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Vegetarian Breakfasts

by Penina

weekly batches of muffins have been on repeat for the past bit over here! i’ve been snacking on em mostly but today they made an appearance in the bfast spread 😍 zucchini muff w pb, 2 fried eggys, grapes n berries 🙂 💋

• 2 cups shredded zucchini (was ~1 med zucchini)
• 1/2 c mashed ripe banana (~1 med)
• 1/4 c coconut oil melted (i used carringtonfarms liquid coconut oil)
• 1/4 c honey or maple syrup
• 1/4 c brown sugar
• 1 tsp vanilla
• 2 eggs (room temp!)
• 1 tsp cinnamon
• 1/2 tsp baking soda
• 1/2 tsp baking powder
• 1/2 tsp salt
• 2 c whole wheat flour
• 1/3 c chocolate chips
1. preheat oven to 375. line muffin tin w liners
2. shred the zucchini- then thoroughly squeeze it w paper towels to get out as much h2o as possible. repeat as needed. melt your coconut oil and let it come to room temp
3. in a large bowl mix the banana, honey/maple syrup, brown sugar, coconut oil and vanilla until smooth. add the eggs (make sure room temp or oil may solidify) and mix until combined
4. add the cinnamon, baking soda and powder, and salt - then mix to combine. add the flour and mix until the flour disappears. fold in the zucchini and chocolate chips.
5. scoop into muffin tray, filling about 3/4 of the way. bake at 375 for 20-25 min. remove from oven, let cool for 5 min, and then take them out of the pan to cool completely so they don’t get soggy 🙂 #cookwithcarrington

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Amazing sweet potato toasts for breakfast! Find this yummy recipe here: plantbasedonabudget.com/recipe/sweet-potato-toast (link in my profile) ...

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It’s #fattuesday AND #nationalpancakeday - I think it’s a pancakes for dinner kinda night!⠀ 🥞⠀

Question I get a lot - is there such a thing as healthy pancakes? Yes! Depends on the ingredients...many of the processed boxed pancake mixes are higher in calories & lower in nutrients which tends to leave everyone feeling sluggish afterwards.⠀

It's so easy to whip up a batch of batter in a high speed blender instead, made of nutrient-dense, whole food ingredients.⠀

These Lemon 🍋 Allspice Pancakes are soooo yum, #glutenfree, minimally processed, high in protein and fiber and full of vitamins & minerals - find the recipe in my Link in Profile 👆👆👆and while you're there, sign up for my email list for more healthy, easy recipes like this one!⠀

💫 One of my fave #momhacks is to freeze any extra pancakes 🥞 for quick week day breakfasts.⠀

Enjoy! 😋⠀

Are you pancaking today? 👇👇👇

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fluffy inside, crispy outside 😪 sweet lord these be good 🐍 banana pancakes. buttery and delicious and just. perfect :’) i topped mine w some trail mix peanut butter (ty rdegregoreos ☺️)

ingredients (for 6-8 pancakes)
3/4 cup AP flour
1 tbsp sugar
1-1/4 tsp baking powder
1/2 over ripe banana
1 egg
1/2 cup + 1 tbsp milk (i used oat milk)
1/2 tsp vanilla
1.5 tbsp butter, melted (i used miyokos vegan butter; if using unsalted butter add 1/4 tsp salt to batter)
1. in a bowl, mix the flour, sugar, baking powder, and salt if using unsalted butter.
2. in another small bowl, mash the half of banana with a fork until it’s all smooth, then whisk in the egg. add the milk and vanilla and whisk until blended. pour this banana mixture and the melted butter into the flour mix. fold the batter genttttlly with a rubber spatula until it’s just blended. don’t over mix 🙂
3. heat a non stick pan over medium heat until hot. put a pad of butter and and a nice drizzle of oil onto the griddle and swirl it around. drop the batter by 1/4 cup-fulls onto the pan. cook until a few bubbles form on top of the pancake and the bottom is golden brown (about 2min). flip and cook until the bottom is golden brown and the top is puffy. i froze the extra for another day!!

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ok hayiiiiii 😍 feelin like i teleported into May/June, and it’s going to be real hard to willingly get myself back to the tri state area 🤭🌴 especially w a newfound personal bfast maker 🌷 wednesday eeaaats ! xx d ...

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we don’t skimp w our toppings round herreee 😍👏🏻 kodiak wafflys w goodies galore. crunchy pb, mega chunk choco chips, nana berries yes ...

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I N G R E D E N T S :
2 bananas
1 cup almond meal
1 cup oats
1 cup coconut milk
1 tbsp chia seeds
1 tbsp rice malt syrup
1 tbsp vanilla lean protein

1. Blitz oats into a flour
2. Add all remaining ingredients into blender and blitz until a smooth/ runny batter.
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Kempu Avalakki ಕೆಂಪು ಅವಲಕ್ಕಿ - Red Rice Poha is a staple breakfast at our table.
Avalakki aka beaten rice is one of the earliest known forms of instant foods.
Because it is so easy to cook even on busy weekday mornings, and is nourishing and hearty, I can say it features among the top 4 breakfasts that I make on repeat, week after week
This was made on one of the days last week. A squeeze of lemon, generous handful of freshly grated coconut, some pom pearls and crispy fried cashews and curry leaves for crunch are some of my must add toppings
. 🌿What do you like to eat for breakfast on repeat in place of corn flakes?
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Veggie and gluten free brunch 🥓🥑🍞
This is pretty much what every weekend looks like in the Gatherer household.
My boyfriend and I love brunch and would go out most weekends to some expensive hipster brunch place to get our fill 😂 but it was never exactly what we wanted or I was never happy with how safely it was cooked ect so we switched to making the perfect brunch at home and we haven’t been out to breakfast in months now. We cook side by side and it’s so much fun to cook it together, it also works out much cheaper 😂
Perfect brunch consisting off meatlessfarm sausages, warburtonsgf tiger bread loaf, halloumi, avocado and garlic tomatoes with some sainsburys hash browns. What is your perfect brunch?

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Protein Crepes
(Dairy, gluten RFS free)
I think I have made these over 20 times in the last few weeks so I’m absolutely positive that they taste AMAZING!
The best part is that there are endless topping combinations you can try, you could even make savory crepes by adding cheese and bacon OMG 🤤.
• 1 x scoop macr0mike protein powder (any flavour)
• 1/3 cup egg whites
• 1/4 cup almond milk
- Whisk everything in a small bowl.
- Pour into a large frypan over medium heat.
- Swirl the mix around until it sticks evenly across the entire pan.
- Allow to cook for approximately 5 minutes and either flip or fold in half (sometimes I fill with peanut butter before holding in half).
Featured toppings:
- Strawberries
- Cinnamon
- Maple syrup
- macr0mike cheesecake flavor PB+
Now you can make some delicious healthy crepes over the weekend and tag me 💁🏼‍♀️😊.
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Healthy breakfast 💚 powered by plants 🥬🥑🥥 #jungleroomJuiceBar laurafruitfairy ...

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On the road from Nevada to San Francisco I stopped at my favorite market cortibrothers. It's a foodie heaven and so much fun to just browse the isles. I picked up a can of poppyseed cake and cookie filling not exactly sure what I was going to do with it but knew I wanted some. This is my first time using it so of course I had to try it with my oatmeal 😋. .
-3/4 cups oatmeal
-1/2 cup almond milk
-1 cup water
-1/2 tablespoon poppyseed paste
-Dash almond extract
-Dash cinnamon
-Dash salt
-Handful blackberries or other berries
➡️ Method
Cook all ingredients on stovetop to desired consistency. I topped my bowl with banana, poppyseed yogurt, granola and more blackberries.
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never eating anything else ever again i don’t think 😪🙇🏻‍♀️ whole grain baguette w avocado and ebtb seasoning, poached eggy and tomatoes❣️ happpy fridaY ...

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Join us this week for the best breakfast in town, our Gardens Breakfast is a real winner! 🍳 #no92cafe ...

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didn’t know what I wanted so, a lillll bit of evrything for this 👸🏻☺️ happy mOnDAy!

fried eggy, toast w avocado, pb, ab. fruit❣️

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for a better part of my life, I was so focused on the notion of self love… love yourself and everything falls into place. to love someone, you need to love yourself first. good and all! but the process of getting there was just so unimaginable to me. it felt so heavy and far away. so i wanted to share something that really helped me bridge that gap. instead of focusing so much on the end goal of self love, the biggest thing moved me forward - especially bodywise - was the notion of self tolerance and self neutrality💕

if I was in a place where I couldn’t say “I love my body!” I told myself, “my body gets me from place to place”

when I couldn’t tell myself, “I’m beautiful” I began by shutting down the “I’m ugly” thoughts and said “I’m a person!” if I couldn’t say “I’m valuable,” instead I began shutting down the “i’m worthless” thoughts and said “all people deserve basic respect, and I am a person”

there were times when I couldn’t tell myself, “I’m important” or “I’m kind” but it felt so much more in reach to say, “I am the one who waters mu plant every week” or “I am the one who tips the barista who makes my afternoon coffee” or “I am the one who makes sure my pup doesn’t eat plastic”

there’s loads about self-confidence and loving your body everywhere, and yes i am here for that! but no one really explains how to get there. you don’t have to jump straight from negativity to positivity, but it helped me a lot to just start with neutral thoughts, and incrementally move my way up. self love is a process, and it takes time! i can’t say i’ve mastered it, it’s taken years to accomplish the inner work that i have, but i’m close! and i’m happy🙇🏻‍♀️🐝

shoutout to ry for giving me some content for 2day🐹 kodiakcakes with cocoa powder + chocolate chips added, cashew butter, kiwi, berries n banana !

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scrambled eggys and avocado and toast and peanut butter 🤤☀️ dreamiest plate dreamiest morniiinnng #happyweekend ...

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gave this loaded veggie frittata a major photo upgrade today on the blog! ✨ (to see the before and after head to my stories!)
but really, this frittata is seriously the best 😍🙌🏼 filled with alll of the seasonal veggies, cheese (duh), and the eggs stay so fluffy and delicious! since it has no crust (like a quiche would), it’s the perfect lighter option for a brunch party! ☺️
garnish with allll of the things like avocado, salsa and my personal fave? tangy cotija cheese! 😋 also, it’s insanely easy to meal prep for the entire week!
grab the recipe right now in my bio!
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I can’t stop with these breakfast hacks! Made a breakfast quesadilla with egg whites, spinach, cheese and whole wheat tortilla. I think I like this better than the breakfast sandwich hack I did last month. I think I’m going to try this with a bagel next time lol. Who wants to see that? #breakfastideas #breakfastsandwich #breakfastclub #healthybreakfastideas #healthybreakfast #healthyrecipe #breakfastrecipes #recipeshare #vegetarianrecipes #vegetarianbreakfast #foodhack #meatlessmonday #meatlessmondays ...

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gonna be such a busy bee today !! going to just tackle one thing at a time so i don’t get overwhelmed. and lists!! going to make lots of lists. i decided to go for a little savory n a little sweet this morning 🤤 fried eggy in butter, sprouted whole grain bread w avo and ebtb seasoning, a banana, and berries 🌹 happy wednesday have the best day !! ...

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