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10 reasons to give flowers in a random act of kindness

by Penina

Women are pretty easy creatures to please. No seriously. If you are a man and you are reading this – I’m about to let you into a little secret.
Come in close, because this is it:

Women love flowers!

Now you might think you know this already – but if you really want to please a woman, simply give her a bunch of flowers. Some men think they have to go to extraordinary lengths to please a woman. But I am here to tell you this is incorrect. By giving a simple bunch of flowers to a tired wife or mum, you’ll get mileage out of this little bunch of happiness for months.

Giving flowers is easy

Further, it is very easy to walk into a store and buy a bunch of flowers and deliver them to a loved one, and it is even easier to jump online and order them. Literally, this is a five minute job that will keep on giving for months, years even (see my reasons below outlining why women love flowers so much.) Where to go? Well, I live in Melbourne and if you do too, places like Fresh Flowers do Melbourne flower delivery, as well as other major cities. If you have a low budget also consider a simple bunch from the garden – if your garden is a flourishing and giving one!
It still amazes me what a simple act giving flowers is and how often these precious blooms of joy are overlooked as an easy way to show gratitude, love and kindness.

Here’s a little flower story you might enjoy

Random bunch of flowers from a stranger

Some time ago I lived up in the country – Stawell to be exact, near the Grampians in Victoria. It was a peaceful day, shortly before Christmas and my family and I were venturing up the street window-shopping. My mother-in-law, Bev, had joined us and had taken the family out on her daily hunt for the perfect Macchiato.
Well, unfortunately Bev didn’t find her perfect coffee in this little country town, but while walking down the main street in Stawell a surprise was unfolding.
Out of the blue, a man simply walked up to my mother-in-law and gave her a bunch of flowers. Bev blushed and went shy, like a sheepish schoolgirl receiving a love note from a boy.
She was absolutely delighted by this random act of kindness and asked the man – why?
The man responded that every year, around Christmas time, he gives a random stranger a bunch of flowers and I can tell you that my mother-in-law hasn’t stopped talking about this experience since.
Now here’s where the magic of flowers really happened:

Because flowers keep on giving

Bev decided that this was such a simple and wonderful act that she would pass on this joy to another stranger. Now, every year at Christmas, she goes to a florist with my now 9-year-old son. They purchase a beautiful bunch of flowers and my son randomly gives this bunch of flowers to a tired looking mum or an older lady or just someone my son picks randomly at the mall or down a street.

The lesson flowers have given my son

This has been wonderful for my son. He learnt that giving brings joy, that women love flowers and he’s discovered the pure happiness that can come from brightening a person’s day. He’s also learnt the fun that exists in a surprise and a spontaneous and random act.
My son learnt these valuable life lessons all because of this lovely stranger in the country town of Stawell – a place we no longer frequent, but which we now have fond memories of because of this man.
Over Christmas lunch my mother-in-law continues to retell the story every year at Christmas, along with my son’s tale of who the lucky recipient of the flowers were this year.

Flowers are wonderful because they

  1. They reflect who we are
  2. They help to stop time for a moment
  3. They make us feel special
  4. They give us memories of the person who gave them to us
  5. They brighten up a room and a home
  6. They smell delicious
  7. They make a person’s heart sing
  8. They are beautiful to look at
  9. Simply – we are deserving of them
  10. They remind us of how fragile life is

Flowers for different occasions

My favourite flower is the Gerbera. My husband has always given me Gerbera’s so they remind me of him. They reflect us as a couple. We love big, bright and bold happy colors and we love a laugh. There are plenty of types of flowers out there including Carnations, Chrysanthenums, Gerbera’s, Lilies, Natives, Orchids, Roses and Tulips.

Here’s a super quick guide on flowers for different occasions

  1. Weddings – Go for seasonal flowers, pale and delicate
  2. Anniversary – Go for a flower that fit’s a person’s personality
  3. Birthday – Go for bright and happy
  4. Christmas – Pointsettia’s are popular or Christmas Cactus
  5. Valetine’s Day – Roses of course!
  6. Funeral – Gladiolas, White Carnations or White Daisies
  7. Get Well – Give bight cheery flowers like Gerbera’s

Do you have any great stories related to giving or receiving flowers? If so, please share them in comments below.
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