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10 secrets of a stay at home mum

by Penina

If you are a stay-at-home mum you’ll know how quickly hours in a day can go by. But all mums have secrets and these secrets are worth gold to all the other mums out there. If you are a stay at home mum, think of all the secrets that you know to date. Now think about how many mums there are in the world. Now think about how many secrets all us mums having combination. Here are a few of my own secrets, as well as a quick way to discover the secrets hidden in the powerful combination of mum’s minds out there.
Tip: These stay at home mum tips are powerful. Use them daily and and you will enjoy a happier life. 

Give yourself an hour of power daily

Everyday give yourself an hour of power. This hour of power gives you a moment to rejuvenate, think about stuff other than motherhood and to find a little peace in the day. Your hour of power may be a morning meditation, a run to the beach and back, or a simple walk up to your local park. Whatever you choose to do, make sure it is something just for you and that you enjoy fully.
Tip: The relaxed stay at home mum understands the value of a relaxed and calm mind. 

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Stay at least two weeks ahead of things

To be a happier mum, consider staying at least two weeks ahead of things. This way you will never run late, you’ll never run out of lunches, you’re always know what’s coming up and much more. Get good at anticipating. If you are always at least two weeks ahead of yourself, you’ll be able to handle and cope with emergency events better. There are always little things that can throw on mum’s day out of whack. So this is a great way to cope and to stay in control.
Tip: If you are a stay at home mum getting ahead of yourself is vital for reducing stress

Clean as you go and constantly

Unfortunately, cleaning is one of those pesky, nasty little tasks that none of this like to do. But jobs have to be done and every day. There’s more good news coming to do with outsourcing some of those tasks, but now I’ll just say this. If you clean constantly and as you go, you will find that you will never have a buildup of cleaning to do. Stay on top of everything. Make cleaning a constant habit.
Tip: Don’t fall into the habit of picking up everyone’s mess. Make piles and make those responsible do it. 

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Leave the house to keep a healthy mind

It’s really easy as a stay at home mum to become housebound. However it is very important for a mother’s mental health, to get out regularly. Do whatever you can do to make sure that you get out of the house regularly. Whether you go to a library, without the shops for some groceries, head to the local pool for a swim or organise a play date, getting out of the house will simply do you good. Do it regularly and you will not only feel better but you will also put together a great network of friends and local community resources you can access regularly.
Tip: You’ll be amazed how a simple walk and a little connection outside the home can help

Network with other stay at home mums and learn their secrets

Other stay at home mums are fantastic sources of information. I haven’t met another mum who has not been able to give me at least one tip every time we meet. As mentioned, all those minds are worth their weight in gold. Use them. Definitely meet up with other mums and glean ideas off pretty much everyone. If they’re good ideas, put them into action immediately. Avoid being a ‘know-it all.’ I believe people who think they ‘know it all’ never really learn anything. Be open minded about new ideas always.

Set your home clock 10 minutes ahead of time

A great way to stay on time is to set your clock at home at least 10 minutes ahead. It takes time to get kids out of the house and into a car. Many mums forget to factor this time in. If your clock is always 10 minutes ahead, this will put some little buffer in your day so that you never late.
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