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Buff the house

by Penina

Clean for Clarity

There’s something refreshing about flowers and lemon over the smell of dusty, fusty socks and jocks. Don’t you think?

Buffing the house is not only great exercise, but also cleansing for the mind. I fill my music player with motivating songs and then get to work. It’s a great way to zone out and get time to yourself too. 

As far as cleaning agents go, I’ve done extensive reading on the topic only to come to this conclusion: 

You can spend a lot of money poisoning yourself. Simple! 

Here are some quick tips for not only reducing your spend on these items, but also for a more pure and chemical free home. 

Wash and refill old cleaning bottles with homemade and natural products. Soap and water is often all you need. 

Use baking soda mixed with water for a general cleaner. 

Table salt on a rag works well as a scourer.

White vinegar will clean glass and tiles spotless. 

Add lemon juice or essential oils to cleaners to make them smell great. 

Lemon also has cleaning properties. 

Borax works for stains and damp smelling odours. 

Make your own rags from old clothes. 

Add fresh flowers for a great smell and a lovely touch. 

Open windows and air the place out.

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