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We could all do more. Eat better. Go for a run again soon. Call someone we love. Life is crazy and time is a luxury. We’re also guilty of making excuses too.
Here are 20 excuses people make daily (from Lifehack.Org). I’ve written alternatives in brackets to show the impact of negative thinking.
  1. I’m too old to start (It’s never too late)
  2. I’m not talented enough (I can learn anything)
  3. I wasn’t born in the right era (My era rocked)
  4. I come from a poor background (Heaps of millionaires come from poor backgrounds)
  5. I’m not smart enough (I’m smart as hell)
  6. I don’t have the support (I’m growing awesome networks)
  7. I don’t have enough time to discover what I like (I’m making time)
  8. People don’t think I’m capable (I don’t care what people think)
  9. I don’t know if I will succeed (I never give up)
  10. I’ve already dedicated myself to a different path (Change is easy)
  11. I’m not lucky enough (I’m lucky and winning)
  12. I didn’t have the right teachers (My teachers are everywhere)
  13. I’m not destined to succeed (I’m destined for awesomeness)
  14. I’m not motivated enough (I’m taking baby steps)
  15. I’m too distracted by other things (I’ve decided to make some sacrifices)
  16. I’m not educated enough (I’m educating myself on YouTUBE)
  17. I can’t handle failure (Failure breeds success}
  18. I will start tomorrow (I’m starting now)
  19. I’m not ready (I’m ready)
  20. I don’t believe I can do it (It’s possible)
Yes. It’s time to stop making excuses that keep you from reaching your dreams.

Are you making excuses when it comes to money?

Getting good with money is about securing your future. Saving money is an action many people also make excuses about.
‘Procrastination’ and ‘willpower’ are two words that come to mind.
Here are some practical examples:
  • I’m getting takeaway for the family
  • I’m moving $30 to our savings account and we’re having toasted sandwiches for tea
  • I’m buying a coffee everyday on the way to work
  • I’ll put the $20 in the piggy and bring to-go coffee from home
  • I’m heading out to a bar with friends
  • Putting $150 in our savings account and calling everyone over to my house for the night
  • I love those new sneakers – getting them
  • My old sneakers are fine – I’m putting the $120 in a savings account until my old sneakers get holes in them

Do you see where I’m going with this?

The savings from this single example add up to, drum roll….
$320 of savings this week! WOW!!!
It all sure adds up and I wasn’t even finished with that list!!!

4 Excuses We Make That Screw Our Money

I don’t have willpower – I’m a spend freak

Here’s an alternative thought:
I’m a savings freak. I never pay full price. 
Here’s the great news about saving money. If you get good at this, you will unlock a new opportunities.
If you want something you could get instant access to them with a credit card. But that would be silly and this isn’t rocket science.
Instant gratification and isn’t a healthy mindset. You’ll defer longterm financial stability.

stevepb / Pixabay

Here are some more examples:

Want new sneakers?

Do this instead:
  • Start spending less than you earn
  • Free up excess money
  • Put the extra money aside in a savings account
  • Wait for a while
  • Buy the sneakers on sale when your old one’s wear out

Want a beautiful new smile?

Rinse and repeat:
  • Start spending less than you earn
  • Free up excess money
  • Put the extra money aside in a savings account
  • Wait for a while
  • Head online to a site like www.platinumsmiledental.com.au and organise your new smile

Doing the above is good for:

  • Building savings
  • Developing good habits
  • Practising willpower
  • Getting what you want still

I can’t afford to save

Here’s an alternative thought:
Saving is a little habit I’m practising daily. 
Do this first:
If devote the extra money to paying off your debt. The interest on debt is higher than what savings accounts offer. If you don’t pay your debts off, you’ll throw more money into the wind.
Tip: Do put a little away each week even when paying off debt. Even if it’s $10 a week. Banks like to see money building in savings over time.

3112014 / Pixabay

I’m crap at budgeting

Here’s an alternative thought:
Budgeting is easy. I just have to learn how. 
Become a penny pincher, create a budget and stick to it. If you have a small budget, you may still get the sneakers. But, you are likely to buy less expensive copies instead.
Guess what? No-one will ever know!
The key message here is:
Shop smarter. Consider buying unbranded groceries. Lose cable subscriptions and watch YouTUBE instead. You’ll get that education I talked about above.
By spending less on clothes, food and general living expenses, you can save for what you actually want. Avoid short-term fixes and expenses.

Pexels / Pixabay

Budgeting is key

This is easy with mobile apps that send reports. Also look at your credit score and work at getting that perfect. Tracking spending data enables you to see any worrying spending trends.

Do this now:

Open an online savings account that’s not attached to your bank. I personally use UBank. Online banks are great because they usually don’t charge fees. They’re also not visible in your normal everyday bank account view. So if you set u a direct debit your savings will accumulate and you’ll set and forget.

FirmBee / Pixabay

Happy saving and stay positive!
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T’is the season to be jolly. But it’s also the season to be thrifty! It’s no secret that Christmas costs Aussies a fortune and can leave your finances in a flurry. But if you’re smart this silly season, there are some awesome ways to spread the Christmas cheer without busting a gut or breaking the bank. Consider the following creative approaches to gift giving. Combine these tips with some good old fashioned D-I-Y and you’ll be chuffed with the results. A merry Christmas and bank balance!  We spoke to Gordana Redzovski from Scoopon to get her top Christmas shopping hacks.

1. DIY = VIP

A foolproof way to get people feeling special this year is to handcraft their gift from scratch. Not only does this show the rellies you’re willing to go the extra mile, but it also shows you are mighty creative, while being quietly frugal. Maybe your work colleague loves chocolate cookies? Bake them up a delicious batch, put them in a mason jar and finish this off with a super cute ribbon. Not only does this DIY dessert show you’ve put in the hard yards, but it’s also a budget friendly way to celebrate Christmas. Remember, it’s the thought that counts and the effort you’ve put in will not go unnoticed. Plus – food is such a crowd pleaser.

2. Gift Experiences to Families

When you’ve got multiple family friends with several kids each, gift giving can be confusing and expensive. If you’re stuck in a shopping centre with a list as long as your arm, your finances will be screwed without some savvy tricks up your sleeve. Santa sure has a lot to deal with and as nice as he is, he never likes overspending on presents – ever. Here’s a good one. Think smarter this Christmas and instead of giving separate presents, give groups an event or activity voucher they can enjoy together. A group activity is a great way for a family to spend the day. This little trick also saves tailoring present buying to each child, which can be hectic. Wouldn’t you rather be at the beach than at the mall fighting all those crowds? A trip to a paintball centre in the school holidays is a winner over a thoughtless t-shirt from a bargain bin. You’ll give them an experience they’ll remember forever, while also giving their parents a welcome rest while they watch the madness (or not!).

blickpixel / Pixabay

4. Subscribe Away

As December 25th fast approaches, dedicate a day to sitting down at your computer and subscribing to email alerts from. Go for your favourite brands, coupon websites and online retailers. There are so many deals and discounts on offer this time of year, that it’s a guaranteed way to save some serious cash in the lead up to Christmas. This weekend is perfect timing! If you don’t want your email to implode with all those savings create a new email address just for those Christmas discounts. That way, you can revisit them again next year and use that same address again. Spend the time in the room and you’ll thank yourself later when you check your bank account. You’ll be able to ahead to the beach and afford all those ice-creams the kiddlings will badger you for.

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Read more about social selling. The hot new trend taking on a world of its own.

Boredom is dead

We are all guilty of it. We tap away on our iPods, tablets and smartphones every moment of every day. We are doing it while munching on toast at breakfast, waiting for a latte at a train station, while sitting on the loo and even while watching our favourite TV show. We’ve become a nation of addicted, multi-tasking, digital-devotees and boredom is old school.

Even grandparents are ‘hip with it’

A face-to-face conversation has been replaced with a like on Facebook; Yeah – your friend’s kid (the one using icecream as moisturiser) is a scream and it’s a cinch to let your friend know via a simple click during your busy work day. A play date is arranged via SMS. You’ve got your mother on instant messaging and the kids have trained up granddad on Skype and he’s cooler than other granddaddies out there now. While nothing beats a real life hug, technology has afforded us all a highly convenient means of interacting and keeping in touch more frequently, in an era that is busier than ever.

We are shopping in our slippers

And that’s not all. We are doing everything via tech from shopping for groceries online to pre-planning an event and buying that perfect outfit online via sites like Etsy and Ebay. We can run our lives in our slippers while watching a soap and sucking on a slurpie. Sofalising is so much fun…
Definition: sofalising – Socialising with people online via social networks, usually while lounging on a sofa, rather than meeting up in person.

Social Selling

OmarMedinaFilms / Pixabay

Hot tip
If you love your mobile that much (because your life is on it) consider checking out the awesome and fashionable cases at Protection Lab. That’s where I bought mine and with a five-year old grabbing it hourly – trust me, this has been worth money considering hubby and I bought our iPhones outright and not on a plan. My husband (a tradie) is equally chuffed with his – since he’s on ladders with ‘his life’ hooked to his belt!
Here’s a thought: 
Jump on your newly protected mobile and pitch something on Pitchi.com with it. Now there’s a win-win scenario. Plus – there’s extra protection. If you’re on your mobile – your kid can’t be on it too. Double whammy protection. Nice…

We are learning and mastering new stuff

We are also getting super smart. If we want to know how to make sushi we will jump on YouTube and learn the exact method to do this and we will do so via a real master and sushi chef. This year I learned the exact process for painting a kitchen in high-gloss from an experienced painter. I avoided all the possible mistakes that could have been made if I attempted this without this Youtube tutorial.
Excuse the cliché, but the world really is our oyster now and we can have it all now, today, this moment, in the next 60 seconds…

The world is about to change for the better – again!

But it gets better and there’s a company who is about to change how we shop forever. Recently, an Australian-based site called Pitchi.com joined the big leagues with a fresh and innovative twist on the traditional concept of marketplace sites. This site introduces an unconventional approach to the traditional concept of buying and selling online by using video to represent products. The concept is to create a Pitchi, which is a 60-second video pitch of the item you wish to sell. It can then be shared across various social media platforms and has the potential to go viral if viewers like your pitch. More information on the concept can be found at the sites Wikipedia page.
Pitchi is like YouTube, Twitter and Ebay all wrapped up into one neat and simple package and since I am branching out into ecommerce myself, I’m excited because as a highly visual person, selling online this way is exciting, super fun and can be done at turbo speed!
I just joined Pitchi and sign up was very easy. You can join quickly using your Facebook account or create a simple user account. There is also an app called Pitchi on the Go on Google Play (Android) and also Apple (iPhones) so you can buy and sell from wherever you are. Yeah, while the kids are munching on their toast you can make some money to buy them some Christmas presents. Nice work mum…
Note: Stay tuned HERE for an update here on my first Pitchi. Coming soon….
Love the concept of social selling? Consider making some more money this way: How to have a successful garage sale

Here are simple tips on how to do social selling and create your first Pitchi

Decide on how you want your Pitchi to be

Is your video gonna be funny, moving, or maybe serious? The key to creating a good video to sell your item is to know your strengths and play with them. If your sense of humor is to die for then make sure you show the world.

Polish the sales pitch

Don’t forget that you are, first and foremost, selling a product. So polish that spiel and start capturing your video to feature your product in the most creative way possible. Do that and you’ll be counting your profit in no time.

Create an awesome video pitch

Keep in mind the basics of taking a good quality video like the lighting and the audio. Make sure that your surrounding is well lit and your microphone is getting audio without interference. Play with whatever you have. If you’re shooting with a smartphone, make use shoot in plenty of light to ensure best quality.
Look out world. Social selling is fun! Pitchi is here. What do you think of this awesome new social selling platform? Be sure to place your comments below.

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If you a mum and you are out there facing the mad crowds, while also juggling the multitude of events the end of the year brings this one’s for you. Here’s a list of some quick ways you can pamper yourself while on the run so you can have more fun!

New playlist or album for drives in the car

Mums spend a lot of time in the car, so a great way to rejuvenate is with a brand new playlist. Before heading out for more shopping, be sure to create a great playlist you can bop or sing along to in the car. This will make journeys too and fro, oh so more fun.

A Maccas icecream – cheap but satisfying

I do love a Maccas soft serve cone once in a while for the simple fact – sugar, price and I don’t have to get out of my car. I’ll enjoy in total peace while I sit by the beach and watch the birds fly by. There’s nothing like a beach and ice-cream to gain perspective in the madness.

A delicious donut and coffee at the mall while you take a break

What’s life is you can’t indulge in a coffee now and then. I head for the shops that offer the coffee, donut deals. My local mall has great tables with kids iPads under them. So if  I happen to be out with my 5 year old, she can have a play while I relax.

Cut-price mall neck massage

Massages in malls are very affordable and they don’t take much time out of a mum’s day. Give yourself a break before or after shopping so you can enjoy a massage without worrying about leaving y