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130+ easy cook-ahead dinners for the freezer

by Penina

Freezer cooking, or the concept of cooking freezer meals in bulk (sometimes referred to as once-a-month-cooking), is a timeworn tradition passed down by generations. It provides sanity for frugal foodies across the globe!

Why cook in bulk & get good at freezer cooking

The idea of cooking in bulk is that you stand in your kitchen for a day once a month or half a day once a week. Whipping up meals in bulk saves slaving away each chopping onions and washing pots and pans. Instead you can spend the time with family and helping the kids write their homework stories completed. You can get Missy into the bath earlier and plan to sit on the couch earlier watching your favourite TV show. Ideally take an entire day once a month and cook enough up Tupperware containers of Spag Bol, Beef Stew, Lasagna, Chicken Carbonara and Beef Stroganoff to last the month. Label the meals and stack them neatly in the freezer to induce a warm and fuzzy feeling of organisation, happiness and sanity!

Resources for cook-ahead dinners

There are plenty of websites and resources related to cooking in bulk. And I’d be silly not to plug my own book Table Tucker! My book takes the bulk cooking concept further by helping readers to cook in bulk three nights each week. The concept involves cooking two meals at once and delivers grocery lists for the entire year. You can use the book to cook for the month by purchasing the grocery lists for the entire month. All the meals called Combo Meals are suitable for bulk cooking. Cooking in bulk is extremely effective in helping busy people feel a greater sense of clarity, sanity and happiness. If you can picture coming home to beautiful meal sitting labeled in the freezer every night, then you are on the road to achieving this goal. People cook in bulk because it greatly reduces stress during a busy week of fighting traffic and long work hours. Since I’m not a fan of stress I cook freezer meals regularly. Usually my Sunday cook-ups are enough to keep our freezer well stocked but if time permits, I’ll be moving to once-a-month-cooking soon!

Save money by cooking in bulk

The other purpose of  cooking freezer meals is to save money by buying ingredients in bulk. Time is also saved at the supermarket, as is the petrol getting there. If you get milk, bread, fresh vegetables, dairy products and toiletries delivered to your home via sites like Aussie Farmers Direct you can avoid shopping weekly altogether! Finally – freezer meals are a healthier option. Cooking meals from scratch  because meals avoids purchasing convenience supermarket meals. You will also know what goes into every dish. You won’t have to read labels to figure out what you are actually eating. Whether you are a lover of Apricot chicken, a good Bacon and Egg Pie or a Bacon and Mushroom Penne, you will find many great ideas using this cheat sheet. Use it in conjunction with my Supermarket Chicken, Beef Mince and Sausages tips and you’ll be ready for some quick bulk-cooking adventures!

130+ easy cook-ahead dinners

  1. Apricot chicken
  2. Bacon and egg pie
  3. Bacon and leek soup
  4. Bacon and mushroom pasta
  5. Bacon and mushroom penne
  6. Bacon fritters
  7. Baked fish
  8. Baked honey ginger chicken
  9. Bean and barley soup
  10. Beef and cheese pie
  11. Beef and mushroom pie
  12. Beef and veggie pie
  13. Beef calzone
  14. Beef cannelloni
  15. Beef chow mein
  16. Beef crepes
  17. Beef crumble
  18. Beef curries
  19. Beef curry
  20. Beef in black bean sauce
  21. Beef lasagne
  22. Beef pasta bakes
  23. Beef pasties
  24. Beef patties
  25. Beef stews
  26. Beef stir-fries
  27. Beef stroganoff
  28. Beef wellington
  29. Butter chicken curry
  30. Chicken and BBQ pizza
  31. Chicken and corn soup
  32. Chicken mushroom casserole
  33. Chicken mushroom pasta
  34. Chicken tomato casserole
  35. Chicken vegetable casserole
  36. Chicken vegetable pie
  37. Chicken vegetable soup
  38. Chicken cacciatore
  39. Chicken chow mein
  40. Chicken curry soup
  41. Chicken fettuccine
  42. Chicken filo’s
  43. Chicken lasagne
  44. Chicken loaf
  45. Chicken parmigiana
  46. Chicken pie
  47. Chicken risotto
  48. Chicken soup
  49. Chicken spinach risotto
  50. Chicken stews
  51. Chicken strudel
  52. Chilli con carne
  53. Coq au vin
  54. Corn chowder
  55. Cornish pasties
  56. Cottage pie
  57. Creamy onion soup
  58. Creamy sausage pasta
  59. Curried sausages
  60. Devilled sausages
  61. Egg, bacon and potato bake
  62. Fish cakes
  63. Fish fingers
  64. Fish nuggets
  65. Fish pie
  66. Fish stew
  67. Hamburger patties
  68. Honey mustard casserole
  69. Lamb curry
  70. Lamb cutlets
  71. Lamb filo’s
  72. Lamb hot pot
  73. Lamb stew
  74. Lamb veggie casserole
  75. Lasagne
  76. Meat lover’s pizza
  77. Meat sauce variations
  78. Meatballs
  79. Meatloaf
  80. Mexican chicken
  81. Mince and cheese pie
  82. Mince filo recipes
  83. Minestrone soup
  84. Moussaka
  85. Mushroom soup
  86. Osso bucco
  87. Pea and ham soup
  88. Pork stew
  89. Pork stir-fry
  90. Potato and leek soup
  91. Potato chowder
  92. Pumpkin ravioli
  93. Pumpkin soup
  94. Quiche Lorraine
  95. Ratatouille
  96. Rissoles
  97. Roast beef dinner
  98. Rogan josh
  99. Salmon and dill linguine
  100. Samosas
  101. Satay beef on rice
  102. Satay chicken
  103. Sausage and veggie pasta
  104. Sausage cannelloni
  105. Sausage rolls
  106. Sausage tomato bake
  107. Sausage, egg and veggie slice
  108. Seafood pizza
  109. Spaghetti bolognese
  110. Spinach and ricotta cannelloni
  111. Spinach and ricotta ravioli
  112. Spring rolls
  113. Steak and cheese pie
  114. Sun-dried tomato chicken pasta
  115. Sweet and sour pork
  116. Taco beef
  117. Thai green chicken curry
  118. Thai red chicken curry
  119. Tomato soup
  120. Tuna Mornay
  121. Tuna pasta bake
  122. Tuscan casserole
  123. Veal casserole
  124. Veal cordon bleu
  125. Veal ragout
  126. Vegetable casserole
  127. Vegetable lasagne
  128. Vegetable soups
  129. Vegetarian filo’s
  130. Vegetarian pizza

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