoline can be left outside year round, resilient to the effects of the elements. Note: Once you take a traditional trampoline home, the parts begin to degrade almost right away.
  • Over the last decade, engineers and product development teams at Springfree Trampoline have perfected a design that removes most of the hazards associated with traditional trampolines.
  • They offer the safest and most innovative trampoline technology which offers millions of hours of safe bouncing fun and peace of mind to families across Australia.

I now hope you, your family, neighbours and kids will enjoy an injury free trampoline experience.
Happy bouncing!

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