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Dollar Dinners Cookbook


  • Menu plans and grocery lists for every month of the year.
  • Put dinners, breakfasts, lunches, soups, juices, smoothies and sandwiches on autopilo
  • Experience the future of cooking – kitchen ‘calm’ is the new yoga
  • Save $7,200+ per year and access 50,000+ focused time, money and sanity-saving tips
  • How to eat your way to debt-free and a better world
  • Never write a grocery list again by setting up a food refill system at home
  • Feel more secure about food by learning how to make and grow ingredients for meals
  • 336 veggie-packed eco-smart dinners
  • All meals and extras are packed with goodness (garlic, veg or fruit) to keep your resistance up for winter months
  • Meals also include sides, toppers and garnishes
  • Pack 28 meals in the freezer for the month or cook progressively (with freezer portions)
  • Put health on autopilot too by not having to think about or plan what to eat
  • Create a ‘supermarket’ and ‘filing system’ in your kitchen
  • Access debriefing digital art that has a double use – E.g. Cook bench visuals
  • All-in-one food labels including cook summaries, grocery lists, recipes and containers
  • Planners and cheat sheets for doing shop-at-home stocktakes
  • Other helpful planners that help achieve calm and reduce depression
  • All the latest gear for growing food and making ingredients
  • Things to do at home, in the garden and inspiring stories
  • Five-step mini-systems – such as what to ask before going shopping
  • Do less while achieving more
  • Tips and ideas for smarter small spaces e.g. apartments
  • Learn how to become a strategic shopping, kitchen and good-karma ninja
  • Suggestions on substituting ingredients in all recipes
  • Learn how to reduce food and kitchen waste by up to 90%
  • Enjoy life more, feel happier, save big, live better and help others in need


Welcome to Dollar Dinners – Earth-Happy 

Life will never be the same again. Life will be awesome!

Core Cookbook

Welcome: Intro – Author, introduction and what to expect

  • Save time, money, sanity and the world
  • World-first Earth-happy cookbook
  • Create calm in your home and kitchen
  • Live a fully sustainable life
  • By a mum who has been and understands what doing it tough is like
  • This is a manual for ‘life’ and even generations to come
  • Not your ordinary cookbook
  • Get out of the kitchen so you can focus on the more important stuff in life

Step 1: Setup – Stocktake and shop at home

  • Stocktake dinner ingredients
  • Stocktake extras – like breakfasts
  • Colour-code and setup kitchen zones
  • Labels explained and gear
  • Containers and attaching labels

Step 2: Shop – Grocery shopping and meal plans

  • Budgeting and how to save big
  • Draw a money-saving grocery run
  • Ingredient substitution lists
  • 12 monthly menus, shopping lists & DIY planners
  • Breakfast and lunch master menus and planners
  • 12 shopping lists to go with the 12 menu plans
  • Grocery list samples for master breakfasts and lunch master menus
  • Grocery list suggestions for snacks, soups, smoothies, juices and sandwiches
  • Never write another grocery list again


Step 3: Cook – Prep and cook core ingredients

  • Get started in kitchen zones
  • Cook and prep sauces, portions and veggies
  • Cook by month, in portions, progressively or by type
  • Fully flexible sub-and-swap refill-it home cook system
  • All-in-one labels including cook summaries, grocery list, recipes, and gear lists
  • Full visuals including kitchen map and cooking layouts

Step 4: Pack – Pack meals into freezer containers & store non-perishables

  • Monday – stuffed meals
  • Tuesday – pasta meals
  • Wednesday – pies and pastries
  • Thursday – rice dishes
  • Fakeaway Friday
  • Saturday – noodle (stir fry night)
  • Sunday – easy meals
  • Unlimited meal combination possibilities
  • Pack away 28 meals for the month

Step 5: Relax – Your kitchen is on autopilot – have fun and save big!

  • Safety, defrost and reheat tips
  • Stop food waste and leftovers
  • Dinner table etiquette and tips
  • Best of my blog – save thousands
  • Last words – plant veggies and instant inspiration
  • 50+ ways to spend time at home
  • 50+ fast ways to save money
  • 50+ ways to save sanity daily
  • 50+ ways to live a good-karma life

Extra Information

Calm your kitchen – Achieve kitchen ‘zen’ 

  • Full visuals on setting up the kitchen
  • Shop for supplies online (*soon to support local retailers)
  • Latest eco-smart living ideas
  • Make your own recipe ingredients
  • Feel calmer in the kitchen – the heart of your home
  • Get organised so you can spend more time with the kids
  • Make every day easier by putting soups, smoothies, juices, breakfasts, and lunches on autopilot

Calm your kitchen – Achieve kitchen ‘zen’ 

  • Self-care checklists – filled and blank
  • Simple get-it-done and day planner
  • Expenses slasher and money maker
  • Sanity scribbles and sanity tree
  • Things to do and look forward to
  • Save the planet pledges


Inspirational Visuals – Art therapy with a purpose

  • Mind-bending debrief digital art
  • Visuals for packing benches
  • Thank you notes
  • Stories with visuals
  • Remember better with a visual
  • Just for fun visuals
  • Learn about our family savings ‘pineapples’
  • Have fun and spark daily creativity
  • Handcrafted digital drawings – more to come!

Inside this book – Easy coloured sections

Full colour-coded book navigation system

  • Get each section done in five easy steps
  • A manual for life and generations to come
  • Plant vegetables for each season
  • Unlimited dinner combinations
  • Click and buy what you need *in the works now
  • Genius awards for smart products
  • Packed with inspirational quotes

Dietary substitutions – Plug your ingredients into the system

  • Meatless, Dairy, Veggies
  • Sauces
  • Sides and toppers
  • Breakfasts
  • Lunches
  • Salt fix
  • Sweets


Dietary substitutions – Plug your ingredients into the system

  • Get it done in five easy steps
  • Colour-coded book sections
  • Easy-to-follow home-cook system
  • Quick page navigation tabs
  • Cook in bulk or in baby steps



Get it done in five easy steps – Simple and easy home-cook system

  • Easy five-step process
  • Step 1: Setup the kitchen
  • Step 2: Shop for groceries
  • Step 3: Prep and cook ingredients
  • Step 4: Pack 28 meals away each month
  • Step 5: Relax, skip cooking and get it done
  • Easy stocktake process
  • All recipes are only five ingredients
  • Easily swap out any ingredients you have on hand at home or according to diets

Get it done in five easy steps – Simple and easy home-cook system

  • Full set of gear lists to go with each book section
  • Showcasing awesome and useful gear you may not know exists
  • Full lists and explanations within the lists on how to live a more sustainable life
  • Gear for making your own ingredients listed on the Dollar Dinner shopping lists
  • Double or even triple the standard $7,200 savings each year using these suggestions

Interactive online or print versions – Flip through a digital flipbook or print pages

  • 550+ page interactive flipping book – turn the book with a flick of your mouse
  • Eco-smart format: Print the parts of the book you need
  • Print all-in-one labels or download parts you’d like in hardcopy
  • You can print the whole book (but beware – this is a living book updated daily)
  • Fully interactive – click, flip and zoom it on any device
  • Use on a mobile, tablet, computer and take the book grocery shopping
  • Easy navigation section tabs, table of contents, book thumbnails and navigation icons
  • FAQs: Search the book for any word e.g. containers and get full instructions instantly
  • Support, social links, and ‘in the works’ pages. E.g. Play videos and music

Extra Menus – Breakfasts and lunch master meal plans and shopping lists

  • Master menus for breakfasts
  • Master menu for lunches
  • Visuals for setting up a second freezer
  • Shopping list for organising soups, smoothies, juices, and sandwiches for daily quick access
  • Keep your resistance up
  • Full gear lists and visuals on what you need to put your kitchen on autopilot for extras
  • Easily swap out breakfast, lunch, snack ingredients using the substitution list section
  • Shopping lists are located in the ‘fridge and food cupboard’ visual lists in setup

Quotes and wisdom – Life-changing instant inspiration

  • Stay inspired with quotes throughout the entire book
  • Wisdom quotes from inspiring people as well as from the Petersen family
  • Beat depression and stay positive during hard times
  • Eat well for a healthier body and mind
  • Dollar Dinners takes a holistic approach to well-being



Focused ways to save right now – Best of the Savings Room blog (50,000+ tips)

  • Save thousands on groceries
  • Home entertaining ideas and hacks
  • Home, kids, and cars
  • Cleaning and housework
  • Home office and money-saving projects
  • Keep life in order hacks
  • Cut car expenses
  • Ways to save and make money
  • Work from home tips
  • Beat the blues
  • Focused ways to save on gifts and plan frugal celebrations

Support system – Join my super savvy happy home-cook community

  • I am a mum with no staff, but I have set up a support system
  • You can use these links within the book to get in touch
  • Hubby and family – assist in answering Facebook and customer service questions
  • Facebook group including administrators of experience Dollar Dinner home cooks (who used previous monthly version of this book)
  • Social media – I tweet @savingsroom
  • Instagram accounts  – Penina Petersen, Savings Room and Dollar Dinners (New)
  • Sites: There are a number of sites linked online – come the Savings Room for updates
  • Feedback – I love getting letters and constructive feedback – please send them in
  • Knowledgebase – This is now the ‘search’ function within the flipping book

Backstory – Here’s a little about this book and me

  • Dollar Dinners first went viral unexpectedly as a monthly PDF book
  • Since then I’ve spent two years developing this fully featured book
  • I’m the author of the world’s first eco-smart cookbook – Table Tucker (336-page)
  • I have a Uni degree in Political Science and Sociology (not sure if that helps – ha!)
  • Hubby and I were once $50k in debt and recovered from it
  • I’m self-taught in all facets of publishing, web design and digital drawing
  • Everything you see in this book was handcrafted by me – for you
  • I have so much empathy for anyone doing it tough right now because I’ve been there
  • I’ve been writing from a very young age (5) and love applying my skills to help others
  • I’ve weaved a lot of interesting stories and tips into this book – I hope you like them!

  • This 550+ book is big because it is going to serve you and generations to come – for life
  • This book’s publishing date and format have been brought forward due to the world crisis
  • I’m still adding these features and you’ll see them ticked off in the book as I add them:
  • Videos, music, latest news, shout outs, share this, shop for gear
  • Animations, funny gifs, make ingredients links, daily content
  • Shop for groceries, support links and community-driven wishlists
  • I have a store set up for purchasing gear through retailers – until it opens I’ve included links through to my wishlists at Amazon – you can shop there if you are stuck at home and need anything for now.


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