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Hot tips for start up businesses in changing markets

by Penina

Start up businesses are a popular way to enter the world of work for entrepreneurs. Start ups build and grow quickly as they launch into a global and fast-moving economy. They often offer something unique that can’t be found elsewhere on the market. For start up businesses, making the most of changing markets is crucial to growing profits initially.

Check the markets

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Know your interest rates

An interest rate is the percentage rate charged on a loan or paid on savings. Start-up businesses rely on investment in the form of loans, overdrafts or credit to initially get the business growing and quickly.
Interest rates can affect businesses in two ways.

  1. Companies with overdrafts pay more back if the interest rate rises
  2. Customers debt increases causing strain on their spending power
  3. Customers have less money to spend
  4. Companies find sales tougher to obtain

Each business is affected differently by interest rate rises. Those delivering luxury items are usually the hardest hit, because these are the first costs consumers slash in a strained economy.

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Monitor exchange rates

Exchange rates change constantly in international markets. When companies develop contracts with international clients, exchange rate changes can greatly affect the cost of a deal. As with interest rates, companies are best to monitor changes closely and adjust their business practises accordingly. Build in a contingency fund to cover extra costs or overheads. Be prepared for emergencies to limit the number of surprises in business.


Once a start-up business grows you can be sure other companies and entrepreneurs are watching. With the emergence of global markets competitors can come from any corner of the planet. This is especially true for digital businesses. If a competitor sees the success of another business they will and do copy. They’ll be sharks about offering the same or improved business at a lower price. This makes it harder for you to attract new clients or keep existing ones. Keep your business or service fresh and as up-to-date as possible to stay ahead of the competition. Yeah, as the saying goes: If you snooze, you lose.

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Developments in technologies

If markets become saturated with similar or better products and services, demand for your business will diminish. Remember that markets rely heavily on supply and demand. Be at the forefront of change or you’ll stay on top, especially if you are a small business without the resources or reputation yet.

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