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How to Save Your Outdoor Event By Investing Your Team In the Office

by Penina

How an outdoor team building event can bring benefits for your business?

Any business needs motivated employees to be as successful as possible. The problem is that it can be hard to sustain motivation in the workplace. Working can become something of a treadmill for the people you employ. While this repetitive effect can mean that people do their job well, due to experience, it also means that they make lack the impetus required to aim higher and make improvements where necessary.
Taking people away from their normal environment helps them to think in different ways. It also improves their ability to work together as a team, to find creative solutions to fun problems. Removing people from the everyday work treadmill can spark their motivation and give them a new impetus when they return to the workplace.
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Is investing in outdoor team building really worth it?

Team building event experts like The Great Race recognise how important five factors are to being happy in work. These factors are independence, sense of completion, variety, feedback and making a difference. In a busy business environment, these factors may become lost on occasion.  This means that you may not be getting the best from your workforce, resulting in a detrimental effect on performance and profits.
Team building events, such as puzzle mazes and task orientated races, may seem like just a bit of fun, but they can end up being far more beneficial than continual lectures about the importance of performance. They teach people:

  • How to overcome challenges.
  • How to work with others to reach a goal.
  • How to take the lead.
  • How to be innovative.
  • How to be confident in group situations.

These are lessons that are not easily taught within the workplace, where the everyday running of the business often takes priority.
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The bottom line

Any business has to be profitable in order to succeed. Business leaders sometimes become blinded by the importance of making a profit and neglect the employee related activities that are actually one of the most important factors in building a profit.
The simple fact is that the lessons which are learned during outdoor team building activities can be taken back to the workplace. People who take part in these activities do not forget what they learn; they use their creativity, confidence and innovation when they are back at work. This helps to improve processes and performance and has a positive effect on profits as a result.
Yes, outdoor team building events require investment, in terms of budget and the loss of productivity from employees for the duration of the event. However, this investment provides a good ROI for the business. Employees become more motivated and have a more positive approach which improves their performance and helps the business to become more profitable and more competitive in what is a crowded global marketplace. Money invested in well-formulated team building events is money well-spent for your business.
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