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5 practical tips for keeping your bachelor pad sparkling clean

by Penina

Guest Post: Kale Temple | There was a research done a couple of years ago, that women spend a total of 12, 896 hours during their lifetime cleaning and making sure the house is spick and span. Whilst men, just spend 6,448 hours in a lifetime. Admittedly, I spend a little over an hour cleaning my pad, no more no less. I have to be quick as I am always on the go.
Obviously, as a bachelor, all I just want do is play sports, hang out with my friends, a typical bloke who just wants to have fun! After all, Melbourne is an awesome place to live in! With that said, I need to have a fast and practical cleaning routine, otherwise, my pad wouldn’t be a nice place to live in!
So, let me share with you, 5 practical tips to keep your pad sparkling clean!

  1. Acquire another gadget: Robotic vacuum cleaner

We love anything that is innovative and would make our lives easier, just like the Vacuum cleaning robot. Vacuum cleaning robot or robovac is a great investment, especially if you cannot ask someone to do it for you. It has cleaning features like mopping and sterilization that could go with the vacuum. It is good for carpets, hardwood floors, and hard to reach areas like in between cabinets, etc.

  1. Go organic: Lemon juice mixed in water

If you don’t want your whole pad to smell like toxic-chemical disinfectants, try using a non-toxic organic solution by using a small amount of diluted lemon juice in water. Lemon juice is the strongest acid, which is proven effective against household bacteria and molds. You could use this solution in cleaning and disinfecting your counter tops, microwave, and even, glasses. The said solution could remove stains and odors from the kitchen utensils and leave your kitchen and some parts of your pad smelling fresh and clean.

  1. Disposable cleaning materials

Chucking everything in the bin after use is something bachelors love to do. Who would want something to reuse or wash over and over? There are several disposable cleaning materials we could use, like mops, toilet brushes, Swiffer products, and disinfectant wipes. I suggest disposable toilet brushes are the best, don’t you think?

  1. Always have a stock of an odor eliminator or air purifier

It is a major turn off if your pad has a distinct smell. So, make sure your pad has a pleasant smell, ready to welcome unexpected guests or friends. Although, you can open the window to let the air out, it’s better to be ready than sorry. A plug-in deodoriser is also low-maintenance and it helps your pad smelling fresh, all day, every day.

  1. When all else fails, hire a professional cleaner

Apart from picturesque views you will find in Melbourne, it is actually one of the busiest cities in Victoria. People are on the go and don’t have much time in cleaning the pad. Fortunately, there are reliable and affordable home cleaning services in Melbourne. HomeHello.com is one of quickest and trustworthy home cleaning provider in Melbourne. They offer fast, reliable, and trustworthy home cleaners, to assist you with your living room, wash clothes, especially your bathroom and toilet!
Remember, a clean pad is a reflection of you. Make it count by following these practical tips or hire a professional cleaner to help your pad looks sparkling clean!
Too busy to clean, book a professional cleaner here.

Author: Kale Temple
Currently studying a Master’s Degree in Economics, Kale has a background working as a Business Intelligence Consultant. He is now the VP of Operations at HomeHello heading supply chain management, and essentially ensuring that their customers receive the very best experience they can get.
HomeHello Kale Temple

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