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How Does Childcare Affect Your Kids?

by Penina

Childcare provides children with the chance to further their personal development. It is important children receive quality childcare. Childcare stimulates their creativity and equips them with many of the skills kids need for a happy childhood.
A good childcare centre should provide excellent services in five key areas of development.
These include:

  • Exercise
  • Stimulation
  • Education
  • Socialisation
  • Happiness

Read this guide for an in-depth look at the areas of development.
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Stimulation and Education

Childcare keeps children stimulated so their brains develop and they learn new stuff. For example, playing with different shapes and colours helps kids to become more creative. The childcare environment also prepares children for school life. This is also an ideal place to introduce children to basic concepts such as counting.
A stimulated child will be more likely to enjoy their day at a childcare centre. Boredom at home can cause children to misbehave. Staff at childcare centres are experts at thinking up new ways to engage children.
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One of the most important aspects of childcare is the amount of exercise children get through playtime. Children should exert as much physical activity as possible. This keeps them healthy, fit and in good
There are dozens of activities to keep children on their toes and energised. Whether they run around in a playground or pass a ball to one another in a circle.
Children should balance exercise with regular rest periods. This way children won’t exhaust themselves or become ill.
At childcare children are safe and supervised. This reduces risk of injury or accidents while playing.

Soledadsnp / Pixabay


A child’s development depends on the amount of positive daily interaction. Childcare centres allow children to join in on a wide range of social activities. They can practice their speaking skills, make friends and learn to cooperate.
Good centres also balance group activities with individual tasks. Kids receive the freedom to develop at their own pace.

Greyerbaby / Pixabay


The four benefits above are all designed to make children as happy as possible. General happiness is a key factor in a child’s development. Quality childcare allows children to form a positive outlook on life. This is subconscious and influences their behaviour as older children and into adulthood.

dagon_ / Pixabay

Childcare is a positive experience for most children.

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