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20 crazy travel mishaps and tips for avoiding them

by Penina

Travel is so great in hindsight isn’t it? I’m always happy to leave home, but then the sight of my bed after getting back is usually nothing short of blissful.

Of course, the degree of post-travel happiness depends on how the trip went. If you want to shake off any travel mishaps you might have encountered over the holidays (or in life generally) just Google ‘Travel Horror Stories’ and you’ll feel better immediately. There’s always someone who’s done it harder.

Travel has really evolved since I embarked on my world trips some 20 years ago and there are some amazing solutions for making the experience more pain-free.

Here are 20 crazy travel stories from my younger travelling days, all wrapped up for your reading pleasure. Enjoy!

Why tickets can be cheap

I bought the ‘cheap’ world trip ticket where there was a blizzard in every city I visited. All my travel photos looked like this. Still the ticket only cost me $500 out of Japan – so I was over the moon. Next time, make sure to check the weather forecast first before booking!

Image Source: Wikipedia.org

When your timing is just plain wrong

The beaches were closed for my entire time in Hawaii due to waves that were big enough to kill you.

Image Source: Awesomeocean.com

When the weather steals your show

I visited Canada in minus 35 degrees, which caused all my guitar strings to break all at once as I left the airport. So sad.

Image Source: Greshamguitar.com

Because tears remove fears (not)

I cried on a plane because the pilot loved turbulence so much he decided he didn’t want to lift the plane into a better spot in the sky. I was the girl in the toilet being told to return to her seat.

Image Source: Gizmodo.com

When Single White Female is a man

I shared a teacher’s house with an American psychopath in Japan who faked his own suicide one summer. Needless to say he had aspirations to be ‘an actor,’ which we (his flatmates) were ultimately not impressed with.

Image Source: Amazon.com

When you wish they’d actually flown you to Mexico

I flew six times over the Rockies from Vancouver to Calgary because they filled the plane up with enough fuel to travel to Mexico. They needed to burn fuel off before landing. The Rockies were a grand view, but by the 5th flight over those majestic mountains, my good memories of the Rockies and I were done.