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Save money on groceries by doing lunches better

by Penina

Penina Petersen is dishing up ways to save money on groceries including fast lunch hacks

It can be a task managing to get lunches done for the week. It’s a lot of work, lugging groceries to and from home, not to mention packing kids’ school lunches. That’s only a snippet of the hats us mum’s wear.

If you’re like most people, you may prefer to make lunch if you want to reduce your spend at the supermarket. This is a super affordable option instead of wasting money on buying lunch. Some lucky people work in companies that provide lunch. Some company employees even get their lunches made by chefs. Many people take lunch to work, but have only a limited amount of time to prepare. I’m time poor myself and freeze sandwiches for my kids and prepare them every Sunday afternoon.

Tip #1: Pick your fillings well

Preparing lunch and pick the right fillings can help save money. Think salads, fruit, sandwiches, veggies, and soup as healthy and cheap options. Consider freezing sandwiches and soups ahead of time. Being organised does save a lot of money over time.

Action it! Save money on groceries by doing this

Make and freeze soup

Make up a big batch of soups and pop them in the freezer. I make mine up in reusable coffee cups. I even have ‘breakfast soup’ for a healthy choice when on the run with the kids. This keeps my immunity up as I’m always pumping myself with goodness. I do the same with smoothies too.

Save money on groceries
Pick economical sandwich fillings

Tip #2: Take out the meat

There are over three million vegans in Australia. They’re vegan because this is a healthy option. The good news is, that if you want to reduce your supermarket spend when it comes to lunch, meat-free works. This creates excellent cost-savings over time.

Action it! Here’s a way to save on lunches

Go for meat-free options

Try sandwiches without meat this week and see how you feel about it. You may be surprised.

Save money on groceries
Top view of Female hands at dinner table holding fork above plate with quinoa, red beans, corn, tomato and green salad

Tip #3: Go for good old-fashioned eggs and cheese

If you aren’t a vegan, egg and cheese-based sandwiches are good. Add vegemite to a cheese and lettuce sandwich and you’ll definitely be serving up the savings.

Action it! Try this out to put more money in the kitty

Try out what vegans do to save money on groceries

Try out living as a vegan for a week. Eating vegan may surprise you and you might like it. I did. This did enable me to save money on groceries each week.

Save money on groceries
Think about buying using simple meat-free fillings

I’ve been writing meal planning books for over ten years and extra savings are always made by making more. Think about making lasagnas for example. These always provide extra serves you can then send out with the family for lunch or eat at home.

Tip #4: Eat leftovers by cooking in bulk to reduce your spend

Action it! Cook it up on Sunday

Bake a bulk dinner to create leftovers for lunches

Make a lasagna this Sunday night and eat leftovers on Monday and Tuesday. Be sure to pack this meal with veggies and garlic to ward off any viruses.

Save money on groceries
Make lasagna and use the leftovers for lunch

Tip #5: Get good at sourcing to save money on groceries

Hunt around for the best stores for saving money on groceries and in particular lunches. For example, I got to a variety store for dry, non-perishable ingredients such as crackers. Then I’ll shop at the cheapest supermarket for cheese and lettuce.

Action it!

Plan grocery shopping better to stay ahead of the budget

Create what I call a ‘grocery run’ for producing grocery savings.

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