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Save big on energy with solar panels

by Penina

I’m not impressed with my electricity bills lately. Despite our family’s best efforts at keeping utility bills down, they still seem high to me. I am implementing many of the cost-saving measures in my cheat sheet 130 easy ways to save on electricity and gas and including all of the following:

  • You can use energy efficient lighting
  • Watch your star ratings
  • Monitor temperatures in your home
  • Installed installation as part of our home renovation
  • Walk around the house constantly switching lights off

So I am looking into installing solar energy in my home at some stage so I’ve put together the following information on the different types of solar systems available, the benefits of solar power and government rebate information.

Types of solar systems

Sites like A1 Battery Pro offer information on the different types of solar systems available including:

  1. Grid Connect Solar Systems
  2. Stand Alone Systems (For remote or rural houses) without mains power
  3. Systems for self-sufficient power while camping

A1 Battery Pro have been specialising in design and installation of house solar systems since 2002, are fully accredited in the design and installation of Stand Along and Grid Connect systems.
It is important that you work with a fully accredited provider when installation a solar panel system. Such companies give the best advice due to their extensive experience in completing installations.

Benefits of solar power

Lowers energy bills

Apparently you can eliminate your monthly electricity bill altogether if you install solar panels in your home. That can be a massive saving for families who can receive bills upward of $500 or more per quarter.

Little maintenance

Once installed solar panels require hardly any maintenance.

Lower pricing

Over the years the cost of installing solar panels has decreased. This allows consumers to recoup the cost of their installation faster.

Increased property pricing

Of course, installing solar panels in your home will increase its property value, which is always a good thing. Increased property value means that the equity in your home will also increase so you could even get yourself some money for those important other renovations. This could be a win-win for many renovators! According to some studies the value can increase by up to three or four percent, which is definitely worth doing!

You can make money

If you live in a particularly sunny spot in Australia, you can actually make money by producing electricity for your energy company. In cases like this, the energy is returned back to the grid and you can receive money back!

Sustainable and eco-friendly

Solar panels are also sustainable and the energy is clean. So you can enjoy energy in your home knowing that you are not harming the environment in any way.

Avoid increasing energy costs

Electricity companies are always putting their prices up and if you install solar panels you can avoid these constantly rising fees. This is a real win-win over time because inflation will always ensure that energy prices rise – except not in your home if you are smart!

Your lifestyle

Because you are not paying for energy you can enjoy a fuller life and will not need to worry about heating and cooling bills in your home. You can enjoy the comfort of being cool in summer and warm in winter without the guilt or the expense.

Help the Earth

Did you know that if you switch to solar energy you will also be limiting the effects of global warming, contributing to Australia’s Renewable Energy Target and also reducing your overall carbon footprint. It’s always a good feeling to know that your actions are helping the Earth and if your kids are watching you are setting a great example for your kids and their future.

Are there any government benefits currently?

Yes. The great news is the Australian government is still offering numerous incentives if consumers are interested in saving energy in their homes. These are different according for each state but range from grants, rebates for water heating and solar hot water, audits for free energy and home energy assessments are also available. Investigate solar rebates in your area.
Have you had a solar system installed in your home? What was your experience with introducing solar to your home in terms of installation and use over time? Share your comments below.

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