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7 totally weird ways to clean your house

by Penina

Cleaning your house need not be the chore you think it is. You can make the job more interesting by starting with these totally weird ideas for housekeeping. Think outside the square when you consider cleaning generally. Do a brainstorm of all the ways you could possibly do your housework. You will be really surprised with what you come up with. Share them in comments at the end of this article! I’d love to hear your thoughts.

7 totally weird ways to clean your house

1. Clean your house with a trolley – just like in a hotel

I have a very long house with a long wooden hallway and all the bedrooms are up the back. This means that cleaning my house would be a very longwinded process if I had to shuffle back and forth between rooms from the living area to the bedrooms each time I want to deliver items back to the spots.
I am a little obsessed with trolleys. I find them highly functional when cleaning the house and could not do without my trolley on big cleaning days when the whole job has to be done at once. Consider using a trolley in each room and place items in there for delivery back to the rooms. I get my house clean at an extremely fast rate if I use a trolley. This also saves my energy!
If your house is messy consider a small wheelbarrow! Seriously, these buggies are highly functional and not just useful in the garden!

2. Make a dump pile of everyone’s belongings

Don’t be a sucker when cleaning your house. Simply make a large pile of items belonging to everybody and have them deliver their own items back to their rooms. The benefit of this is that over time the people in your house will stop dumping items on the floor, because they will start to understand the consequence of having to return the items without your help! You will find that after a while your house will start cleaning itself! And that my friends – is a win-win!

3. Strap on a water bottle holder for cleaners and a rag

Use a water bottle holder (bum bag) for cleaning spray and a rag. This way you will not have to go back and forth to grab your cleaning bottle and it will always be on hand. Considered putting on a bum bag when you are doing full house cleans and you need your cleaning spray near you. Pop your phone in your bum bag too and listen to music on headphones to make the whole experience more pleasurable.

4. Wash your shower while you are in it

Consider cleaning a shower while you are in it. Keep a cleaning bottle, sponge and even a squeegee in the shower and while you’re in the shower. Clean it regularly.
You know my mantra:
Do a little, but often!
The benefit of cleaning the shower while you’re in it is that you are already wet! You won’t have to get down on your hands and knees fully dressed to clean a shower on a weekend. Also, have children do the job too! Train them up. My kids love soapsuds!

5. If you have wooden floors get the kids to take stuff up the house on their scooters!

Okay, I am living in a renovation so I do have the benefit of children racing up and down my hallway on their trikes and scooters. At some point (when the new floor is go in) this will end. But until then, I’m taking full advantage. Get the kids working! My kids love running up and down the hall on their scooters and trikes. I get my kids to deliver items for me if they heading up the hallway They love it and I get to save some energy.

6. Listen to podcasts while cleaning – you might as well educate yourself

There are an amazing number of podcasts in the world ready to train you up on just about anything. Cleaning can be an arduous task, so why not learn something new while you are sprucing your house.

7. Clean and do stuff while watching TV

Read my article on things to do in front of the telly. Watching TV is a mindless exercise, but you can make it functional by multi-tasking while enjoying your favourite show. So, next time you are watching the news, consider taking the laundry, paperwork, bills, your iPad, or other things you need to do (i.e shopping for groceries online) into living room! You can get lots of little jobs done this way, while you enjoy a show.
Do you have any weird ways you clean your house? Leave them in comments below. Happy cleaning!

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