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4 sure-fire ways to make instant savings this Christmas

by Penina

There’s nothing nicer than savings than instant savings and I’ve got over 20,000 plus of them in the Savings Room that can add some money mojo to your life. In terms of Christmas, this is the time you really want to watch pulling cash out of your wallet and throwing the notes into the air in a random Christmas panic attack. Here’s my sure-fire list of ways to make instant savings this Christmas.

Shop once

Only shop for Christmas presents once. Multiple trips to the shops will result in purchases of unnecessary items you don’t need or want. Marketing is overpowering these days and many consumers can’t resist all the temptations out there. They are just too colourful, feelgood and alluring.

Make a Christmas budget

Writing a list is the single best thing you can do arm yourself with a practical way to stick to your budget. Use a budgeting or Christmas gift app or use a printable to stay on track.

Stay in store

Go to your favourite low budget store (e.g Kmart or Target) and stay in that one store for several hours until your shopping is done. This way you will stick to the lower prices you are aiming for, reduce time and also the associated costs of Christmas shopping (e.g coffees and donuts at the mall!). Walking around a mall aimlessly is the single biggest way to spend money fast while Christmas shopping.

Cull your Christmas list

After writing your Christmas list – cull it. You will find that there are numerous people on your list you may not even see at Christmas or probably wouldn’t mind or notice if they don’t receive a present from you. Put a dollar amount next to each person and then stick to this firmly.

Want to ensure you make some big savings this Christmas?

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