6 stunning desserts that will make people like you more

There’s no better time for a sweet tooth than Christmas. I’m licking my lips just thinking about what’s on offer in the coming weeks. And even if I can’t have all these cakes and eat them too, just looking at them makes me happy. They’re beautiful. Here’s a nice collection of stunning desserts that will have people fluttering around you with their forks ready for action.

Sparkling cranberry white chocolate cake

Source: Lifeloveandsugar.com

Strawberry and vanilla macaroon trifle

Source: Passionate About Baking

Easy snowflake cupcakes

Source: CraftyMorning

Gordon Ramsay’s Christmas bomb

Source: Redonline.co.uk

Red velvet dirt cake

Image Source: RedGirlTrappedInASkinnyBody.com

Lemon mousse trifle

Image Source: RockRecipes.com