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Sydney | A great place to raise a family

by Penina

Raising kids can be tricky, especially for first time parents. People who previously lived carefree lives, are suddenly thrown into the madness of bottles, dummies, tantrums, questions, feed time, bath time, play time, laundry loads and domestic duties. The list just goes on and on. But parents do get a break and let out of the house occasionally, and that’s when they get to take their kids to fun places. Those exciting outings and fresh air help all us parents remember why we had the little humans in the first place.
If you are looking for a great city to raise your kids – consider Sydney! Read on to discover things to do in Sydney with the kids and why this city is a popular destination for fostering kids and a growing family.

There are parks everywhere

Whether you are in the west, south or north of Sydney, you will find a national park nearby. Ku-ring-gai Chase, Royal National Park and Lane Cove National Park are just a few of the parks on offer for great family outings. Each park offers its own unique attractions and all do a nice job of keeping the kids occupied while parents relax in Sydney’s beautiful sunshine. Enjoy a stroll in the park with bub or a play date. A stroll is a great all-round refreshing experience and Sydney’s parks are well worth the visit.

Sydney has a world famous zoo

Sydney’s famous Taronga Zoo is an amazing place to visit with the kids. Consider a zoo pass. Consider their annual Zoo pass, which gives a family unlimited entry all year for just $270. There’s no doubt about it. Kids and adults alike love the animals and experiences on offer. Kids love looking at giraffes, koalas, kangaroos and other animals that can be found down under and beyond. A day at the zoo is fun and is an excellent educational experience as well. Also consider Featherdale Wildlife Park and Koala Park Sanctuary, which are also a great day out for all.

World class public schools

Sydney takes great pride in its education system too. In fact, the public school system in this awesome city is considered to be one of the best in Australia and also the world. Whether you are considering sending your child to a public or private school in Sydney, the education you find here will not disappoint.

Urban and city life in one

If you are new to Australia you would have heard about the Australian outback, the rich wildlife, the beaches and Australia’s excellent economy and standard of living. As a world-class city, Sydney has one of the most beautiful harbours in the world and is surrounded by an amazing and buzzing Sydney including great shopping malls, museums, bars, cafes and much more. The transport system in Sydney is excellent and affords suburban families fast and safe access to the city. Add to this Sydney’s beautiful eastern and northern beaches and parents and kids alike are spoilt for choice.

Excellent opportunities

Some consider the cost of living in Sydney high, but this is only relative to the excellent opportunities and higher wages on offer in the city. Sydney’s economy is thriving and stable, and Australia’s major economic hub. Children reared in Sydney who receive an excellent education enjoy multiple and lucrative job and business opportunities after graduating.

Great coffee!

Of course, there’s always the great on offer in Sydney’s CBD, inner suburbs and surrounding districts. Whether you love a flat white for a latte, a coffee in Sydney is a must.

Do you agree that Sydney is the best city to raise kids and basically start a family?
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