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Eating out | How to save money on takeaway food

by Penina

Takeaway these eating out tips – Save $520 this year

Eating out is becoming quite a luxury. But if you do love a little grease on occasion, be sure to check out these quick tips on how to save money on takeaways. Did you know that if you regularly eat takeaways and you actioned the tips in this post, you could save up to $520 or more each year on eating out?

Here are my super quick tips on how to save money on takeaways

Add the following to your shopping list

  1. 1 x bulk packet of battered fish ($5)
  2. 1 x packet of oven fries ($2.50)
  3. 1 x bottle of fizzy drink ($0.70)
  4. Keep oil for deep-frying in the pantry ($3).

Now when family members hanker for some grease, whip out your fish and chip arsenal! Also save money on petrol by not heading out to grab takeaways!

Approximate costs and savings

  • Approximate cost of making it yourself: $10
  • Approximate cost if you bought the family takeaways: $35
  • Savings from making fish and chips yourself: $20

Total annual savings on eating out: $520!

If you normally buy takeaway food (roughly once a fortnight) you stand to save $520 this year. This sure looks like a nice chunk towards a house deposit or a beaut little holiday to me!

Flaming hot tip

Every time you make your own takeaway food transfer the difference (i.e the $20) into your online savings account or pop the cash in your piggy bank. Now you can enjoy a delicious and guilt-free takeaway dinner!
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