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by Penina

Cinnamon toast crunch cereal, cinnamon toast or just cinnamon sugar together is one deliciously lethal combination, and one now made into Healthy SUGAR FREE CINNAMON CANDIED ALMONDS! Crispy, crunchy cinnamon ‘sugar’ candied almonds made with ZERO sugar, but you’d never tell. Clickable link in BIO! 💁🏻‍♀️⬅️Munching on nuts never tasted so good. #candiednuts #ketosnack #cleansweetscookbook #vegantreats #rawdessert - - - - - https://thebigmansworld.com/healthy-sugar-free-cinnamon-candied-almonds/ ...

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JELLO CUP FAT BOMB ❤ 100% Sugar Free +Gluten Free + Keto
New Zealanders you know the famous Jelly tips ice cream right? 🍨 .
That vanilla pops with a jelly tip top covered with choc shell. That was the first sweet food I felt in love when I moved in NZ 7 years ago.
Those Jelly Tip Fat Bomb are my Sugar free low carb version of my fav popsicles🍦.
All you need to make those are:
👉 Coconut butter or coconut mana for the white smooth middle layer
👉 Raspberries and guar gum to form a jelly
👉 Stevia to sweeten the whole thing
👉Sugar free stevia sweetened dark chocolate
👉👉Full recipe is on my blog but it is pretty easy to make those and store them in the fridge or freezer for a treat when you crave sugar : https://www.sweetashoney.co/sugar-free-jello-chocolate-cups-jelly-tips-chocolate-cups/
REAL LIFE NOW: Day 3 of school holiday. Today we are going ice skating, more craft and dinner meal prep. I did not go to the gym or run since Saturday 😫 it means I am on top of my grumpiness lol I am addicted to morning endorphin. So my plan is to go tomorrow morning for a run in a park nesrby I drop Emma at a circus class 🤗 then husband is having a nose surgery on Friday so I dont expect much free time for sport ... but that is ok. Healthy food will keep my energy high 😊
Have a lovely day.
XOXO Carine😘
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🌱🌿🌱🌿 This is what we will be snacking on this weekend. 🎱 🎾 🎱🎾 ...

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Na przekąskę tym razem zdrowsze muffinki marchewkowe #noaddedsugar
Zamiast cukru:
✔ morele suszone
✔ rodzynki ✔ suszona żurawina
✔ łyżeczka miodu
✔ jabłko
✔ cynamon
Może jeszcze nie do końca #sugarfree ale na pewno zdrowsze niż tradycyjne 😊
#cinammon #carrotmuffins #rasins #sugarless #healthish
#cranberry #healthy #fit #goodfood #sugarfreesnack #muffins #yummy #delicious #easy #letseat #instabaking #instafood #muffinkimarchewkowe #cynamon #zdrowejedzenie #bodyandsoul #healthysnack #babeczkimarchewkowe #ilovefood #desert #madefromscratch #carrotcupcakes

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It's another Wednesday, and I want to welcome you with a new way to celebrate YOU, for being such wonderful women!
Women's Wellness Wednesday is going to be all about creating the most beautiful & beautifying recipes that bring healing wellness to your inner and outer BEAUTY!
Today I will be starting my Womans Wellness Wednesday with one of my must-try, pretty PINK raw-cashew Strawberry Cheesecake with three of my favourite beautifying supplements from OrganikaHealth .
Wellness starts from the inner. Creating recipes that are low-inflammatory and HIGH in healthy healing ingredients will produce that outer beautiful glow on your skin, hair, nails all the way to your gut and to your whole wellbeing ❤️
3 Cups raw cashews- soak in water overnight
2 cup almond meal
½ cup coconut Flour
2 tbsp ground flax
4tbsp OrganikaHealth Collagen
½ cup LakantoSweetener Golden
6tbsp coconut oil
1-2 tbsp cold water
½ tbsp cinnamon
2tsp sea salt
3 Cups soaked cashews
2tbsp OrganikaHealth Pink Mylk Latté
1tbsp OrganikaHealth Gelatin
¾ Cup LakantoSweetener Golden
1 Cup full-fat coconut milk
¼ Cup coconut oil melted
1 ½ of organic strawberries (fresh or frozen)
3tbsp fresh lemon juice
1tbsp pure vanilla extract
2tsp salt
Full recipe & instruction in my Bakerlita Baking Blog (Find in Bio-Link)

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Peanut Butter stuffed dates 😍👍🏼❤️ Mmm...which topping would you pick - cinnamon, coconut or pomegranate seeds? I’m gonna go out on a limb here and guess most of y’all are gonna say “All 3” 🤣🤣🤣 .
#peanutbutterdate #pb #pbstuffed #naturalpeanutbutter #dates #kidfriendly #wholesome #wholesomefoods #cinnamon #pomegranate #pomegranates #crazyrichardspb #norefinedsugar #sugarfree #eatclean #sugarfreesnack #sugarfreetreat cc: wildpeanutfoods

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💁🏻‍♀️💕Who says you can’t celebrate Valentines Day all weekend long? .
This is my Hubby’s Favourite BakerlitaBakery Cake 🍰 Find full recipe to my #RawVegan Cashew Cheese Cake on my Bakerlita Blog in my Bio Link 👆🏼💕

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PLEASE squint your eyes when looking at the photo so you don't notice the seeds left inside half of my gummies 🤣
·mixed berries🍓
·beef gelatin
recipe credit: peaceloveandlowcarb
full recipe👉🏽: can be found on her new "Dairy Free Keto Cooking" cookbook. I linked it in my bio under Amazon Favorites.
my review✍🏽: I'm so glad they didn't come out mushy! They came out gummy enough that it satisfied my gummy cravings. I did make the mistake of not straining out the seeds in the first batch. So they might be just a LEETO CRUNCHY lol 🤣
husband review✍🏽: I couldn't tell that this had kombucha in it. They tasted like healthy fruit gummies. I'd eat them if you left them out in front of me.

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Winter special⛄️❤️ The best healthy Apple Pie🍎 ever😋


240 gr wholemeal flour
240 gr oat flour
150 ge coconut oil (melted)
1 pinch of salt
130 gr maple syrup
2 tsp cinnamon
2 tsp baking powder
water if you need


4-5 apples
1 tsp cinnamon
2 tbsp lemon juice
2 tbsp maple syrup
1 pinch salt

1️⃣Mix the whole ingredients together in a high speed mixer. 2️⃣Put the dough with zour fingers in a pie or tarte mold.3️⃣Filling: Cut apples, mix them with the other ingredients.3️⃣ Spread the apples at the bottom of the pie and decorate the pie with the rest of the doigh4️⃣ Bake the pie 30 minutes or until the crust is gold brown.

Enjoy😋 —————————— 🇹🇷Soğuk günlere özel⛄️❤️
Elmalı turta😋


240 gr kepekli un
240 gr yulaf unu
150gr hindistancevizi yağı
1 tutam tuz
130 gr akçaağaç şurubu
2çay kaşığı tarçın
2 çay kalıpıkabartma tozu
ihtiyaca göre az su


4-5 elma
1 çay kaşıpı tarçın
2 çay kalıpı limon
2çay kaşığı akçaağaç şurubu

Afiyet olsun😋

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Hace unos años decidimos dejar de comer azucar y harina de trigo, y a lo largo de ese tiempo descubrimos muchos alimentos y bebidas que son geniales y que cumplen con esas caracteristicas, en esta ocasion probamos el budin marmolado de Smams que esta genial! Es super liviano y riquisimo!, Y para tomar pedimos un Skinny Vanilla Latte frio.

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Who eats S'MORES post workout? I do. Healthy no bake S'mores PROTEIN BARS! Fudgy, chewy and loaded with all the best parts of the campfire favorite! Clickable link and step-by-step video in profile! 💁⬅she's setting a campfire in the squat rack. #smoresproteinbars #questbarcopycat #cleansweetscookbook #homemadeproteinbars - - - - - http://thebigmansworld.com/2015/07/19/no-bake-smores-protein-bars/ ...

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Energy balls! Lekker, gezond en vullend. De ideale snack voor groot en klein.
Wat gaat erin? Appelmoes, havervlokken, pindakaas en rozijntjes. Alles goed kneden en balletjes maken. Daarna rollen in wat je lekker vindt (kokos, cacao, sesamzaadjes). Ik maakt deze balls gisteren op een kookworkshop met kindjes voor marlene.apple. De kindjes vonden het superleuk en lekker!
#energyballs #blissballs #homemade #marleneapples #marlenefamily #healthysnack #gezondtussendoortje #gezondesnack #vegansnack #sugarfreesnack #kidsproofcooking #havermoutreep

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One for all those who like a #biscuit with their cuppa 🙂 We discovered these #accidentallyvegan biscuits in sainsburys the other day. The brand is #siro and all on display were #sfvegans 💚
#sirobiscuits #veganfriendly #sugarfree #newveganproducts #veganalert #veganfortheanimals #veganfood #veganforlife #vegansainsburys #vegansupermarket #veganhaul #vegannews #vegansupport #vegansnack #junkfoodvegan #veganbiscuits #vegantreats #sugarfreesnack #icantbelieveitsvegan

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As soon as it’s not too hot to turn on the oven, you’re going to want to make these Roasted Chickpeas. 🤣🔥 This recipe is perfect for making a crispy and crunchy gluten free snack. Both kids and adults love these roasted garbanzo beans.
And, since we’re on day 23 of my Sugar Free Challenge, I’m all about savory snacks these days. Message me if you want to join my SF group; it’s been transformative! 🌟
Get the recipe here (use the link in my profile): https://www.cleaneatingkitchen.com/how-to-make-chickpea-croutons/
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#ad we absolutely loved our staycation to South Wales this year! Once again we packed our favourite sweets from FreeFromFellows to enjoy on the beach alongside some sandwiches and drinks. I love being able to give George a sweet treat without him getting a sugar rush and these have an average 35% reduction in calories! We got ours from Boots, but you can get yours from Ocado and independent health food stores. #sugarfreesnack #guiltfreetreat #sweets #vegan #vegetarian #spring #treat #treats #sweettreat #delicious #candy #sugarfree #lifestyleblogger #summer

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🎊 GIVEAWAY 🎊 we have teamed up with one of our FAV brands googysproteinbars to give you guys the chance to win ALL of these delicious products!!! This is the biggest & most valuable giveaway we have held! 🤩⠀
1 packet of protein pancake mix⠀
1 chocolate protein powder⠀
1 vanilla protein powder⠀
24 protein bars of all different flavours (WOW).⠀
1. Comment & tag 2 friends. ⠀
2. Follow both googysproteinbars and us cleankweens. ⠀
1 comment = 1 entry and comment as many times as you like!! The winner will be drawn next Friday (30/08/2019) at 5pm. Unfortunately it is only open to our lucky Australians 🇦🇺 GET TAGGING 💖

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Easy No Bake COCONUT BARS! Seriously addictive and ready in under 5 minutes- low carb, zero sugar and impossible to stop at one! Clickable link and step-by-step video in profile! 💁🏽⬅impossible to stop at one so just going to have ten. #ketosnacks #coconutbars #cleansweetscookbook #ketosweets #lowcarbdessert - - - - - https://thebigmansworld.com/2017/10/30/3-ingredient-paleo-vegan-coconut-crack-bars-keto-sugar-free-no-bake/ ...

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It's almost the weekend and I'm counting down with these Healthy NO BAKE COCONUT CRACK BARS! 5 minutes and boom. Done. Clickable link in profile! 💁🏼⬅a legal addiction she's on board with. #cleansweetscookbook #coconutcandy #coconutbars #ketocandy #ketodessert - - - - - https://thebigmansworld.com/2017/10/30/3-ingredient-paleo-vegan-coconut-crack-bars-keto-sugar-free-no-bake/ ...

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Saltet dadelkarameller 🍬🍬
Sukkerfri snacks.
Kun dadler, kokos, vanilje, kakao og salt.
De passer perfekt til den lille lækkersult 👌🏻
Opskrift ligger under højdepunkter 💖
#dadelkugler #dadelsnack #dadels #salteddatecaramel #healtysnack #sugarfreesnack #sugarfree

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Barres de céréales ZERO sucres & #vegan 😋
La recette :
2 bananes bien mûres - 80 gr de beurre d’amande - sel - 1 c.à.café de cannelle - 30 gr de dates coupées en petit morceau- 20 gr d’huile de coco - 140 gr d’avoine - 30 de graines de sarrasin .
On mélange le tout puis on étale dans un plat carré direction le four à 180 degrés pendant 25 minutes 💞 sans oublier de tartiner un peu de chocolat fondu sur le dessus!
NO SUGAR ~ cereal bars ~ with my favourite almond butter and salted date from yumellofoods 💙
RECIPE below :
Smash 2 ripe bananas 🍌 - mix with 80 gr of almond butter - add 1/2 tsp of sea salt - 1 tsp. cinnamon powder - 30 gr dates (cut into pieces) - 20 gr coconut oil - 140 gr oats - 30 gr buckwheat grain (raw)
Mix it all, spread the mixture evenly into a square pan, pressing down with your hand or with the back of a spoon to make it compact and even.
Bake in the oven at 180 degrees for 25 minutes. Add some melted chocolate on top!

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