Nifty tricks for saving big on meat

If you want to save money, discover quick tips on how to stretch out the meat budget. Groceries are rising and the cost of getting a nice steak or roast on the table is expensive. Check out this meat thieves story on A Current Affair I appeared in recently. Supermarkets are starting to fight back by putting security tags on meat packs. Meat thieves are actually shoving meat down their pants and walking out of stores. I’ve got some nifty tricks for not only reducing meat spend, but also adding more veggies to meals for kids. Make simple changes to the way you shop for groceries and cook. You can feed your family on the cheap while eating a healthy and balanced diet.

Save big with these secret meat hacks

Slow cook roasts and shred or mince the meat

One of my biggest tricks is to slow cook roasts. While a roast might set you back about $24-$27 – you will get at least four meals for this. See my tips below on what to do with the shredded meat (below) to achieve this.

Save money each week by stretching out meat portions across more meals

Another great weight-loss and money win-win is to distribute meat in a meal more thinly. For example, you can bulk up meat sauce with chickpeas and grated veggies. Next, add the meat sauce to Fajitas, or stuff into mushrooms or use as a topper to baked sweet potato. You could also add meat sauce to corn chips for nachos. This way you will double the amount of serves, while also hiding veggies from the kids.

Shred meat and distribute across carb or veg-based meals

You can also cut other cuts of meat up finely. For example, you can slice one steak up thinly and use it in two beef salads. For a kid-friendly version, slice up into instant noodles. Salads are great for weight-loss and feeling lighter. Since meat takes a while to digest, you’ll feel better in the morning by consuming smaller amounts of meat.

Add lentils, cooked rice, barley, uncooked oats, bran cereal or breadcrumbs

These ingredients are another great way to bulk up a meat sauce (or any other type of mince meat). Mix one of the above ingredients well with the raw meat and then cook it up as normal. The key to others not finding out your secret is to mix it in well. Try to achieve no lumps, bumps or evidence of anything other than mince in that mix. My family have never noticed the lentils in my meat sauce. This means you can buy a 500g packet of mince instead of a 1kg packet. So you will almost halve your spend on meat. Lentils are also packed with nutrients and so you know the family are getting goodness out of the meal.

Save money by reducing your meat intake

Meat is one of the most expensive grocery items. If you cut meat out of your diet once or twice a week you can reduce your grocery spend. Do so while enjoying more vegetables. Cutting back on meat makes you eat more vegetables to bulk up a meal. Vegetarian meals are tasty and you will start to love them and get used to them. If you are like me you will even look forward to them!   Looking for other great ways to bulk up meals or hide ingredients?  

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