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5 fun and frugal things to do with baby

by Penina

If you are a busy stay-at-home mum juggling nappies, feeding and bath times and the day-to-day grind you might need some precious sanity. Wondering what to do with baby today? Then read on to discover some simple tips for brightening your day.
Aren’t babies one of life’s true great delights. I love those little giggles and the way those fat cheeks curl up into those sparkling eyes. They are amazing how they can throw a spoon of pumpkin across a table better than any adult in the room. Bless their little cotton socks.
But for many mums, the precious moments of joy and happiness are balanced by, let’s face it – hard labour. From the time a mum wakes up in the morning, to the time a mum face plants on a pillow at night, it is game on. There are bottles to wash and make up, mushy dinners to prepare, tickles to give out, nappies to change, cries to soothe, laundry to hang out, family dinners to whip up and the list goes on. The idea of a mum sitting happily on a couch all day bouncing baby on her knee, is well, a slightly skewed version of the modern mum’s home sitch.
To break up the day mums across the country venture out to mother’s groups and cafes to meet friends for some priceless, you guessed it, sanity. Stories are shared across tables about how little Eddy nearly swallowed a safety pin and how hilarious it is the way Emily sings that Wiggles song. She’d be great on youTube. But trips to cafes, if done frequently, get expensive. For both sanity and money reasons a smart mum will look for great adventures to do that won’t break the bank but that will leave some lasting memories of great days together that can be popped in a photo album for posterity.
The trick is to find wonderful and fantastic ways to fill one’s day while keeping within budget. If you are stuck for ideas about what to do with baby today, here are:

5 fun and frugal things to do with baby

  1. Attend free community classes for mums and bubs
  2. Catch a train together to a different neighbourhood
  3. Lay on a blanket at the park and read a book
  4. Go to free play areas at the mall and enjoy a coffee
  5. Join a toy library and grab some great new play things.

Wouldn’t it be great to have a handy cheat sheet or a list a mum could access with many more ideas like this? A mum could simply wake up in the morning, pick a nice, frugal thing to do off the list and venture out. Well one mum (me!) needed such a list and so I wrote it! Be sure to check out the benefits of becoming a PRO member in the Savings Room to access this great resource and other resources relating to baby: 180+ budget adventures with bubs. In the meantime, I hope you have a great day with baby! Enjoy the day, Your time together is so precious.

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