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Party tips | Stylish dining room chairs for less

by Penina

Sat on some uncomfortable dining room chairs lately?

Picture this: You’ve just arrived at a summer party and the lovely host has just handed you a glass of Champagne with a strawberry in it. There’s a platter of to-die-for gourmet cheeses and antipasto on the counter and the room is filling fast with jokes and giggles. Stories are spilling from mouths as fast as the beer is being poured. But as days leading up to Christmas can be, the day has been long. Though you’re happy for the company and to join in on the banter, you’d rather do that on a seat so you can take some weight off those heavy legs. So you go on the hunt for a chair (dining room chairs or other) and are relieved to find one at the dining table where your favourite peeps are sitting. Cool. Now while they’re stories of their drinking days in London are highly entertaining, the chair you found is a fail. It’s hard against your back and you discover it was much more comfortable standing up. What a downer.

Don’t let this happen to you

If you were the host of the above party, you’d feel pretty sad about your guest’s discomfort. Particularly since you spent so much time on all the other bells and whistles – like that beaut cheese platter that got devoured within seconds. I’m pretty sure your guest won’t hold this against you, but comfort in a chair is vital if you want to be a real people pleaser and perfect host. Plus, you have to sit on that chair all week too, so if its uncomfortable for you or you don’t like the look of it, it is likely no one else will either. And let’s face it. We live in Australia – the land of sun, BBQs and perfect entertaining. Nothing beats a great chair for doing that in after a long winter.
There are a few things in life we use often and dining chairs are one of those frequently used items – yes, more than the BBQ and the Esky! So best you do your research on hunting down the most comfy chairs ever. Trust me. You will thank yourself for choosing dining room chairs carefully. I’ve got a couch I bought years ago that I’ve hated since it arrived and five years on – I still hate it. There’s big ticket items stick around like a bad smell – if you get them wrong.
Read on to discover what to look for in terms of design for maximising both comfort and style. If you really want to get educated on the topic you can check out Brosa’s full range of dining room chairs, which are an expert example of the kind of design, quality and workmanship I’m talking about and that will get others talking, admiring and most of all, will make you feel comfortable and well…chuffed.

Matching up with your dining area

Dining room chairs should fit in with both your dining table and home décor. Put some thought into how matchy-matchy you’d like those chairs to be with other elements in the dining room. For example, if your dining room is filled with pastel colours and light and modern fittings, then a streamlined, minimal chair might be the answer. If your dining room is more traditional, you might consider furniture, which includes some timber features.

The chair itself

The key aspect of good dining room chairs is functionality and comfort. As a rule of thumb, chairs with wide seats and cushioned supports will serve you well.

Minimalist chairs

Less is more and many modern dining room chair designs are heading that way. They go with anything because they’re understated and simple.

The natural element

Technology is changing the face of design and chairs with natural elements are coming back. Designers are now able to achieve vintage modern looks. Think distressed wood mixed with modern design and you’ll get the picture.

Low backs

Remember that poor party-goer in the uncomfortable chair? That person could have done with a low back chair. These are popular because they provide both style and comfort. No-one likes to sit perched like a Meer-Kat at a party unless you’re on a bar stool – but that’s a whole different experience.


Designers will often suggest using dining room chairs in neutral colours such as grey, cream and beige. This is popular so they can be background in a colourful and already accessorised dining room.


Modern dining room chairs feature a combination of earthy materials for achieving style or rustic contrast. Seats and backrests typically feature textured fabrics, while legs highlight natural wood. There are many variations. Mix it up a little with rattan or wood with a different finish.

If you’re on the lookout for a set of stylish and affordable dining room chairs, visit Brosa, You can check out their designs and full range here.

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